New Old Spice Guy Commercial

New Old Spice Guy Commercial – There are two things Old Spice does very well: cooking delicious food and delivering compelling commercials to TV viewers. At the end of June, the men’s fashion company released a new product called “Sir-in-law”. If you watch it while watching network or cable TV — or surfing YouTube — you’ll see a 45-second spot that makes a compelling case for saving Old Spice’s product line.

The marketing plan is funny: the couple’s husband wakes up and talks to his wife, who is lying in the living room. The husband was tired of his wife’s mother, who visited the couple. Why is he full, you ask? Well, according to the owner, the mother-in-law continues to use all the products used in Old Spice, leaving no products behind so she can continue decorating. This task was made more complicated by the fact that his wife often used Old Spice on her body. At that time, the father-in-law entered the frame and gave the father-in-law a bath, but he only got a little before the bottle was full, and he needed that. to buy more. Oh son.

New Old Spice Guy Commercial

New Old Spice Guy Commercial

For the new “Mother-in-Law” commercial, Old Spice recruited two famous TV comedians – one of whom is now the face of a cosmetics line – and a famous mag R&B singer to perform this beautiful story.

Take On The Old Spice ‘smellenge’ To Become A Social Media Star And Win Exciting Prizes

The husband in the ad is played by Deon Cole, better known as the current Old Spice guy. Cole followed in the footsteps of Terry Crews and “Chapter Two” star Isaiah Mustafa when he accepted the gig in January 2019 (via Variety). In addition to his current Old Spice gig, Cole is perhaps best known to audiences for his work as Charlie Telphy on ABC’s “Black-ish” and Freeform’s “Grow-ish.”

Starring opposite Cole as his commercial wife is Gabrielle Dennis, whom Cole has paired with in previous Old Spice commercials to play his better half who keeps stealing his body wash and laundry. Dennis’ star has risen in recent years thanks to his roles in Netflix’s “Luke Cage” and “The Upshaws,” as well as the HBO dramas “Insecure” and “A Black Lady Sketch Show.”

As for the role of mother-in-law, the actress who plays her may be very famous because she is Grammy Hall of Famer Patti LaBelle. She is one of the most popular soul and R&B singers of all time, with hits such as “Lady Marmalade”, “You’re My Friend” and “On Mine” cementing her place in the world of music and earning her the title “Mother of God”. of the Spirit.” Fingers crossed Old Spice brings back LaBelle for round two of the “In-laws” saga because she’s a thief. Dolph Lundgren star young, modern men selling deodorant, why not there?

He can also send the freak-o-meter soaring by blowing fake-Dolph sweat on his partner’s face during a workout to promote Old Spice Sweat Defense Dry Spray antiperspirant.

Image Distributed For Old Spice

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Well written, Wieden+Kennedy. It’s a bitter, random and terrifying take on the Old Spice tradition. Props to Biscuit Filmworks director Andreas Nilsson, who delivers some tasty moments with a keen eye for Hollywood hokum.

Who remembers Lundgren these days? It doesn’t matter because you can’t ignore this crazy face in the corner! His name is searched for in ads, so young people can Google it.

New Old Spice Guy Commercial

According to a W+K representative, “the campaign is uncharted territory. It’s different from the depth of an actor on a night show, where they’re looking directly at the camera. What we’re creating isn’t really. -dive deep into a tense situation full of drama.”

Old Spice Launches Never Ending Deodorant Ad

For the visuals, W+K pulled almost “all of Dolph’s stuff from the ’80s and ’90s,” the rep said. “From there, the algorithm creates a completely new face from the source images, which means we don’t have the ability to make Dolph look like a photo or pose. His appearance is a composite. .”

Ultimately, “the deep process created a computerized version of Dolph that began to look like a robot. Our VFX artists spent a month integrating the algorithm-generated face into the footage we shot.”

“Robotic” also reveals Dolph’s acting style, but his horizontal line delivery shines here, especially in “I Lied,” a catchphrase from one of the commercials.

