Lexus Rx 350 Vs Acura Rdx

Lexus Rx 350 Vs Acura Rdx – Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V are inevitable. They are the best-selling SUVs in the market, when it comes to SUVs, but we think that some of the buyers are ready for a big replacement.

Including Lexus and Acura. Both Toyota and Honda introduced luxury brands in the late 1980s to only those customers, and most of their production was based on refined Honda and Toyota products.

Lexus Rx 350 Vs Acura Rdx

Lexus Rx 350 Vs Acura Rdx

It is represented by the Lexus NX and Acura RDX. Lexus built the NX and RAV4 under his leadership, and the RDX is a cousin to the CR-V. In both cases, the luxury brand adds powerful turbocharged engines, a unique technological approach and a unique interior design.

The 2024 Acura Rdx Vs Lexus Rx Comparison

We spent a few days in Big Bear, California, living in these two SUVs in different, exciting, creative, frustrating, and even dangerous situations. Which one is better to buy?

Part of the luxury experience is the breath. At Acura, engineers installed a version of the 2.0-liter turbocharged I-4 engine used in the previous generation Civic Type R and Accord. The turbo four is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission and sends 272 hp to all four wheels through Acura’s impressive SH-AWD.

Lexus buyers get a 2.4-liter turbo cylinder with 275 hp and more power than the Acura – 317 lb-ft compared to 280 lb-ft in the RDX. An eight-speed automatic and AWD are standard.

It’s not a nimble SUV, but the Acura, which reaches 60 mph in 7.0 seconds, is two tenths ahead of the Lexus because of its efficient ride. In both cases, the figures represent an increase of at least 1.0 seconds over the CR-V and RAV4, although it is worth noting that the RAV4 Hybrid is as fast as the Lexus RAV4 Prime plug-in A hybrid is faster than any other car. . Two. Our test car..

Acura Rdx Review: The Fast And The Frugal

The power of the engine in any small luxury SUV will give the driver more confidence in merging, passing, and dodging traffic lights than in a bad car, but the Acura is a better car to drive.

The steering is light and precise, and the brake pedal is easy to adjust. We went with a flat steering wheel with soft leather and a nice adjustable metal steering wheel. You’ll hear more of the Acura engine than the NX, but the sound is better. Despite its low output and heavy weight on paper, the Acura feels fast in the real world. Many editors also liked the blue-car’s handling, praising SH-AWD’s ability to make the RDX feel a little more agile when turning.

Most of the NX looks like the RAV4. We’d be remiss not to praise its best driving experience, but many of the other experiences are either forgettable or worse. The Lexus feels heavy on the sides, although the luggage’s weight is light. The look is much larger than that of the RDX, while both cars make more wheel noise than we’d expect from a luxury SUV, Acura’s loudest.

Lexus Rx 350 Vs Acura Rdx

Maintenance is a problem. We noticed a difference in the Lexus, especially from 4,000 to 5,500 rpm. Stopping/starting the engine is also powerful (although that’s also an issue with the RDX). This engine isn’t quiet or smooth enough for a luxury car, and it’s no surprise that it offers cheaper power than cars like the Toyota Tacoma. At least the 2.4T is a bit more powerful than Acura’s turbo-four.

Virtual Test Drives

Both Lexus and Acura are generous with their driver-assistance content — some active safety tech is standard, even on two base models — but each edition is self-explanatory. Both cars didn’t respond quickly enough to exit or enter our lane when using adaptive cruise control. Everyone doesn’t have a proper defense system, sometimes running in orbit, despite reports that everything is under control.

These mistakes, in particular, receive little attention in the face of competition. Lincoln Corsair, Cadillac

On the bright side, they also seem to have a high level of security. Acura and Lexus are the only two of three manufacturers in the luxury segment to receive the 2023 IIHS Top Safety Pick+, which is another challenge this year with stricter criteria. Both estates also received a five-star safety rating from NHTSA.

