Where Do They Sell Essence Makeup

Where Do They Sell Essence Makeup – Have you heard I hope you have! A new brand has arrived on our shores and it’s not a #BreakYourBank brand.. Europe’s no. 1 seller of Essence Cosmetics – affordable, convenient, innovative and constantly evolving. Very exciting. Here’s a before and after shot to get the ball rolling!

Ok..so last month I was sent two of their products to review. I felt that I wanted to create the whole image of the brand. Next, we buy more produce from NZ farmers. Remember when I posted a picture of the Essence display on Instagram?

Where Do They Sell Essence Makeup

Where Do They Sell Essence Makeup

So here is the brand look and a review of the essence products I used for this look. All essence and nothing else. Well.. except for moisturizer and lip balm.

Amazon.com: Essence Cosmetics

I moved on to doing the eyes first before building up the face as a heavy/dark look. Prevents your base makeup from falling off from the eyeshadow.

Apply a shimmery brown shadow from the Quattro Eyeshadowquad on the lid and apply color (4) (6) (5) with a flat brush over the area covered with the black pencil.

With a pencil brush, I put the champagne color on the inner corner of the eye, and the rest on the upper lid on the lash line. (7) Notice how darker the eyebrows are, I filled them in with a matte brown shade from the same rectangle.

A dark matte brown is placed and blended into the outer V and crease. Mix Mix Mix. (8)

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Narrow eyes. She uses black eyeliner on the inside of the upper lid, fakes full lashes and conceals the skin. (9)

A shimmery brown shadow on the lower lash line using the Real Techniques Core Collection detail brush. From here I felt a bit more relaxed about shooting. This step involves highlighting the pearlescent eyeshadow under the brow bone, applying a winged liquid liner and curling lashes with my Shu Umera Lash Curler. (10)

To contour the cheeks, sides of the nose and face, she used a matte brown shade from Quattro Eyeshadow as a bronzer.

Where Do They Sell Essence Makeup

The light pearl shade of Quattro Eyeshadow is used as a highlighter on the face – some under the eyebrows, on the bridge of the nose, on the top of the cheeks and on the cup’s bow.

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Applying Essence Silky Touch Blush in Cherry of Life to the cheeks combines highlighter and contour to make everything look flawless.

It looks fuller, but the eyes don’t last long after they’re done, thanks to the badass liquid liner. #Sorry not sorry

1. 16 Hour All Day Makeup in 40 Soft Honey ($8.55 NZD) – So I’m fair skinned, but when I went to the store to pick up a staple product from the Essence range, it wasn’t there. even one of them. I have ice cubes on my skin. I don’t really like BB or CC creams because they don’t suit my skin. I’m in the middle of the color spectrum, so light or dark doesn’t work for me. Flowers…

So I took the plunge with this long lasting foundation. It talks about the velvet coating. Hmmm..well..matte. Its matte, longevity is perfect for me and has a medium coverage. Shade 40 Soft Honey is a perfect match for my NC 30-35 warm Indian complexion.

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Negative Bits – It’s cake-y and heavy to assemble. Therefore, it is better to stick to a coat for everyday wear. It also accentuates dry patches, so it’s not a good choice for dry skin like mine. He stayed at work all day and at 6 o’clock it started to snow (which I love). The foundation doesn’t talk about any skin type, but I’m sure it’s great for oily skin after using it – worn out, then, everything.

The smaller the better for laying the foundation. I’m a lighter shade (I’m more of a honey/golden brown) but it’s nice and low coverage so it’s not weird on the face. I think it’s more like something like the Rimmel Stay Matte Compact, but I haven’t used it yet so I can’t compare.

This blush is love! Look at the shade.. so bright and fun! Definitely a great summer addition to my blush collection. Its bright coral, smooth, highly pigmented and lasts 5-6 hours before fading. Comparable to the NYX range of blushes. Worth the price!

Where Do They Sell Essence Makeup

The only reason I created a heavy eye in this look is to show off the versatility of the basic brown eyeshadow quartet. We all have one person. Maybe Revlon or Maybelline? From a neutral daytime look to a glam evening look, it’s amazing what a black pencil underneath can do.

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Quad is definitely a keeper. The eyeshadows are pigmented, not chalky and blend easily.

I use the matte brown shade as a bronzer and brow filler, and the pale pearl/shimmer shade as a highlighter. They were really excited! What is your prediction?

Bonus points for the waterproof eyeliner. It didn’t affect my eyes and stayed watery for about an hour after going to the lower lash line, where it stayed forever. As expected!!! I don’t regret it. However, if you need black water flow, it is something to consider.

So the day I opened it, I fell in love. Very dark, sharp felt tip and easy to use.

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After a few days it seemed to dry up and I couldn’t get anything out of the nib (I kept shaking the pen…it felt like a pen) and finally the nib just gave up and wouldn’t hold at all. APPROPRIATE

I only finished one eye and had to change it a few times before putting it in the tub and doing my second eye with my trusty L’Oreal. A good 15 minutes wasted! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I will buy it again. Of course, my mascara- cute packaging, curved brush, angled lashes, separates each lash, makes them thicker and longer, not heavy and lashes look natural. Success!

Where Do They Sell Essence Makeup

A true coral shade is not red, pink or red, but perfect coral. I usually love matte, but wearing matte takes some discipline (think lip scrub, lip liner, lip liner, etc.). For once, I really appreciate the direct slap from the tube method. Its buttery, moisturizing, pigmented, glides on smoothly and stays on for about 2-3 hours without food. Not bad for the price I thought! If you can touch it, it is definitely good for everyday wear. There are other shades available. I have to stop myself from choosing red again.

A Drugstore Haul Featuring Essence, Catrice & Revolution

That’s all for me today!!! Very nice post ..never ending actually! If you’ve made it this far. hi 5!! Mwwah♥♥♥

So what do you think of the look? Want me to do more “brand looks”? What do you think of Essence Cosmetics?

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Essence Insta Perfect Liquid Makeup delivers a matte, flawless finish with a dry-on finish that’s perfect for everyone.

Review: Essence Hello, Good Stuff

Insta Perfect Liquid Make Up is a liquid foundation. To that end, this foundation comes in a handy pack that allows you to adjust the coverage depending on how much you choose to use. So you can go from full to full coverage. Also, this product comes in different shades and given the drop application, you can mix and match them to create the shade that best suits you. So with this product, you get perfect coverage and true-to-life tone that matches your face for an “Insta-perfect” finish!

Equally important, this foundation provides long-wearing and waterproof matte finish, so your look stays put all day long. In short, this foundation has a fluid and light texture that is suitable for all skin types. It also allows for a customized finish and shade to suit anyone’s face! So you can create any look you want with this liquid makeup.

Shake well before use. Apply an appropriate amount of Insta Perfect Liquid Make Upby Essence using the dropper applicator to control coverage. If necessary, apply additional layers for additional coverage. Essence’s Lash Princess is blowing up TikTok and worth all the hype, so when I saw that Essence had an entire makeup line, I had to try it.

Where Do They Sell Essence Makeup

Today we are going to do a full face of essential makeup. I love this brand and don’t know why this wasn’t done sooner! The total collection I bought today is under $100. You have a starter kit for less than $100 and that’s it

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