Nissan Rogue Versus Honda Crv

Nissan Rogue Versus Honda Crv – Overall, the new sixth generation Honda CR-V is an impressive redesign when it comes to design, interior upgrades and excellent new driving dynamics. However, technology in the Venza is a bit lacking, such as wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and Blind Sport Information and Rear Cross Traffic are only displayed on the Sport Touring AWD Hybrid (and not available on the LX).

The Rogue is one of the best-selling and top-rated small SUVs in its segment. That way, you know that going comfortably from point B is the best option. Its fuel-efficient VC Turbo engine is also a highlight. Although all-wheel drive is available, the Rogue is better suited to pavement than off-road adventures. If you’re looking for sporty driving dynamics this is probably not the SUV for you.

Nissan Rogue Versus Honda Crv

Nissan Rogue Versus Honda Crv

The technical characteristics of the disease are somewhat disappointing. The multimedia touchscreen and digital driver display are small but present in the higher trim levels.

Honda Cr V Vs Nissan Rogue Florida City Fl

The CR-V enters its 6th generation with a new advanced hybrid powertrain, more capacity and space. Honda says that every 2023 CR-V benefits from extensive improvements to the body, chassis and powertrain, safety technology and overall driving refinement.

The CR-V Sport and Sport Touring have a fourth-generation hybrid system as standard. With 247 lb.-ft of torque, they are the most powerful CR-Vs ever.

The updated available all-wheel drive is quieter and can now send 50% of the engine’s torque to the rear wheels.

Major safety updates include new driver and passenger airbags first introduced in the new Civic. Rear seat belt reminder and rear seat reminder are also new standard additions to the CR-V.Corvette vs 911. Raptor vs TRX. Mercedes-AMG BMW M. One would think that the fiercest competition in the automotive field would be between performance-oriented machines bred to do battle on the tarmac or in the desert. But if you’re looking for a place where the sales battle really heats up, look no further than the average grocery store parking lot.

New 2024 Honda Cr V Hybrid Sport L 4d Sport Utility In #jh240186

Mid-size crossovers are the products that make or break a mainstream brand these days. Thanks to convergent evolution—natural selection that makes dolphins look like sharks—cars in this segment are identical. Four doors and a useful hatch. Styling with a large badge however errs on the side of faint familiarity rather than boldness. Canadian customers typically demand substantial ground clearance, an efficient engine and four-wheel drive.

To aliens from the planet Omicron Persei 8, this Nissan and this Honda are essentially the same vehicle. However, for those spending their money on the largest consumer purchase short of a home, the differences are clear. Currently, the Toyota RAV4 is the king of the midsize crossover segment, but the Rogue and CR-V are locked in a battle for second place. Here’s how they stack up against each other.

First, the Rogue, the savior of Nissan’s bottom line. Among the big Japanese automakers, Nissan has faced some rough waters in the past, and the Rogue is a lifeboat. Its steady sales haven’t completely bailed out the company, but they’ve allowed for tight-budget projects like the new Z.

Nissan Rogue Versus Honda Crv

It is quite a convincing product. The 2022 model year sees a new turbocharged 1.5L three-cylinder engine that pushes peak horsepower to 201, a 20 hp bump over the outgoing model. The 225 pound-feet of torque is immediately apparent. Driven in a moderate, everyday fashion, the Rogue’s new engine is fairly dry.

Nissan Rogue Vs Honda Crv: Head To Head

But you wouldn’t know that this car is made by the same company that makes the Z. Rogue’s mission statement forgoes any sporty intentions for a planted, comfortable feel. If anything, it’s bigger than that, which should please buyers looking for a sense of security. Lively and fast are good for a sports car, but a mid-range crossover is more about getting piano lessons than clipping points.

In comparison, the Honda is a bit smaller and less interesting on the highway. Its 1.5L turbocharged four-cylinder matches the displacement of the Rogue, but is short on power and torque: 190 hp and 179 lb-ft of torque. Acceleration is still acceptable, but the engine is sharper when revving. The CR-V is slightly thirstier than the Nissan, with 8.1 L/100 kms in mixed use compared to 7.6 L/100 kms for the Rogue.

The CR-V ride quality is no less comfortable than the Rogue, but the Nissan has softer seats. Turn-in is similar for both cars, with the Honda feeling a little lighter on its feet.

In terms of interior design and practicality, the Rogue is slightly more luxurious, while the CR-V has more cubbies and storage areas. The Rogue has a slight disadvantage on rear cargo capacity with the seats up: 1,028L versus 1,065 for the Honda. The Nissan is a little tight for rear legroom and headroom.

Nissan Rogue Vs. Honda Cr V, Toyota Rav4: How The New Suv Stacks Up

Overall, it’s a millimeter more shoulder room here and a millimeter less room there. You can’t really tell these two apart by the numbers.

What really separates the Rogue from the CR-V is technology vs. brand confidence. Both of these vehicles feature in price: $43,678 for the Touring-level CR-V and $42,698 for the Rogue Platinum. Let’s talk about the technology first.

All you have to do is reverse the transmission to see the output gap between these two machines. Along with Honda’s traditional switch on the R, the reversing camera shows three different angles from a single, relatively low-resolution camera. The Rogue’s shifter is unnecessarily stupid, but its camera screen is bright, clear and offers a 360-degree view.

Nissan Rogue Versus Honda Crv

Likewise, the Honda’s infotainment screen is smaller and more difficult to operate. Automotive touchscreen sizes have been out of control for a while, but the Rogue’s 12.3” screen isn’t shy, and it’s tall so drivers don’t needlessly take their eyes off the road. It looks more impressive than the Honda’s setup, but is also easier to live with.

Head To Head: Honda Cr V 2.0 Cvt Vs Nissan X Trail 2.5 Cvt

Anyone comparing interiors in an auto shop type setting will go from Honda dealership to Nissan dealership and be impressed. A test drive will almost certainly underline the benefit. But few buyers return to Honda. Why?

Because, Nissan offers a better drivetrain and smoother technology, the CR-V says Honda is ahead. That’s enough to give it an edge in resale, and maybe put it on a pedestal in the buyer’s mind. The 20 hp difference in power output between these two engines is less significant than customer expectations for reliability and longevity.

Those expectations aren’t always based on data, as previous Rogues have been more reliable, like the CR-V. However, in this case, the Rogue has a new variable compression engine. The three-cylinder manages not only the boost pressure from the turbo, but how much pressure the piston itself puts into the combustion chamber. It’s technology unique to Nissan, but it’s necessarily complex.

And that means that while the Rogue easily wins this comparison test on ride pressure, value and available technology, the CR-V isn’t ready to give up the win just yet. The CR-V is a known quantity and there are certainly times when it feels luxurious enough to make a safe choice. Critically, the demon is a good choice. It’s still entirely understandable that more buyers are opting for the CR-V — for now.

Motortrend’s Big Test! 2023 Honda Cr V Vs. Toyota Rav4, Subaru Forester, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, Nissan Rogue, Mazda Cx 5

The 2023 model year will bring a refresh to the CR-V as Honda looks to dethrone the Toyota RAV4 from its current crossover throne. Long silence in this volume is destruction. Honda may be able to rest on its laurels here, but it knows it will have to act decisively. Because this is not a grocery store parking lot. This is a battlefield.

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Nissan Rogue Versus Honda Crv

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