Of course, the difference between a luxury car and a normal car is not just the driving experience. We want modern things, beautiful interiors, spacious terraces, and amazing technology.

Acura Rdx Vs. Infiniti Qx50: The Best Of Their Brands

We’ll start with Lexus. The car maker’s infotainment cabin now runs on a beautiful 14.0-inch touchscreen with wireless smartphone display and excellent Google Assistant voice. With “Hey Lexus” NX is the most attentive and easy to process our requests, never been offered in this space. Lexus offers an intelligent infotainment experience with large icons and easy-to-read text that saves time and less looking at the road. Our test car also had a nice 17-spoke sound system.

Lexus works the body control perfectly with the touch controls that can get a permanent row of touch buttons at the edge of the touch screen (comfortable seats / AC and climate control), but the real buttons and dials for the lights , 360 degree. Camera view, volume, riding mode and temperature settings. Very good.

One problem with the installation is the lack of a home screen to display more than one type of information at once, such as keys and music. The driver can see the information in the cluster or the head-up display, but we still want to have all the good information in one place.

Lexus Rx 350 Vs Acura Rdx

Speaking of the head-up screen, Lexus does some funny things with the car’s controls. The driver can make an entry through the direction pad in 9 and 3, but the button mark on the wheel itself. Instead, they have a lot of changing jobs, so the main indicator shows the job you’re about to enter. It’s easier to use than volume, but it’s still complicated.

Acura Rdx A Spec Advance Review By Ben Lewis » Road Test Reviews » Car Revs

Sitting in the back seat, we can keep six feet behind the seat, putting a few inches to leave the seat, but well. A senior editor found the room cramped even further. The front seats are made of synthetic leather, supporting the rear seats with perforated and separate inserts. We’ve discovered a new speaker that doesn’t use conventional lasers, but uses organic materials instead of lasers.

The storage space has more storage than you’ll find in many of the NX’s competitors, but storage is plenty. A 12-volt outlet allows for charging on the road, and the controllable rear seats, like in a Lexus, are hard to find in this area.

Acura’s cabin doesn’t get much attention, although it makes its first appearance.

The front driver’s seat is more comfortable than the NX’s, and Acura’s faux leather upholstery sets it apart from everyday crossovers. (Lexus offers something similar to the NX F Sport.) The rear passenger will appreciate the two-legged cabin provided by Acura’s long wheels and the appearance of a high height summary.

Compare Lexus Suvs To Acura Near Philadelphia

The RDX also uses a stadium-style seating arrangement, where the seating position of the rear seats is higher than the front seats, so rear passengers can have a better view. Somehow, the room for tall people is not narrower than what we saw in the NX.

While both cars offer roomy, hidden storage under the trunk — without a spare tire — Acura does something smart. There is a small plastic stopper at the bottom to channel the liquid into the hard plastic bag.

The worst design feature in the RDX cabin hurts the driver. Acura uses a unique and intuitive switch in the center console that already rounds out the center stack full of buttons and knobs. The black plastic fingerprint scanner here is more robust than in the Lexus, too. We also looked at the issue of the display of the RDX component cluster and the size of the date stamp. (The font size is inconsistent with the rest of the text on the car, a small detail that makes the interior a little more luxurious and consistent.)

Lexus Rx 350 Vs Acura Rdx

We haven’t even touched on the Acura RDX’s worst sin. Acura Entertainment here is a boring mess.

Acura Mdx Vs. Lexus Rx: Compare Suvs

The software itself is easy to set up with well-split screen corners to display different information, but RDX insists on controlling the system from a desktop computer on your mother’s old Dell laptop. It will be better if it is done regularly. It’s not that. Navigating through the screen icons takes two or three times, and the problem increases as you search for two, three, or three internal options. Try voice control? No, they are not effective in accepting laws based on our experience. Create and touch the screen yourself? No touch controls.

Such ancient experiences are not luxurious, simple or beautiful. It’s like trying to use HD DVD in 2023. It’s just not

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