Land For Sale In Auckland New Zealand

Land For Sale In Auckland New Zealand – Exclusively nominated for sale for exclusive sale space at State Highway 22 – Auranga, Drury, Auckland South through a campaign of interest which closes at 4pm on Wednesday 18 October (unless sold).

This 13.4 hectare property represents a unique opportunity to acquire a high profile, gated development with a ‘centre town’ location in the fast paced Drury district.

Land For Sale In Auckland New Zealand

Land For Sale In Auckland New Zealand

Burberry Street is a strategic development that offers an exciting opportunity to take advantage of the rapidly developing Drury area. The property maintains a gateway to Drury West via Karaka Road and has a frontage of (approx) 170m to Burberry Road and 550m to SH22.

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The ‘business-town centre’ area offers significant growth potential compared to the busy surrounding area of ​​Drury West.

The site will play an important role in providing housing and future development projects in the area. It is currently the only large land holding in the Drury area. Other activities permitted under this area include business services, office, retail, education and medical facilities.

General Land Retention for Development 70, 70A & 70B Lisle Farm Drive, Pukekohe, Franklin, Auckland Lot 1: 70 Lisle Farm Road -Mixed Residential Zone (0.5378ha) Lot 2: 70A Lisle Farm Road -Future Urban Zone 130 (10.ha) .) 3: 70B Lisle Farm Road – Next Urban Area (8.5170ha) Free Equipment Good value? Calculate your purchase price using a combination of tools See how much you can borrow to buy an affordable calculator Home Property Calculator En-Block Calculator Find out if your condo will be en-bloc My HDB Lease Find out how long it will depreciate before you Submit your research report to HDB All Property Full Report by Types and Price Trends Edge Fair ValueFind Properties Listed Below Market Price HeatmapInteractive Map to See Township Trends in Business Low Prices What’s Happening in the Property Market Tools View Amenities from Anywhere in Singapore Market See What’s Happening in the Property Market

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Land For Sale — 6 Burberry Road, Karaka, Franklin, Auckland

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Authorities recently gave permission to convert the site into a 55-storey tower with a nine-storey extension. (Photo: Bailey’s Knight Frank)

SINGAPORE () – Sales agent Baileys Knight Frank is offering a land development investment opportunity at 65-71 Federal Street in Auckland, New Zealand. The 15,726-square-foot home sits on the corner of Kingston Road.

Land For Sale In Auckland New Zealand

The Environmental Protection Agency has recently given permission to develop the land into 55-storey, 9-storey, and 9-storey towers.

A Dairy Flat Highway, Dairy Flat, Auckland, New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand For Sale

“The site was quickly approved at a building ratio of 29:1 (m29 (312 sq m) per square metre),” said Ryan Johnson, Bayley’s national director of commercial and manufacturing.

The new development can be built up to 183 meters and has a total area of ​​511, 745 square feet, he said. It makes it one of the tallest buildings in the city’s CBD and redefines the space.

There is a seven-storey car park on site. The parking is leased to Secure Parking New Zealand until April 2029, with a three month release/termination in favor of the tenant. According to Bayley’s Knight Frank, the lease currently generates gross annual rental income of NZ$1,450,000 ($1,224,744), including GST.

“With an annual income of over NZ$1 million from car park rent and the location’s corner position in an area undergoing significant regeneration, this is a great development offering. “Also, renting out the parking space provides income while generating any income from sales or rental income,” Johnson said.

Dairy Flat Highway, Dairy Flat, Auckland, New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand For Sale

According to a press release from Bayliss Knight Frank, the Federal Street area where the facility is located is part of a priority pedestrian network connecting the city center and residential areas in the Auckland metropolitan area. . It is getting major renovations to improve walkability and increase foot traffic.

“This listing is expected to attract strong interest in the offshore industry due to its exceptional and low value growth rates. There has been significant growth in South East Asian investment interest in New Zealand in recent months,” said Bayliss Managing Director David Bailey. At sea, especially from Singapore but also from the US and Australia.” Find the best land for sale in Auckland whether it’s vacant land, residential or industrial. Our experts are known for delivering the best possible results and opportunities you’ll rarely find anywhere.

View our current opportunities below or speak to one of our local sales experts about your needs. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, call our brokers and see if we have a property for you.

Land For Sale In Auckland New Zealand

Music to your ears – the seller wants to sell! 42 Taharoto Road, Takapuna, North Shore City, Auckland 1, 165 m² 1, 165 sq m Freehold Title 605 sq m Detached Building 17 Car Parks Good Location, Road Frontage

Reasons Why Singaporeans Are Investing In New Zealand Property Market

General Land Retention for Development 70, 70A & 70B Lisle Farm Drive, Pukekohe, Franklin, Auckland Lot 1: 70 Lisle Farm Road -Mixed Residential Zone (0.5378ha) Lot 2: 70A Lisle Farm Road -Future Urban Zone 130 (10.ha) .) 3: 70B Lisle Farm Road – Next Urban Area (8.5170ha)

Appointed Receiver – Use and Development 170-174 Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu South, Waitakere City, Auckland 7,059 m²

Passionate, engaging and enthusiastic, Josh Coburn brings 16 years of experience in the New Zealand property sector as Director of International Web Marketing. Their main focus and desire is to deliver the right development opportunities to the market and work as partners in the development process to see projects succeed.

Additionally, Josh is Senior Sales Manager for Collier’s West Auckland, overseeing 5 dealerships in a fast growing urban market.

Bawden Road Dairy Flat Auckland Land For Sale

Josh rejoined International in 2015 after four years working as Development Manager for Hayden & Rollett Construction – a business development and industrial partnership focused on properties and commercial residential opportunities.

Benson joined International in 2015 as a Building Surveyor for the Expert Building Consultancy team, before joining the West Auckland Investment Sales team in 2018 as a Commercial Broker. Benson’s focus will be on all commercial real estate properties in the West Auckland region from Avondale.

During his two years as an architect, Benson developed his technical knowledge and skills regarding buildings and focused on commercial, industrial and real estate. This expertise, along with Benson’s analytical approach, gives her an edge when helping sellers position their properties on the market. It uses technology to match owners, investors and developers with properties that suit their needs.

Land For Sale In Auckland New Zealand

Since moving to the brokerage Benson has successfully sold a wide range of properties from retail, offices to industrial properties and completed 60 lease transactions within 24 of that month in the West Auckland area. 43, 602m² General Business-Zone * The house has a triangular shape and benefits from a very high level with a street frontage of 383m. The property is the only common commercial land in the market in the regulated area.

Real Estate In Auckland 0610, New Zealand (page 5)

Located just minutes south of town on Buckland Road, the complex is only 10 minutes from State Highway 1 and 7 minutes from the State Highway 22 onramp in Drury. Pukekohe is approximately 50 kilometers south-west of the Auckland CBD and serves a city with a population of over 30,000 and the greater Franklin district of South Auckland, which includes developing villages such as Waiku, Pokeno, Tukau and Karaka. Pukekohe Railway Station is located in the center of Pukekohe town, close to Manukau Road, the city’s main thoroughfare, providing easy access to Auckland’s CBD in just over an hour by train or less than 45 minutes by car. .

Business – General business offers

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