Where To Put A Sauna In Your Home

Where To Put A Sauna In Your Home – Building a home sauna is a fascinating process, and the final result will delight you and your loved ones for many years. Whether you’re installing a sauna in your existing home, creating one as part of a new building, or building a freestanding outdoor sauna, there are a few important things to keep in mind from the outset.

This review will help you prepare properly to enjoy the perfect relaxing sauna every time.

Where To Put A Sauna In Your Home

Where To Put A Sauna In Your Home

Let’s start with the most difficult question: do you want to comfortably enjoy a home sauna indoors or get closer to nature by relaxing in an outdoor sauna?

The 8 Best Home Saunas Of 2024, According To Research And Testing

Indoor saunas are a great way to utilize unused space in your bathroom or basement. An indoor sauna can add a touch of luxury to your home that is easily accessible at any time.

Outdoor saunas are usually built in a garden, usually by a pool or lake. Without space limitations, you can have a sauna of the perfect shape and size.

In an outdoor sauna you are also closer to nature – you hear sounds, smells and feel that you are in contact with the natural environment.

It’s a relatively easy decision because there isn’t much wiggle room. As an area with high humidity and temperature, it makes sense to have a sauna next to a bathroom that is already waterproof and designed for similar conditions.

Why You Need To Install An Infrared Sauna

If your sauna and bath form one functional whole, you will also be able to move between them easily.

Your starting point here is to figure out how much free space you have for games, but as a social space, we also recommend that your sauna has enough space to accommodate at least two or three guests comfortably. In terms of chair length, aim for 600mm per person. It’s also nice to lie down on, so one or more chairs with a height of at least 2000mm are ideal for your home spa.

Regarding the depth, keep in mind that in addition to the upper bench (about 600 mm or 700 mm for comfortable lying) and the lower bench (400 mm), you will need a lot of space for the stove, including enough space in between. safe distance. The optimal height for a sauna is about 2100-2300 mm, but make sure that there is enough space between the upper bench and the ceiling to sit upright; Probably around 1000-1200 mm.

Where To Put A Sauna In Your Home

Sauna chair height is key to comfort – get it wrong and you’ll find yourself too hot or too cold.

Best Places To Install A Home Sauna In 2023

There are also some important considerations when installing a lower seat; In addition to being the right distance from the top of the chair to be used as a footrest, it should be at the right height to sit comfortably while being low enough to be relatively easy to get up and down (remember you can also keep a small rolling chair or step in the sauna for this purpose).

We recommend placing the lower bench approximately 400-500mm above the floor and the same height from the upper bench.

No matter how carefully designed and beautifully made your sauna is, a lack of proper ventilation can ruin the whole experience, so you need to take it seriously.

You will need to consider local building and design standards, and for new builds, you can ask an HVAC engineer to calculate the required volumes, but a good baseline is 2 L/s/m2. Be sure to read the instructions that come with your sauna heater before installing the vent.

Essential Guidelines On How To Care And Maintain Your Sauna

In general, the entrance to the furnace should be close to the floor, the exit is located diagonally from the furnace in the lower third of the interior height of the room.

In order to ensure even heating of the room, it is important that the design of your sauna provides a smooth flow of air. Rooms with large niches are not ideal for this reason, and cut-out structures in the ceiling will prevent the free movement of hot air in the upper recreation area.

Without a stove or heat, your sauna will be just a sitting room, so this is undoubtedly the most important aspect of your design.

Where To Put A Sauna In Your Home

Here you can choose one of three types – electric heater, infrared element or wood stove. The latter, of course, will only be the case if your house has a fireplace or your sauna has an external wall, and you should also consider the size of the flue when planning the room.

How A Sauna Can Increase Your Property Value

With a standard electric stove, which is the most common option for a home sauna, you will need about 1 kW of heat output per cubic meter, if your sauna has windows, add another 0.5 kW for every square meter of glass.

When installing an electric sauna heater, always follow the instructions, be sure to follow the listed specifications, and hire a qualified electrician for any necessary electrical connections.

Similarly, if you choose a wood burning stove, all work should be carried out by a suitably qualified person who can confirm that the outlet is connected to the chimney in accordance with local fire safety standards.

Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood in a sauna. It brings atmosphere and safety to the sauna.

The 6 Best Infrared Saunas Of 2024

Today there are many options for sauna lighting. With the right lighting solutions, you can create the perfect place to de-stress, relax and unwind.

Since saunas are primarily made of wood, if your sauna is not properly protected from extremes of temperature and humidity, the structural integrity and appearance of this natural material can be affected.

Proper maintenance will protect your sauna surfaces, keep them looking clean and help them last as long as possible, starting with the installation.

Where To Put A Sauna In Your Home

Start by treating all wooden surfaces in the sauna with a wood preservative – it can be oil or wax, if desired, painted options are also available, and the treatment should be applied twice a year.

The Best Outdoor Infrared Sauna

For added protection, thermally modified wood provides improved dimensional stability and resistance to biological agents, as well as a deep, pleasant smoky tone. The company’s sauna materials are exposed to moderate and intense temperature changes, and these different levels affect the durability and darkness of the wood.

Now that you know how to set up and prepare your sauna for use, you’ll be enjoying your steam in no time! Remember, you can find many other sauna installation and maintenance resources on our website, and we also offer a wide selection of heat-modified sauna materials.

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