How To Choose Logo Colors

How To Choose Logo Colors – Color is one of the most important points when creating a logo. Using the right color scheme for your logo is crucial because it affects how people perceive your brand.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best logo color combinations used by some of the most famous brands to help you get inspired for your next project.

How To Choose Logo Colors

How To Choose Logo Colors

We will also analyze the meaning of each logo color to help you understand how to choose the best logo color palette.

Is Your Logo The Wrong Color?

Color psychology says that each color represents different feelings and affects how we think and behave. Different combinations of colors influence our everyday decisions, such as the things we choose or buy.

The image above shows how color psychology applies to different types of logo design colors and what emotions some of the most famous logo colors convey.

To understand how to create beautiful color combinations, we need to visualize the color wheel. To create beautiful color combinations, you can choose one of the following types of color combinations, which are an important part of color theory:

Let me start by telling you that bad logo color combinations do exist, and they are more common than you might think.

What’s Behind Google’s Colourful Logo?

Matching the right colors is a science that encompasses everything from design to psychology, so randomly choosing colors for a logo design without proper knowledge can lead to disastrous results.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, just look at the illustration below and see for yourself.

Famous brands use logos with a combination of colors and shapes that match their personality and have become trademarks of their companies. Not to mention that they are so ingrained in our visual memory that we think of the brand every time we see something like it.

How To Choose Logo Colors

Here is the evidence. Brazilian graphic designer Paula Rupolo changed the brand colors on the logos of famous companies to show how important color is to the perception of brands.

How To Choose The Right Colours For Your Logo

We’ve selected and analyzed some of the best logo colors to see what color combinations they’ve used, what brand colors mean and what we can learn from them. Whether you use a logo maker or hire a designer, it’s good to know.

Check out this list of 40 color combinations in logos, grouped by primary color. If you want to know about a specific color combination, just click on it to go directly to that section.

The yellow sign symbolizes optimism, brightness, benevolence and clarity. The yellow color of the design symbolizes the sun and is associated with life, light and warmth.

The yellow palette of logos is ideal for brands that want to create a friendly and happy image. Yellow is mostly combined with contrasting colors that give it structure and character.

Your Brand: How To Choose Perfect Logo Colors?

The Nikon logo uses yellow as the primary color with strong black and white contrast. This color combination of the logo reveals a friendly and bright brand that puts the customer at the center of his interests.

Nikon has used the iconic black and yellow color combination since 1949, and the current logo was introduced in 2003.

Yellow and red logos are bright logos with a warm, sunny and creative side, as in the following example.

How To Choose Logo Colors

The Shell logo uses a yellow shell surrounded by a red outline, representing optimism, reliability and joy. The brand chose sunny, bright corporate colors to hint at its connection to California and Spain.

How Many Colors Should A Logo Have? Tips And Advice

The Subway logo uses yellow and green to convey freshness, natural ingredients and optimism. The slogan used for this logo is “Eat Fresh”. Corporate colors indicate this.

Created in 1998, the Pokemon logo has a yellow font and a blue outline, perfectly suggesting play, fun and games. Yellow is also the color of Pikachu, one of the most famous characters in the series.

The logo combines the three main colors of the famous basketball club: gold, purple and white. Strong complementary contrasts indicate optimism and strength.

Orange is a combination of bright, sunny yellow and passionate red, resulting in a bright, bold, fun color used by brands to demonstrate a strong, creative and friendly personality. Some of the most iconic logos that use orange as a primary color are full of creativity and energy.

Best Fonts For Logos 2023

The orange logo also makes us immediately think of fruit, leaving a fresh, sweet-sour taste in the mouth.

The iconic Harley-Davidson logo is dominated by orange, which symbolizes freedom, courage and strength – the brand’s core values.

With a strong contrast between the black outline and the white text, the logo is bold and elegant, perfect for this legendary brand.

How To Choose Logo Colors

Technically, the Mastercard logo uses a combination of two bright colors, red and yellow. However, the two colors blend together and an orange can be seen in the center. Red symbolizes life, courage and vitality, while orange symbolizes happiness and prosperity. Together they show that through their service a happy and prosperous life is possible.

Teal Logos: Meaning And Modern Color Combinations

The Tide logo is a great example of using complementary color combinations to enhance a dynamic contrasting design.

The signature orange and yellow apple design has seen some changes over the years, but it remains one of the most attractive logo palettes.

The legendary combination of orange and green takes us straight into the realm of taste, hinting at the freshness of orange soda. Directly inspired by nature, radiates energy and optimism.

Red is the color of life, it symbolizes passion, brightness and power. The brand’s red logo conveys joy, fun, energy and excitement and goes with the values ​​these companies stand for.

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Let’s take a look at some of the most famous red logos and see what color combinations they use to express their values.

The Netflix wordmark needs no introduction. Netflix Red on a black background creates a premium cinema feel.

Netflix’s symbol, the letter N, on the other hand, uses two shades of red to give it dimension and stand out from the N in the logo.

How To Choose Logo Colors

Red, black and yellow with black outlines create a bold and powerful logo color combination befitting the legendary toy brand. The LEGO brand is about making your fun and creativity untouchable.

Most Used Graphic Design Terms About Color

Lively, sincere, energetic and passionate. This is how we describe the legendary Coca-Cola brand, which is characterized by the combination of red and white colors of the logo. Bright red with clean, pure white accents sweetens the palette.

Red can also trigger impulse buys and stimulate appetite, making it an excellent choice for beverage brands.

The Coca-Cola logo has changed little over the past 130 years and remains one of the most famous red and white logos of all time. Studies show that 94% of the world’s population recognizes this symbol.

A triangle on a red background prompts you to press play, combined with the black font of the YouTube logo to create one of the most recognizable and powerful brand logos today.

The 7 Types Of Logos And How To Use Them

The use of bright and bold color combinations with red, enhanced by contrasting black and white elements, shows the brand’s desire to act and create. It is also one of the most famous red and black logos.

Suzuki’s iconic logo, created in 1958, features a stylized letter S along with Suzuki’s full name, and has become one of the most recognizable red and blue logos in the automotive industry.

This vibrant and creative color combination includes a passionate red combined with a deep blue that embodies elegance and tradition.

How To Choose Logo Colors

Using all three primary colors or spectrums in a logo takes courage and is not something we often see in the design world.

Logo Color Combinations That Work Great Together

The logo is very dynamic with a complementary color combination that is enhanced by the second contrast created by the white and black outlines. The color scheme of the logo is bright and close to nature, representing movement and energy.

Pink logos can be fun and innocent or bright and energetic, depending on their color combination. Pink is a strong color that immediately draws attention, but it can be diluted or enhanced by combining it with another background or contour color.

The famous American ice cream chain uses a simple but attractive balanced color scheme consisting of a pastel color (pink) contrasted with dark blue. The latter has been part of the brand’s signature since 1953. After many years, the company decided to keep the number 31 as part of the logo.

Although some voices believe that a pink logo is a rather unusual choice for a food chain, the color scheme of this logo is upbeat, youthful and fun.

How To Choose A Color For Your Website: Expert Tips

Sweet and charming, this color combination is perfect for the brand it represents. Along with the white background, it evokes a happy and cheerful mood in everyone who sees it.

Victoria’s Secret PINK is a brand division and product line for young women

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