Where Do They Sell Kylie Cosmetics

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I tried Kylie Jenner’s new lipstick and found it just as drying and expensive as the original.

Where Do They Sell Kylie Cosmetics

Where Do They Sell Kylie Cosmetics

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Shop Kylie Cosmetics By Kylie Jenner

Angled Down Icon An icon in the shape of an angle pointing down. I tried the original Kylie Cosmetics lipstick formula and its new vegan version to see which was better. Amanda Cross/Insider

Kylie Jenner entered the beauty industry in late 2015 when she first introduced her lip kit.

Although I consider myself a beauty fanatic, I didn’t get caught up in the Kylie Cosmetics craze when it first started. Instead, I stuck to my favorite drugstore products and patted myself on the back for saving money.

Admittedly, I’ve been curious about her lipsticks ever since, and was even more intrigued when Jenner announced last month that her brand had revamped iconic products to go “clean” and vegan—including her eponymous makeup line. .

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Having said that, I thought it was time to give her liquid lipsticks a try.

In early July, I ran to Ulta Beauty and bought the only original Kylie Cosmetics lipstick they had left, an orange shade called Heat. The iconic lip kit was, of course, sold out.

About two weeks later Kylie Cosmetics released their new products online and I ordered a similar shade called 22 to compare with the original product.

Where Do They Sell Kylie Cosmetics

The most noticeable difference between the two at first glance is their packaging. The clear, original tube features a black cap, drop pattern, and Jenner’s signature print. The new clear bottle has a pink cap, an updated drop design and the Kylie Cosmetics logo printed in silver on top.

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Personally, I prefer the new packaging. The original, in my opinion, screams 2016, while the new version looks fun and uplifting.

When I first swiped a Kylie Cosmetics lipstick on my lips, I was surprised at how smooth it felt. Its orange color was sheer and opaque in just one coat and I had no problem staying in my lip lines without a pencil.

But the lipstick dried almost immediately, making any adjustments impossible. It made me feel like it was settling into the fine lines of my lips which was quite uncomfortable.

I wasn’t crazy about the vanilla cake scent either. It was nice at first but quickly became too loud and overwhelming for me.

Buy Kylie Cosmetics Kylie Cosmetics 22 Matte Lip Kit 2024 Online

About an hour after applying the product, I went to lunch. Unfortunately, the lipstick was no match for the soda and greasy McDonald’s food.

Sure, it lasted better than the cream product, but the lipstick still smudged, crumbled, and slowly started to fall apart.

At the end of the day it only got worse. I checked in about eight hours later—when the dryness had become almost unbearable—and noticed that the lipstick had faded to a lighter shade and that some of the spots on my lips had disappeared.

Where Do They Sell Kylie Cosmetics

When I tried the new version a few days later, I was disappointed that it was dry from the start.

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My first reaction to the updated formula was relief – the lipstick was fragrance-free, which instantly created a great application experience.

But that feeling quickly turned to disappointment. Unlike the original formula, there is no smoothness in the product even after the first application. Instead, in my experience, it instantly settled into every fine line and felt like it was cracking when it touched my lips.

On the bright side, I loved the vibrant shade of the lipstick, which I thought was a shade of warmth.

To make sure my comparison was fair, I decided to eat the same meal while wearing the new lipstick.

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In my experience, my lipstick went through food quite safely and after about two hours I noticed a bit of smudging and cracking.

Later in the day, after wearing the lipstick for about eight hours, I was ready to take it off.

On the surface, the lipstick looked good. It didn’t fade or crack like the original formula after a day of use and looked really decent from a distance. But up close, I could see that my lips had started to bleed outside the lines and were so dry that it was just uncomfortable to wear.

Where Do They Sell Kylie Cosmetics

As Covid-19 cases continue to rise in the US, I have returned to wearing surgical masks in addition to cloths. But because the tissues stick to my face, it feels like my makeup is constantly changing.

Best Kylie Cosmetics Products: What To Buy From The Relaunched Range

However, both Kylie Cosmetics lipstick formulas stayed on my lips. My lipstick looked the same before and after applying the mask and it didn’t transfer even a tiny bit to the fabric.

I use makeup almost every day, so I really appreciate when brands try to improve their best selling products. I’m always happy to switch up my makeup with vegan options.

So when it comes to the original Kylie Cosmetics lipstick formula versus the new formula, I prefer the latter. In my experience it lasts longer on my lips and I love its baby pink packaging.

Unfortunately, I can’t justify the $17 price tag for the product when it feels so drying and uncomfortable on the lips.

Any Thoughts On Kylie Cosmetics Being Launched In India?

When liquid lipsticks first became popular in 2016, I was ready to put up with these feelings. But now it’s 2021 and I value comfort above all makeup trends.

Of course, matte lipsticks can be a bit drying in nature, and liquid formulas tend to settle into the fine lines of your lips. But it shouldn’t be difficult to carry. Just look at Maybelline’s Super Stay Matte Ink line. I’ve been wearing these for years and at $9 a lipstick they have never let me down.

I’m definitely open to trying more Kylie Cosmetics products in the future and I’m sure the brand can make amazing lip products.

Where Do They Sell Kylie Cosmetics

But when it comes to the brand’s famous liquid lipsticks, I think my basic instincts were right — I’m better off sticking with drugstore products. Gen Z favorites Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin bring a wave of pink to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport.

Kylie Cosmetics Bogo Lip Kit Sale Is Available Online For Limited Time Only

India. Coty Travel Retail Asia Pacific partners with Mumbai Duty Free to launch Kylie Cosmetics at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport.

The store, which opened on October 17, is located at a prestigious location in Mumbai Duty Free and offers a full range of Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin products.

Travelers can shop the brand’s skin care and color cosmetics from eyes to lips in travel-friendly sets. Product highlights include the Matte Lip Kit, High Gloss, Pressed Powder Blush, Kailash Volume Mascara and the Discovery Skin Care Kit.

Located near the entrance of Mumbai Duty Free, the blush pink store highlights the brand’s best-selling lip oils and skincare kits through an eye-catching retail display.

A Review Of 2 Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits

The store is dressed in the brand’s characteristic blush-pink color palette. An Instagrammable Vespa installation serves as the perfect opportunity for selfies, while a make-up discovery area encourages passengers to try different make-up products.

Founded by American celebrity Kylie Jenner, Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin offer simple and fun beauty products made with clean and vegan ingredients. Coty acquired a 51% stake in the brand — which has a Gen Z following — in a $1.2 billion deal in 2020. Kylie Cosmetics launches in the US with Dufry and DFA

Coty has partnered with Dufry and Duty Free America to launch an engaging and omnichannel campaign for Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics.

Where Do They Sell Kylie Cosmetics

Coty launched Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics brand in the US travel trade at Sao Paulo and Miami airports in June.

Did Kylie Sell Kylie Cosmetics?

Brand bestsellers such as matte lip kits, glosses, highlighters, powders, brow kits, pencils and Kylie Skincare Collection products are available at airports in pink and black gondolas.

Along with Duty Free America in Miami, the new brand is featured in two flagship stores in Terminal D with displays showcasing skin care treatments and the Kylie Matte Lip Kit.

“We are proud to be the first US airport where Kylie Jenner launched Kylie; Most travelers flying through Miami know about Kylie and the first few weeks are very promising,” said Diego Artola Villanueva, Coty VP Travel Retail Americas.

“We are thrilled that Kylie Cosmetics has chosen Duty Free America as the first travel partner to feature the iconic beauty brand at a US airport. The Coty team works closely with our marketing and merchandising departments to deliver Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skincare products.

How Coty Plans To Grow Kylie Cosmetics

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