Reed Diffuser Fragrance Oil Refills

Reed Diffuser Fragrance Oil Refills – “Your oils are absolutely wonderful. The best I have ever seen. Thank you!”

Our selection includes herbs, fruits, berries, flowers, seasonal leaves and reed diffuser oils.

Reed Diffuser Fragrance Oil Refills

Reed Diffuser Fragrance Oil Refills

A traditional blend inspired by balsam fir and wild berries. Musk, oak and patchouli complete this wonderful fragrance.

Tobacco & Oak Reed Diffuser Refill

Pennyroyal Reed Diffuser Oil wakes you up with sharp notes of fresh peppery pennyroyal and a chorus of spearmint, sun-kissed mandarin and delicate violet flowers. Pennroyal smells very similar to peppermint, but a bit sweeter and grassy… a combination of lazy and local, Pennroyal reed diffuser oil. …

Lavender Sage Reed Diffuser Oil is a unique blend of clary sage, the heart and soul of lavender.

Lotus flower and lavender reed diffuser oil is a blend of the mountains of eastern and southern France.

Mango Tangerine Cane Diffuser Oil is a bright fruity tropical citrus with a citrus mandarin top note.

Cocorrna Lemon Vetiver Scented Reed Diffuser Oil Refill With 6 Free Cotton Reed Sticks, Home Fragrance For Bedroom, Bathroom, Oil Diffuser Home Dcor,

Mimosa Reed Diffuser Oil is a contrasting blend of sweet flowers with fresh citrus. Think mimosa and lily of the valley…

Patchouli Raspberry Reed Diffuser Oil is a sweet variation on an old oriental favorite. A patchouli base with a middle floral raspberry and …

Pink Grapefruit Reed Diffuser Oil has a scent of pink grapefruit and citrus, as well as lavender, lily of the valley and rose …

Reed Diffuser Fragrance Oil Refills

Pumpkin Spice Reed Diffuser Oil is a warming blend of fresh cinnamon, ginger root, nutmeg and allspice.

Snowdrop & Jasmine Reed Diffuser Refill

Rain Reed Essential Oil is a fresh, spiritual, natural and clean scent. The top has a strong note of lemon tree leaves and honey…

Raspberry Raincane Diffuser Oil is a very light, fruity fresh raspberry mixed with fresh ozone notes, like a new morning…

A bright, fruity floral opening with a top note of jasmine, rose and red currant leads to a heart of jasmine, rose and herbal tea and ends with a base of sweet vanilla and caramel.

Tea Rose Garden Reed Diffuser Oil is the scent of the red rose, the universal symbol of love.

En Toute Saison Octobre Diffuser Oil Refill 300ml

Unexpected Reed Diffuser Carrier Oil is a colorless, reed diffuser base that blends with your own fragrance.

Vanilla Reed Diffuser Oil is a sweet vanilla bean with vanilla flowers and sweet anise, sweet cinnamon…

Vanilla Spice Reed Diffuser Oil is a highly aromatic scent reminiscent of fresh cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper. L.

Reed Diffuser Fragrance Oil Refills

Rosemary Sweet Reed Diffuser Oil combines the vibrant and spiritual Corsican rosemary oil with the clean notes of peppermint to deliver an uplifting and refreshing note.

Pristine Himalayan Tea Reed Diffuser White Tea Scent/reed Diffuser Oil Refill With 5 Cotton Reed Sticks Himalayan Tea

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