Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally – I’m the queen of no makeup, Nike running shorts and oversized t-shirts. In fact, those who know me well know that I wear all my makeup and hair very rarely. They are the queen of top knots and ponytails. If I use my makeup, it takes me less than 5 minutes.

Can you take my strip? I’m completely random. Yes, I’ve been a mom for 3 years and 10 months, but my beauty routine has always been pretty simple.

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

When I started working with professional hair and makeup artists, I quickly learned that hair and makeup is worth every penny. Your professional photos will be even more PROFESSIONAL.

Do You Need A License To Be A Makeup Artist

I’VE BEEN THERE and I know exactly how you feel. Learning my hair and makeup for graduation photos, wedding photos, and my first family photos was when I almost died. I remember saying: “HOLY LIPS!” out loud, right in front of my wedding pictures.

After looking at my photos after each shoot, I realized that I really look like myself, and not like a clown, as I thought before the shoot.

So, from the Queen of Everyday Style, here’s the most important and SINGLE REASON why you should do adult photo hair and makeup: Photo hair and makeup is different from everyday makeup.

Yes, you read that right. A professional camera, lighting and bright sun will quickly wash the skin of the photos. Your lips will disappear if there is no color on them. More color than usual will help bring out the pink in your cheeks and add color and depth. my everyday makeup doesn’t accentuate my features on camera like it does in person. Editing only improves what is captured.

Wedding Make Up

If you decide to do your own hair and makeup, here are some things you should know:

1.     Your hair and makeup will not be the same as what you do every day. There will be more than usual and that’s good! You’re paying a professional to do your hair and makeup, so I hope it doesn’t look like I’ve done it every morning during my five-minute beauty routine. Your hair will be fuller and your makeup will be heavier than usual. But DON’T PANIC! If you use a reputable stylist, they will know how to do your hair and makeup to look their best in photos. If you still want to change your hair and makeup after seeing some of them on your camera roll (NOT on your mom’s iPhone), remove your locks, or tone up the color.

2.     Your stylist won’t (probably) show you every step of your transformation. The final look of hair and makeup is usually put together at the end. If you, the makeup artist, contour your face and ask to see her in the middle of the process, you’ll be ready for a Halloween party! I can guarantee that your stylist wants you to love your look, so after your stylist is done and you want to make some changes, ask her to fix them.

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

3. You may lose hair during the session. A LOT! As you move, pose, and change clothes, your hair quickly loses volume. As long as you want to take some of the volume out of your hair, try to resist! It falls, A LOT! If you remove most of the volume at the beginning of your session, expect your hair to be flat by the end of the session. Especially you TEXAS GIRLS! The weather in Texas is brutal!

Get Professional Make Up

4.     Talk and tell your stylist what you like and don’t like! I can’t tell you how important this last tip is. All companies want their customers to be happy. Bring a photo of your favorite hairstyle and makeup. Tell them what colors you usually wear if you want to look natural.

If you don’t like how dark your eyeshadow is, let your stylist know. If you don’t want your hair to be messy, let your stylist know. If your brows are too dark, let your stylist know. If your hair isn’t straight enough, let your stylist know. Please don’t tell your stylist that you love everything about the way you look and then be upset and panicked after you leave because that’s not what you had in mind. I WANT YOU TO LIKE THE WAY YOU CALL. I always tell my clients that they won’t hurt my feelings if they tell me they don’t feel comfortable in a certain position or don’t like a certain spot, and I know the same goes for stylists.

After shooting a lot in front of and behind the camera, I firmly believe that for your professional photos, you need to have your hair and makeup professionally done. It really takes your photos to another level and makes them look even better.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your hair and makeup through the lens when your photo is taken? Not sure how to convey your vision to your stylist? Click here for more information! Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. A wedding day comes only once in a lifetime. Therefore, you should make it as memorable as possible. And to make your wedding day even more perfect, you need the best bridal accessories.

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So the question is, who should do your wedding decorations? Of course, you can do bridal makeup if you know how. But having a professional makeup artist can make everything even more special and amazing. If you want to know why, here are some reasons why you should hire a makeup artist for your wedding day.

One of the many reasons why you should consider hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding makeup is because they can help enhance your look.

Just by looking at your face, your makeup artist will know immediately which type of makeup suits you best. They not only give you the best makeup, but also ensure that it looks natural and highlights your strong features. Check out the amazing hair and makeup in our portfolio.

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

Combining wedding makeup and hairstyle can be a simple matter. But it takes real talent to get the desired result. But with the help of a professional makeup artist, you don’t have to worry about which hairstyle will go best with your makeup, because he knows how to blend the two hairstyles well.

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Most makeup artists are also professional hair stylists, which means that they not only do your makeup, but also give you the most amazing wedding hairstyles. If you are looking for a simple wedding hairstyle, your stylist can choose a hairstyle that will give you the softest and most natural look.

Professional makeup artists disagree in the least. They want the best for their customers, so they use only high-quality cosmetic products when applying makeup.

They know that weddings can last for hours, so they give you only the best long-lasting makeup that requires virtually no touch-ups.

If you hire a professional stylist to do your hair and makeup, you don’t have to think about anything but yourself. You should sit alone, relax and think only about yourself. Let your makeup artist work wonders on you and trust in their talent and skill.

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Essentially, a professional makeup artist can make your wedding day stress-free without worrying about your makeup smudging or ruining it.

Most people don’t know this, but your makeup plays a huge role in your wedding photos. A small mistake in makeup can spoil the look of your wedding. But by contacting a professional make-up artist, you ensure that your make-up is perfect and even more amazing in photos.

Another great thing about working with makeup artists is that they can create your dream wedding look.

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

If you already have an idea of ​​what you want your wedding to look like, a makeup artist can help you achieve that look. Make sure you communicate well with them and tell them what you like and what you don’t like and they will make sure that all your wishes are met.

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A wedding will never be complete without the help of a professional makeup artist. And now that you finally understand how important they are, we hope you will find the right makeup artist for your wedding. If you are looking for the best hair and makeup services in all of Singapore, contact us at VictoriaHan Makeup Studio.

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