What Do You Need To Install Hardwood Floors

What Do You Need To Install Hardwood Floors – Our house is full of old hardwoods that I love. When choosing new flooring for our kitchen renovation, matching existing hardwoods is no easy task. The history of the purchase and installation process is as follows.

I videotaped the installation and talked about some interesting moments about the process. And so are the pictures that come out so painfully! I don’t share this on Instagram so if you like my videos I share information and interesting project progress. You must follow the video below!

What Do You Need To Install Hardwood Floors

What Do You Need To Install Hardwood Floors

Can you take a video? I love doing these things and feel that video captures something that text cannot. So I promise it’s worth watching. In addition to what I will share below.

What Is The Cost Of Installing Hardwood Floors: A Cost You Can Afford

As a backup, our first kitchen had pine floors. But every board was eaten by termites. The previous owner filled it with putty. Then cover it with sticky layers. The termite damage is worse when we show the kitchen. Sellers will clean along the floor, under the floor and along the joists, and saving the pine tree is not in the cards. I’m a big fan of restoring old floors. However, severe termite damage cannot be repaired.

I am ready to add wood to the kitchen. Not the most popular opinion. But I appreciate the softness under the wooden floor. It reminds me of a book from 1914 called “The Tile Floor”. Can it be called the “death of China”? It’s also about wood!

I tried for months to find a floor that matched the rest of our house. I found many old maple trees and regenerated pine trees. But no 2″ wide x ½” thick tongue and groove. And especially if there’s absolutely nothing unused and 300 square feet of wood, it’s a pretty sure find. And I have been trying to put my hands on the ground for a year. But there is no chance

Determined to find the right type and size of wood. So I started to get new wood. The hardest part is that most stores sell directly to consumers. (Big Box Store Flooring Content Center and Newly Updated Product Website) They don’t sell the same flooring. The biggest challenge was finding the split piece of wood and dividing it into four pieces. I mean this.

How To Install Hardwood Flooring On Stairs?

It is easy to find ordinary or synthetic wood. But sawn wood often gets a special order, this kind of cutting is very expensive. Therefore, the largest selection of wood is not available. But look how beautiful it is! These photos don’t do it justice. But know that quarter wood is a very beautiful wood. It really shines.

As a home owner, I was unable to get this kind of lumber from a local lumber yard. Because I need a flooring contractor’s license. But I want to install it myself, so I don’t need a contractor. I hunted and hunted and finally found them online on a website that sells direct to consumers! Flooring.org was aptly named and had the perfect flooring I was looking for: 2″x.25″ split and quarter tongue and groove white oak boards in random lengths. Wow! The staff at floor.org were very kind and the delivery was excellent. And the wood is in good condition. I highly recommend it when you are looking for hard to find or easy to find hardwood floors. They are also clear about where their floors come from – here was my land. United States of America.

Funnily enough, I ordered the flooring a year ago. And since then it has been sitting in the living room. This progress is slow.

What Do You Need To Install Hardwood Floors

Here she is before the floor. Added to the base, I had to remove a million nails and re-adjust the corners. I still roll my eyes thinking about the unnecessary work we do.

How To Install Engineered Hardwood Floors

It was a big deal to get the planks out of the living room where they had been sitting for a year. They are a constant reminder of renovation delays and have become an eyesore. It was so nice to get them out of the living room that I didn’t even need to install them for the fun! But you know, I had to load those puppies!

I roped in a friend to help me install this. He is a skilled carpenter/contractor who installs many floors. He gave me the tool. I paid for it. And he bought lunch so the plan was to get me started and make sure I was ready. But eventually he moved on. I really appreciate it because this job would definitely be better if it was a two-person job, if one person was good and the other person split the plank. You can see our amazing teamwork in this time lapse video.

I use this moisturizer. They are designed to prevent moisture from entering the bottom of the floor through the wet area. I’ve been playing with it by pouring water on it and trying to see how long it takes to soak in. I don’t remember exactly how it works because I’m tired of waiting for it to go in. Passed my test!

A pack costs $11 and covers my area of ​​250 square feet. Great value for money for peace of mind and long term floor health.

Installing New Hardwood Floors In Our Old Home — The Gold Hive

We sew one room at a time on one wall of the room and gradually we sew the moisture barrier on the floor. We will start with the longest wall. Hold the long and straight board. Then go from there. These first few boards are important to keep the rest of the boards in line and uncluttered. We nailed the first row of nails ⅛ through the gypsum wall for expansion. And use small 18-gauge nails in the second and third rows. We nailed the tongue of wood with small nails. Same thing with a nail gun. After a few rows, we were able to plant the nail on the floor. See the picture below with the nail gun to see how much space is needed to drive in the nails using the floor planer. This is shown again in the video.

Room layout and layout are equally important. I have a few tips for choosing and installing quality nail plates.

Open the entire structure and evaluate each part. Treat any inflamed bumps, boils, or sores on the tongue. Separate these items into your “junk pile”, you don’t want any damage. This is on the floor but you can still use it in a short time to cut the damage. Or by installing a small bug under the cabinet. I installed these ugly things under the cabinets because I didn’t want to be stuck with them when they got to the visible part of the kitchen. In the end, I ordered so much surplus that I doubt I could use a better board. You can put it under that cabinet. Oh good!

What Do You Need To Install Hardwood Floors

When looking for damage, take the time to sort the rice grains according to their quality. Four rooms are very beautiful. The different splits are the second, and then the pure vertical core is the third – in my opinion, at least, the idea of ​​separating these pieces is to make sure that the pieces are different. They should be evenly distributed so that they do not gather in one room and hide in hidden corners or under cabinets. See above what appears to be a tiger’s eye pattern? i like it. So I installed it in the lowest position where I could see it all the time. Oh, it’s so beautiful!

Hallway Hardwood Flooring Install Progress (plus A Few Installation Tips From A Diyer)

Also sort by size when sorting. It is good to mix the length of the board to create movement and variety. It is also wise to organize by size. So when you have to cut the wall, you can only choose the right size board. Or I only need to remove 1 inch, I don’t want to waste a long board. By cutting 7 inch sections and removing small pieces that don’t fit in the section.

Finally, define the few rows that will be nailed. This will give you time to make sure the grain is the desired size. But you should avoid repeating the joint. Avoid these red circle coordinates!

When we reach half way on the floor, I have to move all the floor tiles to the right to the finished place. Why not stack them as you move? Organized so you can easily pick up the items you need.

Remember when I said this is a good two-man job? This is the reason. I spent all my time adjusting the board to my liking.

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