Who Are The Actors In The New Burger King Commercial

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Kenan Thompson and Kyle Mitchell announced their upcoming “Good Burger” sequel on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Friday.

Who Are The Actors In The New Burger King Commercial

Who Are The Actors In The New Burger King Commercial

Thompson and Mitchell announced the long-awaited sequel, which begins filming this summer, on Friday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” The next day, Thompson moved to Hartford, Kan. He hit an “All That” panel at Cannes in the ’90s and teased some potential cameos.

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The longtime “Saturday Night Live” cast member initially speculated that he would make a “call” to former “All That” co-stars Dannii Timberly and Lori Beth Denberg, who sat next to Mitchell during the panel. Denberg also appeared in the original 1997 film “Good Burger.” Thompson said he also has his sights set on big stars.

“I keep saying Harry Styles.” I think it would be really big, you know what I’m saying? For one!” Thompson said, according to People , before adding “Barack Obama would be great.”

As she prepares to celebrate a big milestone, the longest-running ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast member is adding a new role to her repertoire: host Amy.

“Sinbad will surely return.” Even if we can get to him, we’ll make sure we have Sinbad,” Thompson said during the panel, referring to the comic’s health. Sinbad was hospitalized in a coma in 2020 after suffering a stroke due to a blood clot. He has since recovered. consciousness and is recovering and learning to walk again.

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Keeping the concept alive among their fan base, mostly ’90s kids, Thompson and Mitchell reunited during a 2015 “Fallon” episode and parodied their iconic roles of Ed and Dexter Reed. Then in 2019, Mitchell reprized his role in Paramount’s reboot + “All That.”

In recent months, as the pair began to appear together on screen more often, talks of a sequel began.

First came the moment at the 2022 Emmys when Thompson, who was hosting the show, approached a sleeping man at the bar and asked him what he wanted to drink. The man looked up, revealed himself to be Mitchell, and asked, “You know, can I have a nice burger?” The crowd erupted into applause as the pair embraced.

Who Are The Actors In The New Burger King Commercial

In this era of pop entertainment for kids, where action figures still dominate the landscape, it’s reassuring to know that kids can still throw two silly things, crash into walls, and other genius. One can be surprised at the mere sight of the smell. .

Years Later, Here’s What The

A month after Amiens, Thompson told ET he was “really close” to a sequel. “It’s going to happen, and I think it’s going to happen soon,” he said.

On a December episode of “SNL,” Thompson and Keck performed another “Good Burger” skit with Palmer Mitchell, which turned out surprisingly well.

When Fallon asked the pair on Friday if they’d made the sequel, whether it was inspired by a 2015 “Tonight Show” skit or a recent “SNL” skit, Thompson rambled on in unpleasant detail: “It’s been years since the first one. One, we want . Make two.”

Thompson said he hopes to “do as much alchemy as we can – anyone who wants to do it is a bit famous”, before asking an interested Philan if he would join. Fallon agreed.

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Thompson and Mitchell met during an audition for Nickelodeon’s “All That,” which premiered in 1994. (Thompson). “All That” led to another spinoff, “Cannon & Kyle,” starring Thompson and Mitchell, which ran for four seasons on Nick.

The sequel to “Good Burger” will begin with a reunion between the two characters. As Dexter’s career as an inventor failed, he returned to the Good Burger restaurant, where Ed welcomed him, according to a Paramount press release. When Dexter comes up with a plan to bounce back from his failure, he unwittingly threatens the restaurant’s fate.

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Who Are The Actors In The New Burger King Commercial

“Good Burger 2,” starring Kenan Thompson and Kyle Mitchell, opened to a record opening at the Paramount.

Good Burger 2: Trailers, Cast, Plot, Release Date

+ November 22, 2021 It landed as the most-watched original film on the streaming service since its release in March 2021.

What fans don’t know is that the film is the first major film to come out of Thompson’s own production studio and incubator. A “Saturday Night Live” mainstay, the actor and comedian added “Hollywood Mogul” to his multi-script title a few years ago when he co-founded Artists for Artists with studio executive John Ryan Jr. They were financially independent. Good things happen.

The artists-for-artists principle, already reported at AFA, is catching the attention of creators like Sidney Sweeney and Emma Roberts, who each have projects working with Thompson and Ryan. The duo’s slate already exceeds 50 projects, with movies and TV shows coming to Netflix, Sony, Universal and “Good Burger 2,” Paramount/Nickeldeon. “

A series based on the 8.2 million-follower Instagram site My Therapist is in the works at Sage Universal, an idea Ryan said he sold the team on a phone call. More “good burger” IPs are on the way, and AFA is also developing a series based on a PlayStation game whose name they can’t reveal yet. “We’ve worked with Sony to get the rights and we’re turning this game into a $1 billion selling cartoon.” And they are giving so freely; We thought it was going to be a great lift.”

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Thompson says the concept is simple, but often obscured in the traditional Hollywood studio structure: creators want more input into their work.

“These are the days of ownership. A lot of kids in this younger generation understand what it means to do everything,” he said. “Traditionally, when I became an actor, ‘Get an agent, get it, get it. And then you can get down to business.” And you don’t necessarily have to. Represent everything. This generation is already in that mindset.

By raising capital on its own to secure short- and long-term financial capital and bring talent into the fold, AFA offers an attractive prospect for both actors and studios, Ryan notes.

Who Are The Actors In The New Burger King Commercial

“At first it was kind of, ‘What are Kenan and his friends doing there?’ And now, really, the big studios were behind us,” he says. “Our setup has a very high success rate and that’s because we treat [our pitches] as packages, not as ideas.” We say, “Here’s our showrunner, here’s our favorite protagonist,” versus “Here’s a fun idea.” We’ve made it so easy that it becomes a tug-of-war or they buy immediately.

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For producers, “we can cut a lot of the development out of these poor artists, where they create projects that never get made or see production, and they have to audit these big studios,” Ryan adds. “We are opposites.” We say to the Emmaus and Sidneys of the world, “Give us the IP property and then together we will find the best home for it.” But let’s pay for the development, let’s get the writers you want, let’s get the ideas you want”.

For example, with “Good Burger 2,” Thompson and Ryan approached Paramount/Nickelodeon with $10 million of the $30 million budget. And AFA mining has ancillary revenue streams.

“The march is a big form of revenue sharing for us and some of the things that pop up there are different ways. We want to be like Disney because we want the product in stores two months before the movie comes out. And depending on the property, we can tell the studio: ‘Wait, the donation is March. Where studios often aren’t open to these kinds of offers, they allow us to operate with a lot of involvement,’ he says.

“‘Good Burger’ is a good example, and that’s what you’re going to see with the PlayStation project. Things that really move the needle, where celebrities will contribute 80% of the revenue from the shirts sold.”

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