How To Install Diono Car Seat Rear Facing

How To Install Diono Car Seat Rear Facing – Designed, engineered and tested with SafePlus™, the new Radian® 3RXT® SafePlus™ combines everything our family knows and loves about award-winning all-in-one car seats, but with advanced comfort, protection and safety.

Standout features include SafePlus™ protective bars that reduce spin by up to 50%. The Safe+ easily adjustable 12-position headrest offers 22% more occupancy than the Radian® 3RXT®, and comprehensive level 3 newborn protection means you can travel safely with VIPs weighing 4kg+.

How To Install Diono Car Seat Rear Facing

How To Install Diono Car Seat Rear Facing

From rear to front, the Radian® 3RXT® SafePlus™ adapts as your child grows from birth to memory. Fits 4 – 120 lbs / 1.8 – 54 kg.

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Made with the famous Radian® Slim Fit Convertible design that allows a 3-edge fit with any Radian® combination without compromising child or passenger comfort. Feel safe with your children safely in the back seat.

SafePlus™ Anti-Kickback Steel Rod reduces kickback rotation by up to 50%, extending rear travel up to 50 pounds.

It combines unique engineering features and testing to the highest safety standards to ensure we have the safest spaces possible.

The updated headrest offers 22% more headroom than the original 3RXT® and grows with your child, keeping them safe and comfortable for up to 10 years. Okay, you’ve read your car seat’s manual, but you need some extra guidance to make sure your car seat is properly installed before you hit the road. Whether your child uses a Radian® rear seat or has upgraded to a large booster, below you will find detailed video instructions for safely installing a car seat.

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Installation videos for every Radian® travel feature. Back, Forward and Booster modes. Radian® Q Series seats include Radian® 3QXT®+ FirstClass™ SafePlus™, Radian® 3QXT® and Radian® 3QX.

Installation videos for each Radian® travel mode. Back, Forward and Booster modes. Radian® R Series seats include Radian® 3RXT® SafePlus™, Radian® 3RXT®, Radian® 3RX and Radian® 3R®.

For more installation and childcare tips, check out some of our blogs that include safety tips and information to remember as you prepare for your adventures with Very Important Passengers™. You can also contact our customer support team via live chat or email for any installation issues.

How To Install Diono Car Seat Rear Facing

As your child grows, the way his seat works changes. This may sound confusing, but our CPST has some great tips to help!

Across With Diono Radian 3rxt!

When your child starts using a booster seat, it can be difficult to figure out the best way to install it in your vehicle. Don’t worry, our CPST is here to help! Diono has once again launched a new version of its Radian multi-mode car seat, which has been on the market since the Sunshine Kids brand was first introduced as a convertible seat in 2005.

Despite being on the market for 16 years (some of our babies who drove previous generation Radians are driving now too!!), the seat itself hasn’t changed much, although a short booster function has been added. Diono has also updated some of the height and weight limits, use restrictions and soft products in the latest version of these places. They also introduced a naming convention that is a little hard to follow.

For this review we will use the Diono Radian 3QXT, but we will list all the differences between it and the 3QX model.

We don’t usually focus exclusively on the accessories or accessories that come with the chairs we review, but since the Diono Radian 3QXT comes with a lot of extra items (some that need to be used at different times), we wanted to summarize them. all in one place:

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This is a long list of extra bits, a mix of optional and mandatory, so anyone looking to buy this seat has a safe place to store unnecessary (at the time) padding for future use. We will cover these items in detail later in this review.

The Diono Radian 3QXT comes folded in the box. Here’s how to get your Radian 3QXT up and ready to use:

Fold: Release the lever at the end of the seat, fold the seat and fasten the seat pan with the red straps.

How To Install Diono Car Seat Rear Facing

Previous versions of the Diono multifunctional seat had head restraints that pushed the seat up and down to adjust its position. The adjustable headrests on the Diono Radian 3QXT are a new design that mimics the headrests found on many threadless seats. Simply push the adjustment lever on the top of the headrest and slide the headrest up or down until it locks into the desired position.

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The Side Impact Management Box (SIM) is another new feature of the Diono Radian 3QXT. The purpose of this pod is to provide additional side impact protection. When using the pods when the Radian 3QXT is installed on both sides of the vehicle, place them on the side of the child seat closest to the door. Do not use the SIM Pod when the Radian 3QXT is installed in the center seat of the vehicle.

To remove the SIM card box, lift the box release from the back of the seat and gently remove the front hook from the side of the seat (you may feel that you damage the SIM card box when removing).

Another new feature of the Diono Radian 3QXT is the addition of anti-rebound bars. Anti-roll bars must always be used when the seat is in the rearward position. It cannot be used when the seat is placed forward.

To remove the anti-rebound bar, press the release button near the anti-rebound bar on the outside of the seat and pull the anti-rebound bar out (the manual says you have to release one side at a time). We found it took several tries each time to remove the anti-rebound rod, and a third hand helped. If anyone can help you remove it, please ask. Help!

Diono Radian Rxt Convertible Car Seat With Travel Bag, Only Car Seat With Full Steel Frame For Safety And Compact Design, Babies & Kids, Going Out, Car Seats On Carousell

The rear base is a separate black plastic part that attaches to the base of the seat when facing backwards. This part must be installed on the Diono Radian 3QXT when using a rear seat. Paramedics who have Radians and CPST and have worked with Radians for many years will immediately recognize this important piece of plastic! It is required for all backend installations, but is a separate part that needs to be connected.

To install this base, align the lower hook on the back of the base with the slots on the car seat base. Once aligned, insert the hook and push the top of the base in until you hear a click. Check if the base moves and make sure the base is locked on the seat. The mount doesn’t always snap on the first try – so make sure you double check that it’s locked into the base before mounting the Radian 3QXT.

To remove the base, separate the top section by pressing the release button and pulling out the top edge, then gently remove the base’s bottom hook from the bottom of the car seat.

How To Install Diono Car Seat Rear Facing

The Neonatal Protection Insert is an add-on insert only available on Radian 3QXT models. Use in conjunction with the infant support pad to provide side protection in the event of a crash.

Diono Rainier Convertible Plus Booster Preview

To use the infant support pad, place it on the seat with the infant support pad on top and slide the crutch straps through the slots on the pad that match those on the seat. Do not use the newborn insert without an infant support pillow.

The newborn pad can be used at any time between 4-10 kg, but must be removed when the child reaches 10 kg.

The Infant Support Pillow is an extra full body pillow designed for smaller babies and includes a removable comfort wedge for head support. The use of pads and wedges is optional.

To use, slide the buckle through the buckle slot on the infant cushion that matches the slot used on the seat.

Diono Radian Rxt Convertible Car Seat Review — Lily Yange

Another new addition to the Radian 3QXT is the Add-on Newborn Wire Pad designed for smaller babies and newborns. They should be used in place of standard wire mats until the child is large enough to require additional harness pads, after which standard wire mats should be used.

Since this wording says that band pads (or kits) should always be used, we contacted Diono customer service. They told us that all seats produced starting in 2018 will no longer require wire pads.

The upper tether and lower anchor are stored in plastic cases on the rear of the top of the Radian 3QXT. The mesh boat fits neatly into this compartment, but we were warned that getting the upper mooring mesh back into the compartment is no easy task.

How To Install Diono Car Seat Rear Facing

We have found that when rolling mesh material for storage, the “sweet spot” for the straps is as a loose loop. If your ring is too tight,

Rear Facing Diono Rainer Car Seat In A Dc

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