2001 Mazda 626 For Sale

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2001 Mazda 626 For Sale

2001 Mazda 626 For Sale

Minor oil leakage, LHS front turn lens broken, RHS rear door does not open, Minor oil leakage

Mazda 626 Es 4dr Sedan 4 Spd Auto W/od

We welcome any independent party to inspect vehicles on your behalf. This is highly recommended if you cannot see the car yourself.

The information is intended as a guide only and ALLBIDS does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained therein. You must ensure that you have read, understand and agree to the terms of the auction purchase, which agree that the vehicle is being sold with all faults (if any) and that you must independently verify the relevant information. In the purchase decision.

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Used Mazda 626 For Sale Right Now

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2001 Mazda 626 For Sale

As per Australian auction standard practice, you must provide a credit card for the final bid deposit and initial $500 deposit prior to bidding.

Mazda 626 Limited Edition

After winning an auction, the credit card you provided will be charged in full for the remaining balance. For example

Upon winning an auction, your nominated credit card will be charged $500 and the balance will be paid within 72 hours after the auction ends.

Upon winning an auction, your nominated credit card will be charged $1,000 and the balance will be paid within 72 hours after the auction ends.

Please keep an eye out for updates to our terms and conditions regarding buyer obligations to purchase and collect items within 72 hours of auction close.

Used 2001 Mazda 626 For Sale (with Photos)

ALLBIDS allows 3 days for payment and collection of all auction winnings. When bidding, this is a legally binding contract – please do not bid if you cannot receive it within 72 hours or by the date/time specified for a particular auction.

This update and implementation is designed to help ALLBIDS provide better auction service to our sellers and buyers. The burden of holding items for more than 72 hours has hampered transactions in recent months and prevented sellers from accepting large auction lots and offering them to valuable buyers.

Typically in the auction industry, this is a generous amount of time to complete the purchase, ownership of the item is not complete until the item leaves the ALLBIDS premises.

2001 Mazda 626 For Sale

4.1. If you use the Service and bid on an item during an online auction on our site, you are bidding to purchase that item at your own price. If your bid is the winning bid amount, you will be the winner and must purchase the item you bid on and pay the winning bid amount, plus any additional fees you may be required to pay. Remember: When you make an offer, you are entering into a legally binding contract. Please do not bid on an item unless you can pay for and receive it within 72 hours or the date/time specified for the particular auction.

No Reserve: 1979 Mazda 626 Coupe 5 Speed For Sale On Bat Auctions

5.1. If you are the winner of an online auction, after placing your winning bid, you must pay the following fees within 72 hours or the date/time scheduled for the competitive auction:

5.2 – Title to the product will not be released to the successful bidder until full payment and clearance from ALLBIDS premises. The following terms and conditions are the opinions of our backup staff and may differ from yours:

Like a sale. Cooling off periods do not apply. Vehicle inspection is driven and based on the opinion of the booking officer. The sales description is a guide, as the vehicle may have issues/problems that may not be noticed. A thorough inspection is recommended

GST Note. GST is not included and added to the final price of this item. Buyer’s premium is inclusive of GST.

Mazda 626 Cars For Sale In Al Sharqiya

These properties are used so inspection is recommended prior to offer, descriptions and photos are used as a guide only.

Please note: This is an auction sale. All items in this sale are sold “as is” with no warranty or cooling off period.

Be careful while submitting your application, once your application is made, it cannot be revoked or revoked. If you are unsure, please do not order as there will be no refunds.

2001 Mazda 626 For Sale

All cars/boats/motorcycles (vehicles) in this sale are guaranteed to be sold under clear title, but please note:

Independence Deal!recently Reg. 2000/2001 Mazda 626 For Quick Sale!

All lots in this auction carry a variable buyer’s premium. A 30% buyer bonus applies to purchases under $10,000, a 20% buyer bonus up to $2,500, and a 15% buyer bonus thereafter. 7% Buyer Bonus applies to purchases of $4,001 or more. A buyer’s premium is added to the final price.

Please see individual lot description for active status. All parties are provided with images. They should be taken as a guide only. Assets included in this sale may be used, so a pre-bid inspection is recommended. If a product is classified as ‘used’, it may have been subjected to moderate or heavy user use and has not been tested to ensure that it performs according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Some individual items may show signs of wear and tear typical of used materials, and in some cases accessories may differ from standard (e.g. software or manuals may be missing or different, original packaging missing). Photographs, descriptions and condition reports (if available) are to be used as a guide only (as per the Buyer Agreement you agree to). Bids for properties in this sale should be made based on your own due diligence and property valuation.

All invoices over $10,000 must be paid by direct deposit within 2 days of auction close. For invoices in excess of $10,000, Buyer reserves the right to charge a deposit to their credit card, whichever is less of $10,000 or 20% of the total invoice. By bidding on this sale, the buyer agrees not to do so. Contact 1300 064 978 or email us for exact quote. Please note that cashier’s, personal or company checks are not accepted. If your invoices are under $10,000, your credit card will be debited within 2 days of the auction ending. Please allow the payment process. The total cost exceeded $10,000.

Auctions usually end on time. There are some cases, however, if there is a successful bid for a particular lot within 10 minutes of the online auction closing (the “Start, Go, Finish!” period), the auction will be extended until it closes. Successful bids. Prices during the “renewal period”. There is no limit to the number of online auction extensions. This made items more like an auction, where instead of auto-bidding, bidding would not stop when there was interest in the product. So it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the activity and check back often when the auction ends. (See Buyer’s Agreement for details on the “go, go, go” period).

Mazda 626 At Ky

Please note that there is no statutory warranty, cooling off period or MOT when you buy a car at auction in Queensland. Manufacturer warranties still apply to vehicle condition, you will need to contact the manufacturer directly with your claim. The remainder of the new car warranty also applies to cars sold at auction. No other guarantees are made.

Since registration and ownership requirements vary from state to state, buyers should familiarize themselves with state registration requirements

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