How To Put Clips Together

How To Put Clips Together – If you look at websites and social media platforms like YouTube, there are tons of videos and videos. With the growth of this type of media, many people want to learn how to make their own music videos. You need to understand how to combine video clips to make your video look more professional.

You can integrate videos with various desktop and mobile apps or websites. In addition, all types of smartphones and computers have built-in features that allow you to create professional-looking media. Read on to learn more.

How To Put Clips Together

How To Put Clips Together

Your iPhone is a very powerful piece of technology. Although you can cut clips with photos, this program cannot combine them. However, there is another built-in program called iMovie. With this app, you can learn how to merge videos on iPhone for free.

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IMovie comes with every iPhone. If for some reason the application is not on your smartphone, you can download it for free from the App Store. Follow the steps below to join at least two videos using this app.

7. Select the first video you want to import, then tap the blue button with a check mark inside.

8. Find the other clips you want to join and click the blue button above after adding each clip.

Note that you can also learn how to combine photos and videos into one video using iMovie. Once you’ve added all your clips to the Videos and Photos category, go back and click Photos. Then copy the content to the desired location.

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Most media professionals will tell you that you want to avoid jumps between clips. Fortunately, iMovie has built-in action effects that you can add to any video. The program automatically adds them to the merged media, but you can edit them by following the steps below.

Finally, you will learn how to merge videos from iPhone to computer for free. For example, you can transfer clips to your Mac and use the tools there. You can then download the finished product back to your smartphone. The editing process on a Windows or Mac computer is described in more detail later in this article.

Android smartphones also have built-in features that allow you to combine clips. You can use the editor in the Gallery app on any device newer than the Samsung Galaxy S10. Learn more about merging videos on Android devices below.

How To Put Clips Together

Gallery also allows you to edit links in the timeline. Click each one to switch to a new effect or change the duration.

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Here you will also learn how to connect videos on Android devices to PC. Although Android devices don’t have Airdrop, you can send clips via email. email or use another cloud-based application. For example, if you use Dropbox, this software comes pre-installed on most computers.

After learning how to merge videos into one video on iPhone or Android, if you want more editing features, you should consider using third-party apps. The list below contains some of the most popular options, each available on your chosen smartphone.

FilmoraGo is easy to use and free for both Android and iPhone devices. After uploading the videos, you can trim or rotate the clips as needed.

This powerful mobile app has advanced editing features. You can add sound effects and music directly from the built-in library. You can also add frames or filters to each clip. When you’re done editing, easily save your finished project in any format imaginable.

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If you want to learn how to combine videos on Android or Apple devices, Capcut is unique. Includes over 60 templates to combine clips in customized ways.

You only need to press one button to download multiple videos so that they are in one contiguous file. Once you’ve organized them, add stickers, effects, and text to each clip.

Magisto is also free for Android or iPhone. Once you’ve uploaded your clips, they’ll appear in a grid so you can delete the clips you don’t need.

How To Put Clips Together

Magisto also has templates that give your finished video a personalized look. You can add a layout to a project, for example to combine clips into a collage.

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VivaVideo is one of the most professional third-party software. With this app, you’ll learn how to join videos on iPhone or Android for free.

Before you start your project, you can choose from a variety of topics. When editing, you get access to a detailed timeline that shows each clip in sequence and allows you to overlay them if necessary. There are tons of filters and effects to choose from, each sorted by style.

Smartphones aren’t the only technology that can help you learn how to combine video clips into a single video. You can easily combine clips using a Windows PC. However, the specific system you are using on your computer requires different steps.

If you have Windows 10 or Windows 11, use the Photos app to combine videos. You can easily create a linked piece of media by following the steps below.

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Delete some clips from the Windows Photos storyboard. All you need to do is use trim or section functions. Right-click on the part you want to delete, then click “Delete this video”.

You can also add text by browsing through the different fonts you need. You can move the words anywhere in the video.

Finally, you can add motion and 3D effects. If you want to use clips, there are also filters to give them a special look.

How To Put Clips Together

If you have Windows 8 or earlier, you can use Windows Movie Maker. Note that Windows plans to end support for Windows 7 on its PCs soon. Follow the steps below to learn how to combine photos and videos into a video using Windows Movie Maker.

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Windows Movie Maker has limited editing options. You can add animations that come with the app. You can also download music from your library.

Windows Movie Maker also allows you to comment on your video. Finally, you can add a title screen, titles, or credits.

Macs include iMovie, the same software mentioned above for iPhones. However, these devices also come with Quicktime pre-installed, which is just as powerful. To learn how to combine photos and videos into a video in this way, see the information below.

Once you learn how to combine video clips into a video using Quicktime, you’ll realize that this method only requires a few steps. You can find them below.

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IMovie comes pre-installed on every Mac. By following these steps, you can learn how to join videos to video using this software.

Like iPhone, iMovie for Mac lets you add transitions, adjusting the duration and type as needed. You can also add voice and commentary.

There are various third-party downloads that you can add to your Mac or PC. Some of the best are listed below.

How To Put Clips Together

The most popular video editing software among professionals is Adobe Premiere Pro. Follow the steps below to learn how to combine clips in this comprehensive program.

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The editing options in Premiere Pro are really extensive. There are tons of features, from white balance adjustment to graphics and sound.

Filmora is not only mobile app but also available for desktop. Follow the steps below to learn how to join video to video using this software.

Movavi video editor is best for beginners because it is easy to use. Just download the videos and add them to the list one by one. The program automatically combines them so that you can easily export them.

Movavi has stickers and text graphics that you can add to any of your clips. There are also some links that you can put in between your videos.

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Finally, there are various websites and web platforms that you can use to join video files. They are easy to use and allow you to be creative in the editing process.

Adobe Spark was created by the same people who created Premiere Pro, but it’s free to use. With this platform, you can create presentations, videos, and even websites.

You can upload up to an hour of clips to Adobe Spark. You can arrange your content in the timeline in any order you want and use the trim function to cut out unnecessary footage. Finally, you can immediately download the finished project to your computer.

How To Put Clips Together

You may know that Vimeo is a social media platform where you can share videos. However, this site also allows you to combine clips.

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Vimeo is free to use and has templates for it

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