Where To Buy Professional Work Clothes

Where To Buy Professional Work Clothes – One of the most common questions I get from new PMT email subscribers is about comfortable work clothes. You know I’m all about helping women find amazingly comfortable outfits, so I decided it was time to write a whole blog post to help you build a comfortable work wardrobe, all my best tips and outfits in one place!

In this post, I’m focusing on general categories of workwear that are both comfortable and professional rather than specific garments. Some pieces will sell and I want everyone reading this to have the vision and ability to create a comfortable work wardrobe any time of the year by opening up your options and sharing what’s possible so you know how comfortable clothing can be . work! That said, I will share some specific pieces, but I’ll try to stick to the ones that tend to be in stock for a long time.

Where To Buy Professional Work Clothes

Where To Buy Professional Work Clothes

An important key to a comfortable work wardrobe is comfortable trousers! Pants determine whether I’m comfortable sitting and moving and doing all the things I need to do, so definitely pay attention here! These are CRAZY soft and incredibly comfortable work pants that look super professional too. I’m going to fill in some specific parts and brands here because some of my favorites are usually available year after year.

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My best recommendation is the Kelsey Super Stretch Ponte Knit Pants from Liverpool Los Angeles. These are very soft, very soft and very long and quite thick. They are expensive, but absolutely worth it. The quality is second to none and they feel incredibly incredible and look very professional. Many, many PMT readers have said that these are the pants for work now, and with GOOD REASON! I’m also wearing black, maroon and blue in the photos above. See how you can dress them up from business casual to a business professional look. You can find them in a variety of colors and lengths in regular, petite, long and plus sizes HERE. I use size 4 because they are quite big. You can see them directly on the Liverpool website via this link or check them out at Nordstrom HERE to take advantage of free shipping and free returns. Sizes and inventory are sometimes available at Nordstrom, but I tend to try there first because of the generous shipping/return policy.

Another pair that is usually always available is the Wit & Wisdom Ankle Skinny Pants. This is perfect for casual business casual, but not fancy enough for business people. This pair is my favorite brand of denim and these pants are stretchy and soft and have an elastic stretchy waist – my favorite! In the collage above you can see in green, Lily Pad, two outfits at the bottom left. They come in 11 colors in the right sizes, HERE. Available in large sizes in 2 colors, HERE. I fit size 4 to 6 depending on color, which I know doesn’t help! Ha, sorry. FWIW, Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns on all orders, and I always recommend ordering two sizes to find the best fit anyway.

The last pair I want to share are the Tapata Pants from Amazon, which come in 14 colors and regular, petite, long, and tall lengths. Although this pair is not as comfortable as the Liverpool Kelsey Ponte Knit Pants, they are stretchy and half the price. Also last winter they had pairs in fleece, which comes in handy in the colder months! The straight leg also works with boots that have a tall, narrow shaft. I’m wearing these trousers in black and navy blue in the pictures on the bottom right of the collage above. Find them HERE. I use size M.

There are other work trousers I can find that are cheap and have decent stretch, but they don’t last long in stock. Be sure to sign up for PMT emails to receive my outfit review and outfit idea emails.

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That said, the main takeaway I want you to have is that there are very stretchy work pants that look very professional, and that’s probably my number one key to comfortable work wear.

I love a good stretchy dress and there are many available! You will find them in different colors and prints, in different cuts and styles, in different lengths and in different degrees of how thin or thick they are. I personally like them with some kind of belt, because these give a bit of shape. This little feature adds structure that helps make a super stretchy, comfortable dress look more professional. I have some samples in the pictures above!

I’ve collected some great options currently available in the widget below. But if they are no longer available, you can search for someone yourself. My favorite places to find relatively inexpensive ones for work are Amazon and Kohl’s. (Old Navy and Target, in addition to Amazon and Kohl’s, have great stretch dresses for casual wear.)

Where To Buy Professional Work Clothes

I generally wear clothes that don’t hug the body too tightly, which of course comes in handy with work clothes, so my tops don’t feel too tight. All tops have a looser fit without being too big.

Tailored Maternity Pencil Skirt

I also like when the material is very soft and smooth and has a good padding that increases comfort. I personally love Vince Camuto satin tops because they feel silky and smooth on your skin. I’m wearing it with the bottom intermediate outfit – the blue one above. It’s so light and silky yet looks very professional! Of course there are many other tops that feel comfortable and I have tried to show several examples above.

Sweaters are another type of top that look very professional but are comfortable as they are usually stretchy and easy to move in. Of course, the softer the better! You can get them with short sleeves for the warmer months and long sleeves for the colder months. Again, when paired with super stretchy business pants, you’ll feel super comfortable!

Maybe these are great for a comfortable layer you can wear to work, but I wanted to mention them as an alternative. 😊

Oh, stretchy jackets. I love them! If you’ve ever felt that jackets are too stiff, like stretchy work pants, I want you to know that stretchy jackets do exist. There are also many types, and I show several types above:

A Male Worker, A Welder In Professional Work Clothes, Works On A Welding Table For The Repair And Manufacture Of Parts And Spare Parts 13615881 Stock Photo At Vecteezy

One. Blazer Sweater – The blue blazer in the first three outfits is made of a sweater-like material, but it’s a lot more professional than your good old sweater! The one I’m wearing above is the Caslon Knit Blazer and it’s a PMT fan favorite. It looks like a sweater but looks like a blazer, so you’ll be very comfortable looking like a pro. Is this long enough? I usually wear size XS.

Yes Sweater Blazer – Specifically, J.Crew Factory makes a sweater that looks like a thick, structured cardigan, but feels like a blazer. Perfect with jeans or work trousers. I use it over the top and in brown and black in the last two pictures on the top row. What I’m wearing is HERE . I wear size S. There is another one that seems a bit looser, HERE . (Waiting for one of J.Crew Factory’s regular big sales cuts the cost considerably!)

Do it Classic Suit Blazer (this one is stretchy) – The blazer I’m wearing in the first three photos in the row below is very light and stretchy, but still looks very polished and professional. There are several blazers like this, although sometimes they cost a little more, but they are worth it if they are comfortable! For reference, the one I’m wearing is from Eliza J, if you want to try others from this brand.

Where To Buy Professional Work Clothes

Hey you. Relaxed Blazer – The last two blazers in the bottom line are also very relaxed but still look sharp. Liverpool Los Angeles Blazers, which is the same brand I mentioned above as the holy grail of comfortable work pants, tend to be stretchy and comfortable. Their jackets are not as soft as the Kelsey Super Stretch Ponte Pants, but they are comfortable. I’m wearing one of these in the last outfit in the row below. Another more affordable example is this Nine West Blazer from Kohl’s. (Wait for one of Kohl’s frequent big sales!) Looks a bit more casual and less dressy than the Liverpool blazer, but if your workplace is more business casual (as opposed to business casual and business professional)

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