New Western Movies Coming Soon

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Kevin Costner’s first appearance in the sprawling two-part Western that brought him out of Yellowstone is finally here.

New Western Movies Coming Soon

New Western Movies Coming Soon

It will be released in theaters on June 28, 2024. A second chapter will soon follow, hitting theaters on August 16, 2024.

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) hasn’t revealed much about the plot, but Costner fans will definitely love the tone. Riding a horse and brandishing a shotgun, this clip is, above all, a throwback to the actor’s favorite period of American history to perform on stage: the 1860s, when he was armed.

“Explores the charm of the Wild West and how it was won and lost through the blood, sweat, and tears of many people. 4 of the Civil War from 1861 to 1865. Director Costner’s ambitious, year-long cinematic adventure takes audiences on an emotional journey through a country at war with itself, living through the lenses of family, friends, and enemies, and trying to understand what the country really is. A journey.

A history buff, Costner has starred in an impressive cast that includes Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Jena Malone, Tatanka Means, Danny Huston, Will Patton, Luke Wilson, Jamie Campbell Bower, and Giovanni Ribisi. He wrote, directed, and starred in the film, along with a talented cast.

This is a “passion project” that costner took 30 years to get off the ground. In an interview with Deadline in June, the Yellowstone star revealed that he was mortgaging one of his waterfront properties to finance the project.

New Western Movies In 2017

Costner, whose wife of 18 years, Christine Baumgartner, recently filed for divorce, is not afraid to admit that she has a lot going on right now. But I’ve been in situations like this before, especially with him

“I’m not a gambler. People look at that and say, ‘Oh, that’s gambling,’ and I say, ‘Well, I guess so, but do you want to go to Las Vegas and gamble? ‘No, I’m not that kind of gambler,’ he explained.

. “I perform for the love of the story. In a way, I’m playing with people. I can’t take them to the theater, but once they get to the theater, I do my best.” I’m going to take care of you.” “

New Western Movies Coming Soon

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Check out his second trailer for “Where the Crawdads Sing.” Check out the amazing first trailer for “Where the Crawdads Sing.” Run Rose Run, starring Dolly Parton and produced by Reese Witherspoon. Hallmark is filming a new movie. Christmas movies at the Biltmore! Hallmark Channel is working on a new “rodeo-themed” family drama series based on Colleen Hoover’s best-selling book “Its Ends with Us.” Blake Lively’s Lacey Chabert is set to reunite with her Party of Five co-star Scott Wolf this holiday season. Kevin Costner may be leaving Yellowstone, but that doesn’t mean he’s finished acting or directing Certainly not. Heels (or rather cowboy boots) are all hot

, released the first official trailer. The western film will be split into two parts, and release dates for both have already been set. (finally!)

Costner is not only the star of the new film series, but he also co-wrote the screenplay and marks his directorial debut.

It means so much to me that it’s incredibly meaningful,” she told PEOPLE in November 2022. “This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s exactly what I want to do.”

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For now, there’s plenty of news about Costner’s new film project, so read on for everything we know.

As of now, we know that the series will focus on pre- and post-Civil War expansions. It takes us to a settlement in the American West and gives viewers a taste of different perspectives that show how dangerous (but fascinating) this experience was for those who experienced it. The story also features the indigenous communities of the land, and challenges related to the natural elements of the land are at the forefront of the film.

It’s not a trailer, it’s a 30 second trailer! (Hey, we’ll take it.) All we really get is wide-open Western landscapes and short stretches of Costner in his natural state on horseback. Everything looks very attractive, because his characters shoot at targets that are invisible to us.

New Western Movies Coming Soon

There’s not just one release date, but two! Horizon: An American Saga Chapter 1 will be released in theaters on June 28, 2024. The second part of the saga follows just a few months later. Chapter 2 will be released in theaters on August 16, 2024.

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We already know that Costner will star in the movie. What’s even better is that Costner’s son Hayes will also appear on screen. “It was really good,” Costner told PEOPLE in November 2022. “Hayes plays my namesake in the movie.”

You’ll be happy to know that Jamie Campbell Bower, who played the infamous villain Vecna, will star in the movie. Other performers include Sienna Miller (

). That’s not all! Isabel Fuhrman, Thomas Haden Church, Jena Malone, Alejandro Edda, Tatanka Means, Michael Rooker, Ella Hunt, Tom Payne, Abbey Lee, Chief Wase, Tim Guiney, Michael Angarano, Also starring Colin Cunningham, Scott Hayes, Angus Macfadyen, and Douglas Smith. and John Beavers.

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New Western Movies Coming Soon

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