Slim Fit Infant Car Seat

Slim Fit Infant Car Seat – A very common scenario we see in our Facebook group and during in-person car seat inspections is the need to install three car seats or booster seats. As families grow and change, so does the type of seat needed for each child, as well as the orientation of the seat in the vehicle. We’ve seen an increase in the number of narrow car seats marketed to families with multiple children, and we’re pleased to see manufacturers taking this need into account and responding with new options for these families.

We were happy to learn that the Graco team challenged all three and created a new location, renaming the locations we already knew. The Graco Slimfit3 LX (also known as True3Fit LX) is a multi-mode car seat with rear-facing, forward-facing and booster options.

Slim Fit Infant Car Seat

Slim Fit Infant Car Seat

Note. Although they may have the same name, the SlimFit3 LKS should not be confused with the Graco SlimFit. We’ll see if this new seat continues Graco’s trend of making car seats easy to use.

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Since SlimFit and SlimFit3 LX/True3Fit LX share the same name, we’ve created this handy chart to show the differences between the seats:

At just 16.7 inches wide, the narrowness of the seat allows for three seats to be installed in different positions. We were able to install three of these seats in a row in our 2011 E350 Ford Econoline and 2011 Chevy Equinox without any problems. We don’t talk about this often and we don’t take it lightly.

We quickly moved our three seats. We installed some backwards, some forwards, some in boost mode, but always all 3 in a row. In all the vehicles we’ve tried, we’ve been able to install all three seats without too much trouble (our largest vehicle had almost no problems!) One scenario that presented a challenge is not surprising. Ensuring that the driver can reach between the seats. the seats are fastened to them. When a second car seat or booster seat is placed next to the booster seat, it is often difficult for the child to reach between the seats and reach the buckle. The SlimFit3 LX is no exception, so we use caution when using this seat in booster mode next to another car seat. An alternative is to leave the seat belt fastened and have your child crawl under the belt as he or she walks toward the seat.

The quick-release cover can be disassembled into several parts. This is a huge advantage when you only need to wash part of the cover. The lid should be dried drop by drop. Graco has kindly provided an official video detailing the process.

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Slimfit3 LX has 4 recline positions. Each of them is intended for a specific way of use. There are no weight restrictions on the pitch angle position. This also means that if the child has good headrests, the seat can be quite compact when viewed from the rear.

When it comes to installation, the optional cup holders create enough space to help in tight spaces. It seems like a small thing, but they’re pretty unique: Graco has been thinking about the issue of cup holders for a while and has come up with a great way to make them work in tight spaces. A release button on the side of the seat means kids won’t be able to pull out the cup holders at the wrong time.

The Graco Slimfit3 LX has airflow channels in the shoulder and seat areas that allow air to flow around your child. This is a great place for hot-tempered kids.

Slim Fit Infant Car Seat

When the seat is in boost mode, the belt is stored in a convenient compartment on the seat. This is useful in certain situations: to avoid losing the belt when not in use, and for families with additional training for children. Sometimes a child who is using a booster seat for the first time will have to wear a seat belt during the process. For some trips this is easier if the seat belt is still attached and the seat can be switched between modes. It’s easy to do.

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Translation: They’re so wide and open that we didn’t scrape a single knuckle while writing this review.

This openness makes installation easier than some other seats. The upper and lower seat covers lift up to expose the seat belt.

The lower anchors are stored in the seat. This gets them out of the way and helps keep the seat narrow enough for tight spaces. While this is a good thing, we found that removing the bottom anchors from this location was a bit difficult, but installing them back was fairly painless.

The wraps keep the belt out of the way and make it easier to fasten. When loading or unloading your child, press the buckle into these pockets.

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Graco also provides a handy Quick Start Guide with the seat. This is not a replacement for reading the manual completely, but is a great start.

A hot topic in the car seat world is folding/distributing air between car seats. This means that the seats can touch but not share airspace. Imagine being able to place a piece of cardboard vertically between the seats of a car. If the cardboard is folded, the seats divide the air space. Graco has specifically stated that they do not want their seats to share airspace with the adjacent car seat. This is mentioned in the Slimfit3 LKS manual. Cup holders can share space with the car seat, but not with the seat frame.

The low-mounted seat under the seating area was stored neatly. It was a little difficult to get them out of these places. Here’s how to do it: Lift the rear and lower seat trims to expose the inside of the seat. Remove the lower anchors from storage by pressing on the small tab in the seat shell located directly behind the lower anchor and pull it out of storage. We’ve found this small bump to be difficult to spot, so we’ve included a helpful photo for reference.

Slim Fit Infant Car Seat

Once the lower mounts are removed from storage, place both sides of the lower mount on the same side of the seat. Slide the lower securing strap along the metal bar onto the back of the lap belt. Then thread the lower clips along the correct belt path.

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Backrest positions 1 and 2 can be used for rear-facing installation. When the SlimFit3 LX is installed backwards, the tilt ball should be completely in the blue part of the indicator. We were also pleased to find that tilt indicators are located on both sides of the base. This is especially useful in match 3 settings!

To place the SlimFit3 LX in a rear-facing car with a seat belt, select Tilt 1 or 2, whichever will turn the flat ball completely blue once the seat is installed. Place the SlimFit3 LX on the car seat with the belt facing towards the rear of the car, over the bottom cover of the car seat cover to expose the belt path. Pull the seat belt into the guide, tighten the seat belt and secure the seat belt. With one hand, press the car seat against the car seat and with the other hand, pull the strap out of the seat belt.

Here we see the SlimFit 3 LX installed as much as possible. This type of recline angle is most suitable for backrests with good head and neck support.

To install the SlimFit3 LX rear-facing with the bottom mounts, select Recline 1 or 2, depending on which one holds the all-blue flat ball when installing the seat. Place the SlimFit3 LX on the car seat with the belt facing the rear of the car, then lift the bottom cover of the car seat cover to expose the belt path. Insert each bottom anchor into the corresponding belt track on each side. Connect each bottom anchor to the corresponding anchor on the car seat by turning the red handle up. You will hear a pleasant “click” when they are attached to the vehicle. Press the SlimFit3 LX against the car seat with one hand and pull the loose lower anchor strap with the other hand.

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Once the seat is in place, hand-tighten it firmly into the belt path, making sure the seat moves less than one inch along the belt path.

Our Huggable Images doll weighs 7 pounds and stands 17 inches tall. Our doll kindly modeled this seat with and without the baby insert.

WITH INSERTS: Cuddling newborn pictures go well with the doll insert. The strap is located under the shoulder and the crotch buckle is located in the inner slot.

Slim Fit Infant Car Seat

Without insert: The doll fits well on the belt. However, the slap without the insert is noticeable. We highly recommend that you use it

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