How To Reset Digital Mileage

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This is the end of the line on my Shogun 125cc odometer reading 99999.9, it’s been two weeks since that reading and the only way to get it back to zero is to put a new odometer on it. EPROM programmers and related software with odometer value calculation, EPROM converts a decimal value to a hexadecimal value, and the value is inserted into the EPROM address specified in the computer window.

How To Reset Digital Mileage

How To Reset Digital Mileage

A peek inside the panel will reveal the entire high-speed board. It is digital and requires careful handling to prevent future problems caused by static electricity.

Yanhua Digimaster 3 Odometer Correction Tool No Token Limitation

What we see is the IC on the board labeled IC5, the EPROM that stores the odometer reading.

Warning! Altering the digital odometer for fraudulent purposes is illegal! Note that this is only used to reset the odometer to zero during the last reading.

Great for people who have replaced the digital instrument cluster and want to reset the odometer to the vehicle’s original mileage. In this case, I’m targeting Shogun and RAIDER 150 panels with solid PCBs.

This is a technical fix. You must be proficient in soldering and have a solid understanding of electronics, programming, and hexadecimal arithmetic. Tools needed:

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You can buy parts by part with the db9 female connector, by PCB as an option, because this interface will only be used once, please follow the list above. Please remember. U3 is not interchangeable and cannot be replaced with a normal 78L05, use the parts given in the diagram.

As shown in the picture (sorry for the blurry picture). After checking that each part is connected correctly, you can use a stick of glue to prevent the parts from touching each other.

There are many eprom software available for download on the Internet, I tried a few and found PONYPROG 2000 to be the best for the job and can be downloaded for free from their website. Setting up the device is very easy. Download Xiaomi program

How To Reset Digital Mileage

The actual data found here is from the Shogun Pro 125cc speedometer and provides some data to show if the device is working properly.

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After the diagram, connect the wires correctly to each pin (from pin 1 to pin 8). (No need to terminate the IC on the PCB board). Solder the cables before connecting the interface to the PC communication port.

You will get the data you need. oooppss We’re only halfway through, and we need to decode this hexadecimal data into binary or decimal reading. This is where your math skills come into play. The code we need is the code that occurs many times, I understand that the data that occurs frequently is the mileage data of your group, in my case.. The board was submerged in water for too long. , the aluminum PCB track will be damaged.

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How To Reset Digital Mileage

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According to government statistics, about 40 million cars are sold each year, and more than 450,000 have had their odometers changed.

This is despite decades of efforts to prevent tampering, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “Odometer fraud is a serious crime that costs Americans more than $1 billion annually,” a department spokesman said.

Altering the odometer reading of a 1972 vehicle is illegal, and the Truth in Mileage Act of 1986 made it illegal to disclose the mileage when ownership is transferred. In 1994, the Federal odometer tampering statute was again used to confirm the law’s unconstitutionality. But the odometer turns frequently.

How To Reset Digital Mileage

While low mileage can close used car sales, driving around in a rental car can be tempting. Those who opt for a cheap, low-mileage lease but exceed the limit must pay a penalty at the turn, usually up to 20 cents per mile. An extra 5,000 miles per year on a four-year lease means a $4,000 bill.

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