Verizon Internet Cost Per Month

Verizon Internet Cost Per Month – Verizon said today it is “disrupting the cable industry” with new broadband and TV offerings that eliminate “traditional cable bundles” and hidden fees, a move that immediately drew positive responses from The Wall Street Journal and Consumer Reports.

Verizon said the new offer will be available immediately to new and existing customers. However, if you already have Verizon FiOS service, it’s now difficult or impossible to get one of these great deals.

Verizon Internet Cost Per Month

Verizon Internet Cost Per Month

My home in Massachusetts has broadband and FiOS TV, so I was able to test whether Verizon would offer one of the new deals without any problems. This probably won’t surprise you, but I can’t get hold of one of the new offers, and the Verizon rep I spoke to didn’t know when the system would be fixed.

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The Verizon representative suggested I try again later, but I was not assured that it would be fixed. Meanwhile, I have options that increase my price while reducing my internet speed and number of TV channels.

As part of Verizon’s new bundled offer, customers can choose from broadband plans ranging from $40 to $80 per month and TV plans from $50 to $90 per month:

Including all fees and taxes, I currently pay $161 a month for a “Multimate” TV package with 100mbps broadband and hundreds of channels, but all the sports channels I need for my interests. Under Verizon’s new combo deal, I can get the same package for $129.99 — that’s $49.99 for 100Mbps Internet and $90 for TV, plus a $10 Autopay discount .

I’m not sure what the final price will be after additional fees are added, but Verizon’s announcement promises that the new package has “no additional fees, no broadcast or regional sports network fees” and “includes price and tax.” My current price of $161 includes over $14 in post and game fees, so the new price should be much lower than what I’m paying now.

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$129.99 offer for new customers at my address by visiting But selecting that menu and selecting “Change service at my current address” takes me to the “My Verizon” dashboard, where my only options are pretty weak.

Not only can I not get a deal for less than $31, but changing my package in any way will increase my bill. Even though I already have 100mbps, the Verizon account management page gives me the option to pay $50 a month

75 Mbps service. Choosing the same TV package I already have would add $40 to my monthly bill. Switching to a TV package with fewer channels somehow increased my bill by $25 a month:

Verizon Internet Cost Per Month

(Note for those wondering why my current 100mbps plan says “upgraded from 50/50mbps”: I signed up for 50mbps in early 2015, a year before Verizon increased the base tier speed and stopped marketing that tier in my area. Verizon has offered i new plan for years. Refused to upgrade to basic speed, so i paid more than a new customer, but the speed was low. charged an extra $50 from 100Mbps to 75Mbps (The charge seems to be due to them labeling my plan as “upgraded from 50Mbps.” It’s even weirder because I’m already paying for 100Mbps — and it’s doubly weird because Verizon charged me another $10 a month from 50Mbps to 75Mbps last year.)

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Obviously that didn’t make sense, so I started a conversation with customer service and explained the situation to a Verizon representative. “Since the service is tied to your current account, we don’t have access to cancel service packages to add to the mix,” he told me.

That beats Verizon’s entire deal, which, as the company said today, “doesn’t require a bundle to get the best price.”

“Say goodbye to the traditional cable bundle,” Verizon said in its announcement, right before a Verizon representative told me it was impossible to unbundle my service.

I am no longer under contract with Verizon since I decided to go month to month in the middle of last year when my last two year contract and discount expired. During that time my bill increased by $25 per month, even though a FiOS customer service representative told me over the phone that I would get a $10 increase once the contract ended. The price Verizon gave me for a new contract in mid-2019 is still in the $160 range, so the contract will expire.

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The Verizon rep on the chat box told me today that I can contact Verizon’s account management team to get a mixed offer. I did that and got nowhere. The account representative I spoke with on the phone first told me that the affiliate offer was “currently only available to new customers.”

I pointed out that Verizon said the deal was for new and existing customers, so the rep put me on hold to do some research. Finally he told me “we are not ready to place this order when you are an existing customer”. He said the only way to get the new deal was to order online because the customer service rep couldn’t apply the deal to my account from the Verizon office.

Although he admitted that it was not possible to order the offer online at the moment, he advised me to try the website “during the day” because it was a new deal and the website had not been fully updated. But he had no direct knowledge of whether Verizon was fixing the problem.

Verizon Internet Cost Per Month

I will update this story once the system is fixed. If you’re a current FiOS customer, I think you should head over to the Mix and Pick Page to get one of the new deals, but doing so today would be a waste of time. Hopefully Verizon will fix this at some point.

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Update at 5pm. Verizon did not say when the problem would be fixed.

John Brodkin John has been an Ars Technica reporter since 2011, covering a variety of topics in telecommunications and technology. John graduated from Boston University with a degree in journalism and has been a full-time journalist for over 20 years. Earlier this year, Verizon began offering its 5G home Internet at half price to eligible customers with a Mobile Unlimited plan, raising the price from $50 to $25/month. Now the company is offering the same low price of $25 for its Fios and LTE home Internet connection options.

Starting today, Verizon is making it even more attractive and affordable for customers with unlimited cell plans to get internet at home for $25 a month — in addition to 5G Home, it now includes Fios Fiber and LTE Home.

The unlimited cellular plans that qualify for $25 home internet from Verizon are the Play More, Do More and Get More 5G tiers, which range from $45 to $55 per month per line. Customers must set up automatic billing to receive the $25 home internet special rate.

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Yesterday, Verizon added 5GB hotspots to its most affordable 5G Start mobile plan at no cost to customers. However, note that the 5G Start plan is not eligible for the $25 home internet offer.

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Verizon Internet Cost Per Month

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