Mazda Cx 9 Snow Chains

Mazda Cx 9 Snow Chains – The experienced skier takes his adventures to a new level of luxury with the flagship CX-9 with all-wheel drive (AWD). Read on as Stephen Corby describes his life experiences, driving on snowy roads, putting on modern diamond snow chains, loading a huge car boot and much more.

The great thing about skiing is that anyone can do it. Sure, it makes sense and makes you smile on sunny, blue-sky days, but many seemingly healthy people will ski when it’s raining sharp chunks of ice or snowing so hard you can’t see, or when it’s 20 degrees below zero outside.

Mazda Cx 9 Snow Chains

Mazda Cx 9 Snow Chains

Skiing can actually feel like a war between you and the weather – Mother Nature just feels like she doesn’t really want you there, she gets in your face some days and tries to bring you back down to earth. Earth.

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The same can be said for driving yourself and all your gear down these speckled slopes: a battle between man, machine and the elements. Drag can vary from variable to almost non-existent, black ice is to drivers what giant squid were to early mariners, and visibility can be wild and terrifying.

So it was with an almost delusional sense of disbelief and unbridled joy that I recently embarked on a trip to Thredba in the flagship CX-9 Azami LE, a car that made the entire trip not just simply effortless, but supremely luxurious.

Even when the weather turned into a whirlwind of madness, the 4WD gave me a sense of safety and security that was a complete and welcome change from my previous trips through the snow.

Indeed, for the first time in memory, even my hands were always warm thanks to the heated steering wheel, a very nice addition that comes as standard among many other extras such as power seats and tri-cone air conditioning.

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In the early years of my skiing passion, at the age of 19, I tried to travel from my home in Canberra to the Snowy Mountains in various vehicles that were so poorly designed for the task that I would have been better off skiing by bike. ; Of course, a bus would be better.

I’ve driven cars with no working heater, holes in the panels, rattling seats and nearly bald tires. I remember once slipping uncontrollably into a small stream near the Perisher car park, albeit very slowly. There was almost as much laughter as screaming in the car.

Unless you were lucky enough to be born with a silver ski pole in your mouth, you’ve probably also noticed that skiing is the most expensive sport in the world, aside from superyacht racing and the Fabergé egg race.

Mazda Cx 9 Snow Chains

I’ve noticed over the years that when you get rich, you get close to the snow, and once that’s done, there’s no going back.back. When I was 20, I was getting up before dawn to cross the kangaroo-infested stretches of the Monaro Highway, park somewhere on the side of the road to fight ill-formed snow chains, head to the car park, go skiing. return to the cold, uncomfortable jet engine for a day and head back down the mountain back home.

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A few years later I invested in a stay in Jindabyne, just 30km from the ski resort, and I felt like I had hit the lottery. Oh, the unimaginable luxury of sleeping until 7am and getting up for the first time all day.

Today, I live rock star size and live almost close enough to the Thredbo lifts to ski in and out, and the garage saves us the trouble of shoveling snow off the shiny Jet Black Mica hood. .

I decided to share this joy with an old friend who still lives in Canberra. I loaded Tony and his incredibly large amount of snowboard gear into my big, shiny CX-9 and watched his eyes widen in admiration.

Before he even knew his passenger seat was heated—a moment that made him sit as happily as a dog in front of a roaring fire—he was impressed by the car’s interior, comparing the white leather seatbelts, quality upholstery and quilted seats. . what he envisioned would be in a car that costs four times as much.

Mazda Cx 9

Since we left the kids at home, we didn’t want exclusive luxury captain’s chairs in the second row (a key difference between the Azami seven-seater and the Azami LE model in the CX-9 line), but with fold-down seats. apartment. below you could fit our photographer, his many supplies, two snowboards, a set of skis and various boots, jackets, gloves, etc. and still have room for someone to sit in the back with a nice arm rest. own.

We also found enough room for a set of snow chains, despite NSW law which states that 4x4s and 4x4s are not required to enter national parks in winter, although it is “recommended that chains are worn and attached to the vehicle when driving on ice and snow .”

Feeling completely superior, I drove to the village of Thredbo without even thinking of putting on my chains.

Mazda Cx 9 Snow Chains

Our CX-9’s all-wheel drive easily and immediately transfers torque to the wheel where it’s needed, and the feeling of extreme stability is reassuring. At no point was there even the slightest slip, even though it was raining and rivers began to form on the road.

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The 2.5-liter turbo petrol engine with 170 kW of power and 420 Nm of torque also ensured agility on increasingly demanding roads, and the steering provided pleasant and precise feedback for fun driving in many corners, even in difficult conditions. bike.

The next day, with the wind picking up enough to close most of the lifts and the rain thankfully turning to snow, we decided to explore the higher ridges and headed for Dead Horse Gorge, the highest point of the Great Range. Separation range.

There was deep snow up there, all around us and on the road, muffled the sounds around us and opened up a beautiful wonderland to be explored. I also thought it was time to consider putting on snow chains, which I haven’t tried in years.

It really has been so long since the technology has changed from the chains I remember that you had to put on the road like a damn chain before you mangled them and then start cursing them long and hard while you tried to connect, embrace each other. dirty tire and remove all the skin from her knuckles.

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Fortunately, the more modern diamond-shaped snow chains were apparently created by someone who got tired of the old design, and as you can see in the video above, they’re actually surprisingly easy to install.

(Look, I’m not going to pretend that I got it right the first time, and I may have wondered out loud if we could find an experienced professional to help me, but I ended up doing it. It really was, it was pretty cool. )

Driving with chains (on the CX-9 they go to the front wheels by the way, since it uses mainly front-wheel drive) is of course a little noisy and slow, but if the conditions are particularly difficult, they offer an additional level of safety.

Mazda Cx 9 Snow Chains

We quickly returned to ours and began to enjoy the four-wheel drive and the incredibly warm and comfortable cabin again.

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When we finally got to ski the next day, we packed everything into a roomy bag and headed down the hill as the sun set and the snow turned pink and glistening on the Snowy River.

The drive down was one of the most enjoyable parts of the whole trip as the road was actually dry and I was able to really take the CX-9 through the corners and enjoy its nice, smooth cornering behavior and response.

I think I can really get used to this kind of skiing. I hope to go to snowy Japan next year.

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Mazda Cx 9 Reliability

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