Mazda Rotary Truck For Sale

Mazda Rotary Truck For Sale – Mazda has been out of the truck business for a decade. It’s a shame because it already sold its B-series pickups from 1961 to 2009. 48 years in the van business is impressive, although it’s important to note that the last B-series was the Ford Ranger of the next generation. before. In many ways, the Japanese pioneered the compact pickup, one of the best examples being the Datsun 620. Datsun, the Nissan of today, is still very active in the pickup business with the Frontier and Titan. However, Mazda currently has no plans to return to the truck market, although it has never said so.

One of Mazda’s unique features is the history of the Wankel Rotary engine. This is a type of internal combustion engine that uses a rotary design to convert pressure into a circular motion in only one direction. In comparison, the pistons of a reciprocating engine immediately and quickly change direction 180 degrees. The Wankel cutter has a lighter, more compact design with higher power-to-weight.

Mazda Rotary Truck For Sale

Mazda Rotary Truck For Sale

However, the problem is low fuel efficiency and high emissions, which is why rotary engines are not available. Mazda’s long history of rotary engines may be best known for its RX sports cars, but many other models have also received this engine technology. Among them was a truck, but only for a limited time. The B series pickup debuted in 1974 with the first and until now only Wankel rotary pickup. Interestingly, it was only sold in North America, not in Japan. A total of around 15,000 examples were made before it was discontinued after 1977.

Lrb Speed Mazda Repu Courier B1800 Rotary Pickup Aluminum Door Panel 1974 75 76

Compared to other B-series models, this one featured flared fenders, a unique front grille, and rounded taillights. The design of the control panel was also different, the batteries were placed under the bed. Power is provided by the 13B 1.3-liter four-slot rotary engine, Mazda’s most popular Wankel in production and production for over 30 years. Although the Rotary Pickup is known for its solid power, it only returned 16.5 mpg. He also raced and finished third in the 1976 Mojave 24 Hour Rally.

It’s no surprise that the Rotary Pickup has found its fans, and we saw this example in 1974’s Bring A Trailer. However, the 13B rollover is not original, but is derived from the RKS-7. The 1974 Mazda Rotary pickup was originally built as a rotary, as evidenced by the flared fenders and round taillights. The seller, who purchased the car last summer from the original owner, replaced the engine. No reason was given, but the seller runs a rotary shop in California called Lucky7 Racing, Inc., so it’s good to know business is tough. Like the factory versions, this one is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission for the rear wheels. Performance isn’t mentioned specifically, but the 13B at the time produced around 135 hp and 133 lb-ft of torque.

Additional features include a split rear window, Alpine AM/FM/Casette, racing dial intake and Dell’Orto side-by-side carburetor. The removable factory rear glass is in one piece. Total mileage is only 52,000 miles. There are other obvious signs of the truck’s age, particularly some external cracks and stone chips, as well as corrosion on the battery cover door. Obviously, all of this can be fixed. The current high bid was $7,500, and the auction ends Saturday.

Is this car perfect? No, but it is unique because probably no one else has a circular elevator. The turntable is one of those unusual things that can only come in when a group of companies go through their “experimental” phase. and trying to find out what is good for what. I like to imagine that the Japanese car industry was like this in the early 70s – just more companies trying to take over industry after industry, making more and more interesting cars until the Japanese economy tanked. happen. In the early 90s.

No Reserve: 1977 Mazda Rotary Pickup 5 Speed For Sale On Bat Auctions

The Mazda Rotary pickup is a perfect example of what I mean. It was created as the world’s first rotary pickup. This means that once there was a meeting where someone proposed this idea, why they thought it was new and good and why the company should produce it, then everyone was satisfied with the idea with open arms – not for a moment thinking that a wheel spin engine might be the worst possible way to drive a truck. The rotary engine is a pretty cool engine, as long as you know you can’t handle it like a regular engine (and that’s surprising for a small sports car that needs to be driven everywhere). But for a car that needs a lot of low-budget stuff to move things back and forth, it’s really hopeless. The worst place I can think of for a rotary engine is the bus. Wait a minuteā€¦

Our takeaway is a one-owner 1974 model listed at a charity auction as “4-cyl rotary”, when in fact it’s the well-known Mazda 13B in its original form. It shows 66,296 miles and the body has the wear you would expect for its age and intended use. The interior lines are messy, but otherwise the cabin is well padded and feels comfortable, although tall drivers may find it too ‘cramped’. Well, at least you have some beautiful tree decorations to look after. The position of the center console is less attractive:

Equipment for sale. As if the mobile phone was not already suitable for this application, it is connected to the power adapter. I don’t think there is a worse engine and transmission combination than this two-stroke paired with a Powerglide for some reason. However, if you want to enjoy a very interesting date, or if you want to say that you have a special car (and donate money to a worthy cause), the list is here. It’s likely to be great fun and an interesting story to begin with – just be careful about the weight of the stuff you’re carrying.

Mazda Rotary Truck For Sale

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