Who Is The Richest Guy

Who Is The Richest Guy – What did it take to become the richest man in the world in 1820, 1850 or 1900? And how does it compare today? By combining the most successful and richest businessmen and industrialists of the past two centuries, we determine the richest people of each decade, excluding royalty and heads of state.

The son of a navy captain, Stephen Girard was born in Bordeaux, France, in 1750 and went to sea as a young man before settling in Philadelphia in 1776, where he became a merchant. Girard amassed a thriving city by importing and exporting large amounts of goods, and by 1810 he was the richest man in the world. In 1811, Girard established his own bank, which at the time was the main source of credit for the US government. War of 1812. At his death in 1831, the philanthropist’s fortune was $7.5 million, 1/150th of the US GDP, equivalent to $182.2 million (£147.3 million) in today’s money. He gave almost all of his wealth to charity, including orphanages, libraries and schools in Philadelphia and New Orleans.

Who Is The Richest Guy

Who Is The Richest Guy

After Girard’s death in 1831, Nathan Mayer Rothschild, scion of the Rothschild banking family, became the richest man in the world. Born in Frankfurt in 1777, the German financier moved to England in 1798 and established a lucrative textile and banking business. When Rothschild died in 1836, his figure was 0.62 percent of England’s national income.

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John Jacob Astor was born in Waldorf, Germany in 1763 and immigrated to the United States at the age of 21, where he started a fur trade and established a profitable monopoly. At the time of his death in 1848, the German-American businessman, who was also a major player in real estate and the opium industry, had a net worth of $20 million, equivalent to $599 million (£484 million) in today’s money. is the.

Another famous self-made tycoon, Cornelius Vanderbilt was born in 1794 in Staten Island, New York. Descendant of Dutch slaves, Vanderbilt left school at age 11 and founded a ferry service at age 16 that became a thriving national steamship. business By 1850, Vanderbilt had become the richest man in the world.

Vanderbilt made his first foray into the railroad industry in 1863 when he purchased the failed New York and Harlem Road. The following year, the businessman sold his steamship company to focus 100 percent on railroads and later created the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad, one of America’s first mega-corporations.

In the early 1870s, Vanderbilt embraced philanthropy and put up $1 million to establish Vanderbilt University in Nashville. After his death in 1877, the savvy businessman was worth $105 million, the equivalent of $2.6 billion (£2 billion) in today’s money. He left the bulk of his fortune to his eldest son, William Henry Vanderbilt.

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William Henry Vanderbilt took up where his father left off, boldly expanding the family railroad empire by donating heavily to charity. By the time he died in 1885, his family fortune had doubled and was worth $232 million, equivalent to $6.2 billion (£5 billion) in today’s money.

Born in upstate New York in 1839, Gilded Age tycoon John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil in the 1870s and controlled 90 percent of all US refined oil. He became the world’s first billionaire in 1916. In the 1890s, the oil boom led to an increase in iron ore and natural gas and had a major impact on the nation’s railroad industry.

Rockefeller’s main rival, Andrew Carnegie, was usurped as the world’s richest man at the turn of the century. Born in Dunfermline in 1835, the Scottish-American industrialist led the expansion of the US steel industry and amassed a fortune. His company, Carnegie Steel, was sold to JP Morgan in 1901 for $480 million, equivalent to $14.6 billion (£11.8 billion) in today’s money.

Who Is The Richest Guy

Carnegie, who died in 1919, gave away 90 percent of his fortune during his lifetime, and Rockefeller reached the top in the 1910s. In 1911, the US Supreme Court found Standard Oil in violation of antitrust laws and ordered the company dissolved. Rockefeller received a bumper share of stock options, and by 1913 his fortune had reached nearly $900 million, equivalent to $23.5 billion (£19 billion) in today’s money.

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Like Carnegie, Rockefeller was known for his philanthropy. The oil tycoon made his first charitable donation at age 16 and increased his giving in the 1890s after meeting Indian Hindu monk Swami Vivekananda, who urged the tycoon to be generous with money. In the 1920s, Rockefeller almost single-handedly financed the eradication of yellow fever and smallpox in the United States.

Rockefeller was the richest man in the world until his death in 1937. In his golden years, the business magnate continued his lavish giving, donating more than $500 million to good causes, a tradition that has been carried on by many of his famous descendants. Including former Vice President of the United States Nelson Rockefeller and banker David Rockefeller.

Born in 1863, the founder of the highly profitable Ford Motor Company revolutionized automobile manufacturing and brought the automobile to the mass market, selling millions of vehicles during his lifetime. By 1940, Ford had become the richest man on the planet. At the time of his death in 1947, the automotive pioneer’s net worth was reported to be $200 billion (£162 billion) in 2018.

J. Paul Getty was born in Minneapolis in 1892 and began investing in the oil industry in his early 20s. The lanky, penny-pinching tycoon steadily built a vast black goods business empire, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that he made his fortune after leasing oil-rich land in the Middle East. In 1957

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Getty dominated the global oil industry throughout the 1960s and was named the world’s richest man by Guinness World Records in 1966 with a fortune of $1.2bn, now worth $9.6bn (£7.7bn). Enough money to collect his favorite hobby, art.

In 1973, the beleaguered oil magnate made headlines when he refused to pay a $17 million ransom for the release of his son John Paul Getty III, who had been kidnapped in Rome. A deal was finally struck, but only after the kidnappers cut off the young man’s ear. At the time of his death in 1976, Getty’s net worth was $6 billion, about $27.3 billion (£22 billion) adjusted for inflation.

World wealth list three years in a row. At the height of the country’s property bubble in 1987, Tsutsumi was worth $20 billion, the equivalent of $45.5 billion (£36.8 billion) today. But good times don’t last forever. Real estate prices plummeted in the 1990s and Tsutsumi was caught up in an accounting scandal in the early 2000s. By 2006, they were gone

Who Is The Richest Guy

Thanks to the rise of the company’s shares on the list of the world’s richest for the first time in 1995. That year, Tech’s son was worth $12.9 billion, which is about $21.9 billion (£17.7 billion) in today’s money. At one point in 1999, Gates’ net worth was over $100 billion, or $155 billion (£126 billion) adjusted for inflation.

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Microsoft’s stock price plummeted after the dot-com crash in 2000, which saw Gates’ fortune drop by billions of dollars, but he remained at the top until 2008, when Warren Buffett, CEO of investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, temporarily He ended it. That year, the legendary investor was worth $62 billion, the equivalent of $74.5 billion (£60.2 billion) today, making him the richest person on Earth in the 21st century.

In 2009, Berkshire Hathaway reported its worst financial results and Buffett’s net worth plummeted. Gates bounced back, but was overtaken in 2010 by Mexican telecommunications magnate Carlos Slim, who as of 2014 was the world’s richest person. Gates held another top position in 2015-2017. But in 2018

400, Amazon chief Jeff Bezos took the top dog with a net worth of $160bn (£129bn).

The 2019 billionaires list has a net worth of $131 billion (£106bn), a figure that has been partially reduced by a divorce settlement from ex-wife Mackenzie Scott, who is worth around $38bn (£30.7bn). is the. In April 2019. But as of this writing, Bezos has been beaten by one of the world’s most ruthless entrepreneurs, Elon Musk. On the back of Tesla’s 2020 bumper, CEO Musk’s fortune has grown by more than $140bn (£102bn) and is now worth $190bn (£138.5bn), compared to Bezos’ fortune of $188bn (£137bn). .

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. But it remains to be seen who will be the richest of this decade, or someone else. CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and owner of X (formerly Twitter).

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