Maxi Cosi Booster Seat Isofix

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Maxi Cosi Booster Seat Isofix

Maxi Cosi Booster Seat Isofix

You can be sure that your little one is safe and comfortable on every trip. Designed for the highest safety standards, RodiFix S i-size offers a variety of recline positions and an adjustable car seat that grows in height and width with your child. So your child can sit back safely, relax and enjoy every ride from 3.5 to 12 years old with this high back seat.

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Safety comes standard with the RodiFix S i fit. Built to the highest safety standards in the current range, this is a set of 2/3 bus cars with very high wings on both sides for increased impact protection. The patented AirProtect® head restraints still protect your child and reduce the risk of head injury by 20%, while the enhanced G-CELL partial impact protection system in the high back seat is designed to absorb the force of a collision. your child, to reduce injuries especially to the head, neck and shoulders.

RodiFix S i-size is designed for ease. With the ISOFIX connector, it is easy to install the 2/3 auto kit in your car. With no weapons on the way, it’s always a hassle. In fact, children can take the buckle independently. You can’t stop your child from growing too fast but you can follow the growth of this ISOFIX car seat design in height and width. Just press the button on the back of the head to adjust the height, and intuitive parts to easily move the wings as you grow.

RodiFix S i-Sima is a long-lasting child car seat that will protect your child for more than 8 years. As your little one grows from a toddler to almost a teenager (3.5-12 years), the i-size RodiFix S will take him on his baby adventures. Convenient seat, adjustable design that suits the child, when he grows bigger and taller (which is always very fast for any parent), this ISOFIX group 2/3 car seat is very easy for you to stay with him! Your family will always have lasting memories with RodiFix S i-Size.

Sleeping in a high-back car seat is often uncomfortable for babies because their heads are bare – but not like the RodiFix S i-Size! The 2-3-seater long-distance car has 3 recline positions, giving children the option to sit upright and watch the world go by, or lie down and sleep comfortably during the journey. The AirProtect Safety Pillow is not only protective, but also provides a soft pillow for little ones to sleep on. The RodiFix S i-Size also has a raised backrest, increasing comfort and protection year after year.

Maxi Cosi Rodi Ap Booster Seat

The AirProtect pad is developed using shock-absorbing foam in a perforated air pad. They can not pump because of the hole. Airbags cannot be replaced, because they are built into the other head of the car seat.

No, this is not necessary unless the car seat falls from a height. When a car seat falls from a small height, it cannot be compared to a (serious) collision and does not need to be replaced. If you have any doubts, please contact our customer service team.

When should I change from a toddler seat (up to 105cm / year / group 1) to a booster seat (from 100cm / 3, 5 years / seat 2/3) to the car?

Maxi Cosi Booster Seat Isofix

For the safety of children, it is recommended to use toddler car seats (Group 1) as much as possible. You will transition to a walking belt (Group 2/3) with a car seat when your child reaches maximum weight or when your child’s shoulders reach the head in the highest position. As long as the head is fully supported by the car seat, it is recommended not to change it. This will provide the best protection for your child.

Maxi Cosi Rodifix Airprotect Group 2/3 Isofix Car Seat

RodiFix S is only 44cm wide, the car seat is quite small and the width is suitable for older children. If you can put 3 seats in your car depends on the type of car you have. In large cars, 3 car seats usually fit next to each other. We recommend that you take your car to a baby store to get the best advice on the right car seat for your car. It is important that each seat is installed correctly.

Child and infant car seats can also be installed in the front passenger seat, as long as there are no airbags or front airbags. For older child car seats (15 months to 12 years), we recommend placing the passenger seat in the rearmost position when the airbag is deployed.

We recommend not using used car seats. For used car seats, it is usually not clear what the history is. You don’t know how the seat was used or whether there was an accident. However, car seats cannot guarantee future safety. Car seats can also be damaged in other ways, visible or invisible. Do you want a used car seat? Please use a car whose history you know, for example from family or friends.

The use of legally approved car seats is mandatory for children in Europe who are less than 1.35 meters tall. Some countries also use a minimum length of 1.5 meters.

Maxi Cosi Bundle

For younger child car seats (up to 4 years with belt/group 1), the product must be fixed using ISOFIX anchors and upper tethers. From 4 to 12 years with vehicle seat belts (group 2/3), optional ISOFIX station. I recommend using the ISOFIX installation method, which will make this seat more stable. For example, when acting in a circle, the chair and the child will stay in place and not move.

The RodiFix S size is designed for children from approximately 3.5 years to 12 years (or between 100 and 150 cm), as well as over 8 years! To protect your child’s safety for the life of the car seat, make sure that the product is not damaged.

Yes, RodiFix S is suitable for lengths from 44cm to 51cm, to make it easier to push the wing from the side out.

Maxi Cosi Booster Seat Isofix

RodiFix S i-size can be positioned in 3 comfortable positions, so that the baby is always warm and comfortable while on the move. The angle is closed from 8-16 degrees.

Maxi Cosi Mica 360 Rotation Baby Car Seat

In the middle and in front of the throne you can find an open place to put your hands and just pull the seat forward if you want to relax. This can only be done without a child in the seat.

The AirProtect Safety Pillow is not only protective, but also provides a soft pillow for little ones to sleep on.

Our designs are used from 100-150 cm or from about 3.5 to 12 years. The sub-roll can be adjusted in 10 steps from 52.5 to 72.5 cm.

Inti Pro i-Size detects when the child is sitting on it. The ClickAssist light illuminates the buckle, making it easy to click the buckle and belt in all conditions. Give us reward points to thank you for shopping with us and help others learn about our company.

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Maxi Cosi Booster Seat Isofix

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