Used Cars For Sale By Owner In Ghana

Used Cars For Sale By Owner In Ghana – The car will be useful for commuting, traveling, traveling and many other things. While this may seem common, having money to buy a car is a common problem. Car manufacturers take into account the financial status of their customers and therefore try to create a car that is affordable for many people.

There are different types of cars in Ghana; some cars are very expensive (well, you get what you pay for…haha) while others are cheap. Nowadays, buying a cheap car does not mean you are buying a car with low quality, low performance or even poor amenities. The most important thing is to buy the perfect car for your travel needs. It’s also important to note that whether a car is cheap or expensive isn’t just limited to how much you pay to buy it; but also includes maintenance, service and equipment costs that you will have to pay later. Considering all these factors will help you figure out the best cheap car.

Used Cars For Sale By Owner In Ghana

Used Cars For Sale By Owner In Ghana

In this article, we have compiled a list of the cheapest cars to buy in Ghana;

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The Japanese-made Toyota Corolla remains a reliable and efficient car for Ghanaians. Guess what? This is one of the cheapest cars you can find in Ghana. Maintenance costs and spare parts replacement are cheap and quick.

This type is a great choice, especially for small families. The Hyundai Accent comes in many different configurations, which creates slight differences across all models. Hyundai’s standard programs include rear child locks, stability control, emergency brake assist, traction control, tire pressure monitoring, front climate lights, headlight dimming, headlights automatic delay and air conditioning. .

In addition, the maintenance cost of Hyundai Accent is quite cheap. Mechanics have a lot of experience in simple Hyundai car repairs in Ghana.

The Toyota Camry is just as popular and affordable in Ghana as its counterpart, the Toyota Corolla. What makes this brand popular in Ghana is its fuel economy and great design. Compact design and the latest modern technology contribute to its popularity among Ghanaians and youth.

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Interesting features of this brand include child locks, brake assist, traction control, electronic stability control, 4-wheel ABS, different engine sizes like 4-cylinder 2 engines .5 liter and 3.5 liter V6 engines etc.

During peak traffic times, especially in Accra, one of the cars you will see on the road is the Hyundai i10. The Hyundai i10 attracts many Ghanaians for many reasons, some of which include its low price compared to the comfort it offers; his trust; his oil; Its maintenance cost is low among others.

Other features of the Hyundai i10 include air conditioning, electric front windows, rear seats to increase storage space, CD sound system, airbags for passengers and driver, central locking, zone front and rear bearings. This car promises to bring an enjoyable driving experience to both driver and passengers. The new Hyundai i10 for sale in Ghana is priced between GH₵ 60,000 and GH₵ 85,000.

Used Cars For Sale By Owner In Ghana

KIA RIO has been around since November 1999, when it was first launched by Korean automaker Kia. Currently, the fourth generation Kia Rio is a subcompact car model that has undergone many modernizations. Models include three-, five- and four-door sedans, with inline four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines and front-wheel drive.

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In Ghana, the Kia Rio is one of the cheapest cars you can find. Its fuel economy is first class and the design and interior create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. Salaries are also cheap.

A new Kia Rio car in Ghana sells for between GH₵ 35,000 and GH₵ 60,000. You can buy a used Kia Rio locally or abroad for between GH₵7,500 and GH₵30,000 depending on the model.

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This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Visit our privacy and cookies policy. More than 100,000 cars are imported into Ghana each year, mainly from the US. And 90% of cars on the road in Ghana are imported cars.

“I have a lot of Ghanaians working with me in America,” he said. “At the end of the conversation, I told every one of my partners anywhere in the United States to deliver something to me. And the bag was delivered here.”

Used Cars For Sale By Owner In Ghana

More than 100,000 cars are imported into Ghana each year, mainly from the US. And 90% of cars on the road in Ghana are imported cars. Most of them were rescued or acquired by accident; most are over ten years old.

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At the same time, US consumers are buying electric cars – they are helping the country meet its climate goals, and new owners may qualify for tax credits. But while many of their old cars ply Africa’s roads, providing essential transportation for poor countries, they are often polluting and dangerous.

“Many people in Ghana cannot afford to buy new cars, so the demand for used cars is increasing,” he said. So, when the old car is brought back, we will carry out air conditioning and other repairs.”

These older cars may not have airbags, anti-lock brakes and other safety features that American drivers don’t value.

Pearl Adusu Gyasi of the Ghana Road Safety Authority said efforts to stop the import of obsolete vehicles had not failed.

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“What people don’t realize is that any old engine in these crappy imported cars can be a time bomb,” he said. “Having money should not weigh more than the value of our lives.”

Many old vehicles emit toxic alcohol that pollutes the air. Trucks and cars often emit black smoke. These cars often do not have modern climate control systems. Or their converters, who test the emissions, scrap it, and sell it for precious metals.

These vehicles are one of the reasons Accra’s closed roads are among the most polluted in the world, said Cordy Aziz of the University of Ghana’s Institute of Sanitation and Environmental Studies.

Used Cars For Sale By Owner In Ghana

According to him, on average, air pollution is 11 times higher than the level that the World Health Organization considers safe.

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“Air pollution is more prevalent in densely populated areas where you see a lot of cars,” he said. “These are all areas with high pollution levels based on the EPA sensors that have been installed throughout the city. This situation is truly alarming.”

Pearl Adusu Gyasi, who works at the Ghana National Safety Authority, is concerned that African countries like Ghana are seen as dumping grounds for Western cars.

Not suitable for use. Authorities say public education and awareness to prevent elderly trafficking has little effect.

Children going to school on busy roads and street vendors are at highest risk of exposure to this dust.

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Aziz said enforcement to check the situation was weak, putting people at risk of chronic respiratory diseases and contributing to climate change.

The United Nations Environment Program has warned that the world will not be able to meet net zero targets under the Paris climate change agreement without efforts to regulate the used car trade.

“Africa is currently the place most affected by climate change. We cannot allow it to become a dumping ground for used and damaged cars,” said Aziz.

Used Cars For Sale By Owner In Ghana

And not only that. When these used cars are no longer used, they are sold at scrap dealers, stripped of various parts, including the battery.

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Amina Yussif lives in Agbogblosh in Accra, not far from the site of the exploding car battery that she believes poisoned her 4-year-old son. He said his developmental stage had a big influence.

In the furniture repair room

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