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The Mazda is an incredibly efficient car that is one of the best choices for family sedans in Singapore. Part of the fuel efficiency comes from amazing engine technologies like SkyActiv-G and Skyactiv-D (for diesel engines) and the last and most exciting addition of compression ignition, Skyactiv-X for gasoline car engines. Most people know that compression ignition is for diesel engines, so it’s surprising that they work on gasoline. However, Mazda’s innovation is not limited to the engine, but to the car as a whole. For fuel economy and lower operating costs, i-Stop is one of the first successful implementations of the Japanese manufacturer’s automotive start-stop system, which starts with the starter motor and restarts the engine after the engine stops. ignition. Stopping when the car stops at a traffic light. This Mazda i-stop (car battery) technology guarantees easier and faster starting and an estimated 10% fuel savings.

New Car Battery Mazda 2

New Car Battery Mazda 2

What you can not see? Yes, the i-Stop error symbol is off, which is good! This means it is not disabled due to bad battery condition!

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So, of course, I-Stop wants to continue operating. When i-Stop’s yellow warning light comes on, you know that the car’s ECU is indicating that the car’s battery is not working optimally, and this means that i-Stop will turn it off and not stop the engine when the car is on. stopped in traffic. I’m afraid I can’t reboot because the battery is dead. This worsens fuel consumption.

The Amaron Q85 Enhanced Flood Battery (EFB) is designed to work with Mazda systems to help restart and restart your car’s engine, trip after trip, month after month.

Is EFB necessary? Today’s car engine can be started ten times as often as old technology cars, which only start once per journey. And every time you start the engine, you use the car battery.

EFB stands for Extended Durability, and Amron has given its EFB a new name, Duro, due to the increased load on the car equipped with the early stop function.

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The short answer is no. AGM was originally developed for military use, particularly in aircraft where aircraft movement would lead to leakage and spillage of battery fluid. To prevent this, AGM or absorbent glass mat is placed inside the battery to absorb the liquid acid and prevent leakage. This and the light weight due to less liquid are the main advantages of AGM.

So why doesn’t Mazda use this type of battery for i-stop? The main reason for this is the heat-resistant AGM battery. Most AGM battery manufacturers advise to stop charging AGM batteries (charging increases the temperature of the battery) when the temperature reaches 49 degrees Celsius!

Engine overheating is a serious concern for batteries in our hot Singapore climate! Don’t use bad technology, use EFB! The picture shows the engine housing of the MX-5 ND.

New Car Battery Mazda 2

This condition is quickly available in the very hot and humid Singapore engine room! AGM batteries don’t last very long when installed near the engine in Singapore.

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So instead of AGM, when Mazda wants more durability, the Q85 EFB battery is recommended. And if you want the best Q85, we always say Immortal.

If all Mazda petrols are equipped with i-stop, we provide one year, one year replacement battery and we can take you anywhere in Singapore to start your car if there is something wrong with the car battery.

Even non-A-Stop Mazda owners who take pride in their cars choose the higher priced but more reliable and durable Amron Duro EFB.

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