Mazda Rx3 Cars For Sale

Mazda Rx3 Cars For Sale – Mazda RX-3 Coupe | PH Heroes Less known than the Nissan GT-R Skyline, but just as great on the road as on the track

Think of a Japanese hero car. Without a doubt, many thoughts will immediately turn to the Nissan Skyline GT-R. Rightly so. Returning to its original form, introduced in 1969, we are talking about a high-revving 2.0-liter flat six that produces 230 hp at 8,400 rpm. So all the signs of a hero car.

Mazda Rx3 Cars For Sale

Mazda Rx3 Cars For Sale

It was so successful in the Japanese racing scene between 1969 and 1972 that people started saying that “Skyline’s only rival is Skyline”. It was true. He won 50 races during this period; 49 of them in rickshaws. But the car that ruined the chances of those fifty consecutive victories was the Mazda RX-3 with an even bigger rotary engine. And while the RX-3 isn’t an obvious hero in people’s minds, it’s certainly a car worth celebrating. This is how we will do it.

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Mazda immediately began racing the RX-3 after its launch in 1971. And by December of that same year, it had achieved its first national victory: at the Fuji Tourist Trophy meeting. Less than six months later, in May ’72, he finished first, second and third in the Fuji Touring Car Grand Prix. He also dominated the Fuji Grand Champion Touring Car Championship, winning class titles in ’72, ’73 and ’75. Six seasons later, at the end of the 1976 JAF Touring Car Grand Prix, the little Mazda had achieved its 100th victory in Japan.

And he was not only successful at home. Australia’s grueling Bathurst 1000 finished second in class in ’73 and one better in ’75 – a class win and fifth overall. Only the V8 Holdens ultimately led the way. Porsche and Ferrari also took part in the 24 Hours of Daytona in the United States. Of course he didn’t beat them, but he did finish third in ’75 when he competed on this side of the pond in the European Touring Car Championship, including the Spa 24 Hours. A privately registered RX-3 even participated in Le Mans.

Well, the old “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” has paid off. Mazda’s profile exploded as a result of its competitive success, and the Wankel’s unreliability issues, which had unfortunately sealed the fate of the NSU Ro80, proved unable to hold the RX-3 back. Turnover grew. And you can get the rotary-powered RX-3 in coupe, sedan, and even wagon form. Confusingly, you can also buy a piston-engined RX-3. Even more confusing was that it was called the 808 in markets not covered by Peugeot, but the 818 in markets where Peugeot did. Peugeot’s claim of the ‘0’ in the middle of the three digits, so to speak, ensured that. Porsche 901. In any case, the point is that the Wankels sold four lots. Mazda sold 105,819 RX-3s in 1973 alone, bringing the total number of rotary-engine cars delivered to 500,000.

Because? Well, it was all about power. The first RX-3s had a 10 A rotary engine. This had a small displacement of 982 cc but produced about 110 hp. The larger capacity piston engine 818s were of course more economical, averaging 32mpg versus the Wankel’s 25mpg, but that was just before the fuel crisis; who were concerned about fuel costs when rotary models offered much more speed. Put it this way: you could spend £1,298 on a 1,272cc Mazda 818 Coupé and it would go from 0 to 62mph in 15 seconds; or spend £335 more on the RX-3 and drop it to around 10 seconds. Mazda then released the 12A in ’72, which was boosted to 1,146cc. That said, it wasn’t much more powerful to begin with due to the dominant emissions regulations.

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Wankels, however, was not encouraged. Until gasoline prices skyrocketed and RX-3 sales plummeted. Mazda dropped it in 1976 and kept the four-cylinder 818 around for a few more years. The station wagon was abandoned in ’78, and a year later the sedan and coupe finally headed south.

So the RX-3 light burned brightly, but not for long. Maybe that’s why so few people remember it today. And besides, we felt we should take up Mazda’s offer to head to Kent to experience its historic RX-3 Coupe. This car has had an interesting life. It was purchased from a private collector who had it completely restored. A bit rough to say the least with some bubbles in the paint here and there, but most of the body and interior are considered original. However, there were some changes.

Such as a set of Ford wheels, now timed, a set with chrome hubcaps and waffle profile, 155/80 13 Continentals. The original 10A unit was also swapped for a 12A rear motor and five-speed manual transmission from the RX-7. This has been left in place, as have the upgraded radiator, electric fan and more powerful alternator that came with the package. There is also more. It also has an upgraded high-voltage electrical system (two MSD coils, no less) and a two-barrel Weber carburetor, complete with sponge filters. Oh yeah, and a big exhaust that I’m told is close enough to a straight pipe.

Mazda Rx3 Cars For Sale

That worried me. Once at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​I stood in the paddock next to an 80s RX-7. It had a racing pipe and sounded terrible: loud, but also creepy and nasty. I was afraid the RX-3 would trade in its hero status by sounding just as abrasive. So when it came to life with that delicious fruity note, I was not only pleasantly surprised, but somewhat relieved.

Mazda Rx3 Super Deluxe Coupe

As it sat outside and warmed up, I thought I might have a peak under the hood. It’s strange to see an engine running when you’re not used to it. For starters, it’s small and unlike any bike you’ve ever seen. I tried to think of what it reminded me of. Then I thought: have you ever repaired a washing machine? It’s like looking at someone with the top off and going to the outside of the drum. Basically just a small metal barrel.

The RX-3 also reminds me of other things. The exterior features powerful automotive elements, especially on the sides. The rear quarters are more than a little like the Coke bottle of a ’69 Dodge Charger, just a fraction of the size. In fact, the RX-3 is only as small as its engine. Just under the hood was an early Porsche 911S with a chrome bumper, and I was sure the RX-3 wasn’t any bigger. I was right too, for the most part. It’s 4,075mm long and 1,595mm wide, making it shorter and narrower than the 911. It’s slightly longer, but only 55mm, and the wheelbase is also 42mm longer, to a “powerful” 2,310mm.

Moreover, it is full of beautiful details. Admire the old-fashioned Mazda emblems with the extended M-arms at both ends. It’s in a triangle shaped like a Wankel rotor and everything is in 3D. At the rear there is a black honeycomb grille flanked by two headlights and a sleek chrome bumper at the bottom. At the rear, the three round taillights are a new attempt at style. But they look like a Japanese attraction surrounded by flying debris. From the rear it still looks great, especially with the two-and-a-half-inch diameter matte black exhaust pipe protruding menacingly from the bottom. Now it filled the air with the sweet and spicy aroma of half-burned hydrocarbons. Very old fashioned. Also very cool.

Just when the engine was warm, I jumped. I expected it to be difficult to get used to, but the little Mazda surprised me. It’s not exactly flush with the seat, but it’s comfortable enough and I was able to use all the controls. I also found myself admiring even more delightful details inside. More miniature car motifs such as the angled glove box and recessed dials; only here the tachometer shows red at 7000 rpm, comparable to a very slim car.

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It is also well equipped. I mean, of course, by 1970s standards. This is a Super Delux model and features great luxuries such as a push-button radio, three additional rotary controls and a clock on top of the center console, a heated rear window, cigarette lighter, recirculation ventilation and a center armrest. And what about that sixties-looking, sleek three-spoke wooden steering wheel? Exactly that Except it’s actually vinyl foil and not wood. But who cares, he looks smart. The ignition key is also a work of art. There’s another Mazda “M” logo in a brilliant ruby ​​red glaze. It’s much more fun

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