Mazda Cx3 Vs Cx 5

Mazda Cx3 Vs Cx 5 – Perfect for anyone who owns or owns a Mazda CX3 or CX5. What has been your experience? Can you compare it to other compact or subcompact SUVs?

I believe the CX3 has a lot less space than the Mazda 3 Sport because it has less exterior and cargo space.

Mazda Cx3 Vs Cx 5

Mazda Cx3 Vs Cx 5

The CX-3 has 12.4 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second row and 44.5 cubic feet with the rear seats folded.

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The Mazda 3 offers 47.1 cubic feet of space, good looks, and optional four-wheel drive. Unless you drive logs exclusively, I don’t see the advantage of the CX3.

But some people have to own a Jeep. Pictures or something? If you can’t do anything but Jeep, check your cargo dimensions. The CX-5 has 59.6 cubic feet of space, while the CX-9 (which a friend owns and loves) has 71.2 cubic feet with the seats folded.

My wife has a 2017 CX-5 Grand Touring (with Tech Pkg) and loves it. Mostly trouble free miles around 34K. Some minor issues with adaptive headlight mismatches have been fixed under warranty. One of the power locks was broken (fixed under warranty), but it was probably gathering dust in the body shop when Lake Tahoe decided to use it as a stop.

It drives great and gets good mpg…fast but not fast. The turbo engines in newer models can handle it better, but are not yet in use. Judging from the appearance and interior, this car is much more expensive than it actually is. For reference, we tested the similar CR-V and HR-V at the time. He was a Honda fan and vowed to buy a CR-V. He was stunned.

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We tested the CX-3 and it was a bit “meh”. Even in top-tier models, the ride is silly, the cabin is noisy, and gameplay is lacking. Not sure how the CX-3 will fare with the introduction of the new CX-30.

We’ll probably keep the CX-5 for a few years and then I’ll make it my everyday vehicle. He’ll probably buy another CX-5…he’s converted now.

My mom had a 17 cx5 GT. It was perfect and he loved it. When I drove it, I was surprised at how well it drove. Better than any modern Forester, Escape or Santa Fe I’ve been in

Mazda Cx3 Vs Cx 5

The 2019 CX-9 is here. Best thing since the 2005 MPV. It drives very well for its size. Perfect for now.

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I have a 13 CX-5 with a manual transmission. Gas mileage is good, the SUV handles well, and the rear trunk is comfortable and roomy. Mine has 130,000 miles in total. I walked away panicked from a 40 mph car accident.

How about the CX-30? I hear it’s better than the CX-3. My wife rides a 10YOCX-7 and her next ride will be a 30.

The Cx-5 rents two handlebars, like the latest Mazda3, so that’s not a problem. Suitable for a family of 4. I don’t think the Cx-3’s range compares to the all-wheel drive Mazda 3 hatchback (I rented two of them). We will be having a family of 5 soon so we will see if all the car seats will fit. I prefer the Cx-5 over the Rav-4 and Rogue.

I used to drive a CX-3 to work. I do not quite understand. The interior and storage space are not very large, not much higher than the Mazda3. The engine is loud and noisy. When I got back to the shop and put it on the lift, I had to check the exhaust to make sure there weren’t any holes or cracks somewhere, even though it had 15k miles on it. That said, it’s actually a pretty fast-paced little thing and a lot of fun. But it was not in vain.

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Kreb (forum contributor) says: How about the CX-30? I hear it’s better than the CX-3. My wife rides a 10YOCX-7 and her next ride will be a 30.

I test drove the CX-30 and was very impressed. I’m not a fan of SUVs, but this is on my list for my next daily driver. It’s much better than you think and the ride is great.

The CX30 is a mystery, but I assume it’s on the Mazda3 platform? It comes from Mazda 6…

Mazda Cx3 Vs Cx 5

When I helped my mother look at a small SUV last year, we both felt that the CX-3 was too small inside. We all love the CX-5, and it’s the best-driving car of all the vehicles we test. If he could restore as many things as possible in the Fwd he would buy one. He decided not to buy all-wheel drive, so all local dealers only sold the high-end trim.

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The CX-30 is based on the new Mazda3. From what I understand, this is basically an increase of 3. The new 3 and CX-30 are both derived from the Mazda6, but the previous-generation 3 was built in 2016.

The new 3/CX-30 has torsion beam rear suspension, while all CX-5s in 3 and 6 models are multi-link models.

Bandit, as others have said, the CX-3 is small (based on the 2 posted above). It gets better MPG than the CX-5. How much better, I’m not sure. If size is a factor for you, the CX-5 is better. They may be paid well.

I have neither, but both are capable and proven in other Mazda products. My dad had a ’15 Mazda 3 with the 2.5 engine from the CX-5. It was wobbly and just needed an oil change. However, I would avoid a CX-5 with cylinder deactivation if possible. I think the CD was added on non-turbo models in ’18, but I’m not entirely sure. There are reports of cylinder compression being too low, which can seriously choke the lines and blow out the rocker arms, IIRC. The engine was replaced. Mazda did a soft fix to maintain oil pressure in those deactivated cylinders, but I don’t like CDs on any car, so I’d avoid it if possible.

Mazda Cx 3 Vs. Mazda Cx 5

We have a 2018 CX-5 Touring AWD with the Technology Package (19-inch wheels, lane departure technology, radar cruise, etc.). We love it. It has an impressive 45,000 miles. This is a great highway cruiser that drives like a charm. Crossover; you might think it’s a Mazda. I get 30 mpg on the tank on the highway, but we usually get 26-28 mpg. Every time someone asks me what CUV to buy, this is the answer. As I said above, the oil pressure stabilization software light comes on. Every time I drive I take it out and if I take it out it blows 100%. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

The CX-3 is a good entry car, but they’re very small. I talked to a coworker and he loves it so far. I saw the CX-30 up close at the dealership last week; they look nice, but they’re in the range of the big CX-5, so I’ll buy one. In today’s market, it seems like automakers can never have too many crossovers. Mazda has unveiled a new crossover that slots between the CX-3 and CX-5. Dubbed the CX-30, the new model dwarfs both crossovers and elevates them into semi-premium territory. Has Mazda done enough to differentiate this mid-range model from its more popular siblings? Please read carefully to find out.

The new crossover takes Mazda’s existing Code design language and makes it even more impressive. It has a wide grille that connects directly to slim, sculpted headlights. The lower tier is simplified to draw attention to the large grating. Mazda says the LED blinkers feature a unique glowing symbol that activates at full power and slowly fades away, giving the effect of a living, pulsating animal.

Mazda Cx3 Vs Cx 5

Viewed from the side, the first thing you notice about the CX-30 is the bold body cladding. The CX-30 has higher sills and straighter body lines, while the CX-3 has smoother lines. The CX-30 doesn’t come with a floating roof like its sibling. Both cars try to look like coupes. Mazda has released a European preview of the CX-30, which will be 4.7 inches longer and 1.2 inches wider than the CX-3 if it comes to the U.S. market. They’re the same height, and the CX-30’s wheelbase will be 3.3 inches longer. The CX-30’s ground clearance is increased by 0.6 inches.

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On the back, the CX-30’s taillights are equally exquisite

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