New Jersey Car Inspection Rules

New Jersey Car Inspection Rules – Is your car required by law to be inspected? A guide to motor vehicle inspection laws in all 50 states

Getting your car inspected can be a confusing process if you don’t know when you need to get your car inspected or what the inspection entails. The test is usually conducted at state-run test centers or private garages authorized by the state Department of Transportation.

New Jersey Car Inspection Rules

New Jersey Car Inspection Rules

Each state has its own set of laws regarding car inspections, including what types of inspections are performed and how often they are required. This guide will cover the inspection laws of all 50 states as well as provide helpful information about auto inspections.

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Vehicle inspection laws are designed to ensure that your vehicle is running properly and is safe, but even the safest car and the safest driver can fall victim to another driver’s negligence.

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A quick reminder for residents of the Garden State: NJ has had an annual passenger vehicle inspection for years, including tires, lights, horns, etc. Including things related to safety. and includes both emissions testing, tailpipe sniffing and fuel cap integrity testing. Several years ago, the law changed from annual inspections to biennial inspections. A few years later, security checks were removed.

A statement from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission indicates that 1995 and newer vehicles no longer require any type of inspection. 1996 and newer vehicles will continue to operate as before and must undergo an emissions test every two years.

Or were the 1995-1996 annual cuts arbitrary? Nothing. The federal government requires 1996 and newer passenger cars to be capable of “on board diagnostics” (OBD) testing with standard access plugs and diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). The 1996 state requirement to certify was actually the second stage level. The so-called OBD I is a California requirement, but it was never a federal requirement. Although it is not required, most 1991-1995 to 2010 cars have some rudimentary options for reading DTCs using the OBD system.

New Jersey Car Inspection Rules

What does this technical discussion have to do with NJ State? Simple: Cost. NJ Test Stations require two sets of equipment to perform emissions testing: one set to read the Automotive Diagnostic System (OBD I) (1995 and earlier) and one set to read the Automotive Diagnostic System (OBD II) (1996 or newer). . ). There is no compatibility between the two. The state government considers this a purely money-saving decision. When removing inspection for used vehicles, only one set of inspection equipment needs to be purchased.

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New vehicles no longer subject to inspection are 22 years old. Since the average life of a light vehicle on the road today is 11 years, there are relatively few cars on the highway as a percentage of the population that can be “victims” of overall pollution. (For what it’s worth, NJ law still requires vehicle owners to maintain their cars and further states that drivers can be ticketed for “damaged or lost devices”.)

Speaking from personal experience: My 1993 Mazda Miata, which I’ve had since 1996, always exceeded NJ emissions until it broke in 2015. There were no warning lights and the car did not run any differently. It turned out that the car needed an oxygen sensor (there were no regular replacement intervals). How will I know if I don’t check the car?

Without getting too political, there is a difference of opinion between those who believe in more personal responsibility and those who think our government should sometimes act to protect vested interests. I can see both sides of this. I have a really big problem with removing all security checks. The cars I have on the road may have flat tires, broken brakes and non-working headlights, but they are still legally functional (and yes, as mentioned above, they can be called obvious defects. When was the last time that happened? New Austria?).

1995 and the new emission test law for new vehicles came into force on 1st May 2017. Owners of affected vehicles are notified that the state will send notices by mail. As the owner of one such affected vehicle, I received a notification last week:

Nj Mvc Form Blc 143

Yesterday I took a razor to a test patch, scraped it one last time and spent a few minutes cleaning off 24 years of glue residue. The new notice was hidden in the glove compartment (thankfully the state doesn’t require it to appear on the dashboard) and I stood back to admire the newly exposed windshield.

My 1993 Miata looks like all Miatas from 1990-1997. How long can it be before I stop driving because of a missing inspection sticker?

All photos copyright © 2017 Richard A. Reena. Images may not be reproduced or copied without express written permission. One of the most frustrating situations for New Jersey drivers is trying to get a valid inspection sticker on their windshield.

New Jersey Car Inspection Rules

Failure to comply with a vehicle inspection can result in a fine and/or suspension of your driver’s license, you will be subject to trained police officers looking for expired inspection stickers and a fine will be issued. Rejected during migration due to invalid color. Displayed on your windshield.

What Happens If Your Car Doesn’t Pass Nj State Inspection In Mays Landing, Nj

The purpose of this procedure by your motor vehicle agency is to ensure that your vehicle is operating safely and in compliance with New Jersey pollution regulations.

Inspections can be performed at the listed NJ Motor Vehicle Inspection Stations (quick note, not all motor vehicle inspection stations we have linked below for each DMV checkpoint in the state)

Certain vehicles are exempt from the NJ inspection process. Below is information from NJ’s official website on which vehicles are eligible for the exemption.

Some vehicles are exempt from inspection, but this varies, so remember to check what your vehicle requires.

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All diesel-powered motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) between 8,501 and 17,999 pounds are commercially labeled. Owners or renters must inspect these vehicles.

All diesel vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 8501 to 17999 that are passenger, non-profit, government, passenger, farm or agricultural trucks, excluding buses

All 1996 and earlier diesel vehicles that are agricultural vehicles except passenger, non-profit, government trucks, passenger trucks, farm trucks or buses

New Jersey Car Inspection Rules

Historic or collector vehicles do not require a general inspection. To be classified as a ‘Historic Vehicle’ it must:

New Jersey Labor Law Poster

Vehicles other than high chassis heights must be inspected in accordance with NJAC 13:20-37

First, a vehicle must be pre-qualified to be a collection vehicle. Click here to see if your vehicle qualifies as a collection car.

Go to the MVC agency to purchase a special sticker to mark the vehicle as exempt from safety and emissions testing; The fee is $25 for initial offers and $25 for renewals. You must submit a confirmation letter from MVC I/M Support

DMV inspection stations do not charge for this service. It is free to all NJ drivers whose vehicles are registered in the state of NJ.

Nj Mvc Form Inl License Application

Private inspection bays charge a fee to the client, in my experience the maximum cost will be between $50 and $100. The unique advantage of this option is that a certified mechanic can diagnose and provide an estimate of the cost of necessary repairs if necessary.

The inspection process consists of four tests that your vehicle must pass to receive a valid inspection certificate.

3. The brakes should at least function properly so that there is no problem when the inspector is able to stop the vehicle while towing the vehicle in the bay.

New Jersey Car Inspection Rules

New Jersey will no longer ticket vehicles for broken or cracked mirrors or windows, broken headlights, damaged horns or anything else.

Changes Coming To Motor Vehicle Inspections

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