Alas—or perhaps fortunately—he doesn’t sing, unlike the deep Willie Nelson, who battled W+K’s wacky Omega Mart spot with an actor doing the vocals.

Adwatch: Old Spice

Media Planning/Communications Jason Strickland | Emily Graham | Emily Wuetcher | Leo Corcoran, Chris Ableidinger | Abbey Mirigliano | Tenley Sandusky | Phillip Chiu | Tara Duenas | Sergio Gocobachi Torie Morris Previously, the company sold its products in the 40-60 year market. After analyzing the market conditions, they decided to change the target group to consumers aged 18-34.

Old Spice had an image problem and was crushed by companies like Axe, which were seen as more “hip”, appealing to the millennial market. Old Spice is struggling to lose its old self. Even the brand name lends itself to this timeless image.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) realized it had to think big to save the Old Spice brand. So they turned to the marketing geniuses, Wieden And Kennedy, who were the brains behind the big ad campaigns, especially the slogan “Just Do It” for Nike.

New Old Spice Guy Commercial

The project also has a secret weapon. Market research conducted by Wieden and Kennedy revealed an interesting insight that would prove key to the campaign’s success – 60% of body wash purchases were made by women.

Old Spice Encourages Guys To Smell Ready For Anything In 2021

Instead of going head-to-head with their competitors, who ran ads aimed at men, Weiden and Kennedy went the opposite way. They want to start a conversation between couples about washing clothes, and convince women to stop buying “scented feminine products”.

Everything about this ad is perfect. It starts with the Old Spice Guy in a towel – played by Isaiah Mustafa, who talks like a woman. “Hello girls.” Oh…When it comes to celebrity TV commercials, few are as recognizable as the man in the Old Spice commercial. He’s incredibly cool, he rides (sometimes) a horse, and he’s the guy who can smell your man: He’s Isaiah Mustafa’s dream pro and actor.

Mustafa’s first campaign starring “The Man Your Man Can Smell” ran during the Super Bowl in 2010. The famous 30-second ad begins with Mustafa saying to the audience: “Hey ladies” and ends with him sitting naked on a horse . Immediate, continuous hits; today the ad has nearly 60 million views on YouTube, and at the time it spawned a beloved series of ads that would run for more than a decade and eventually include actors such as Terry Crews and Kevin Hart. The elderly Yazi Mustafa became the father of new ads for the tenth anniversary of the campaign in 2020.

Before auditioning for the role, Mustafa created an exaggerated impression of the character—which he described as “loving, carefree” and “a fraud”—while leaving a voicemail for a friend, according to a 2010 interview

Old Spice Has Smelf Confidence

. The rest is pop culture history. “The company opened a lot of doors and gave me a good position,” Mustafa told Muscle and Fitness.

This “higher profile” includes many roles in films and television, as well as starring in an advertising campaign that has stood the test of time for more than a decade.

, after the Old Spice commercials that looked like a picture, his career really took off. He has many roles in prime time TV series

New Old Spice Guy Commercial

). This role saw Mustafa rub elbows with actress Loretta Devine and hip-hop star Shad “Bow Wow” Moss.

Behind The Towel: An Oral History Of The Legendary Old Spice Ad

, Mustafa stated that he saw this as an opportunity to make a name for himself in his business career. “For me, the only thing on my mind is that I have no choice but to do a good job, because I have to be seen as something other than what people see in me,” he said. “So I really had no choice but to play with him.”

Which ran for three seasons before being cancelled. In 2019, Mustafa starred as Mike Hanlon in one of the most talked about horror films of recent years:

These muscles are not all visible. Before landing an Old Spice commercial, Mustafa was in the NFL for four years, playing wide receiver (via The

). His time in the NFL came after playing college football at Arizona State University. After retiring from football, Mustafa coached a college football team for a while, which he credits with helping him stay healthy, he said.

Dolph Lundgren On Wearing Barely Anything For Masters Of The Universe

Another key to her amazing body?

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