How To Choose Laminate Flooring Thickness

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Contrary to what you might think, thicker flooring doesn’t necessarily mean better or harder. There are many factors that determine which laminate thickness is right for your project, from 6mm to 12mm.

How To Choose Laminate Flooring Thickness

How To Choose Laminate Flooring Thickness

Different laminates have different degrees of durability, so you need to know where you are installing the floor. You should know who installs the flooring and what thickness they are comfortable with. Also pay attention to the quality of the flooring, as this will determine how thin you can go.

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Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to choose the perfect laminate flooring thickness.

This is the thickness of the laminate board up to the top of the base layer. This size does not include the cover that goes on the sub-floor or some laminate boards. How is it measured?

Laminate flooring is measured in millimeters. The thinnest you can find is 6mm. Dimensions increase in increments of two millimeters, so the next thickness is 8mm, then 10mm. The thickness of the thickest laminate board available in the market is 12 mm. Does the thickness of the laminate matter?

Laminate thickness is important depending on your specific project. You should consider the flooring you are going to install. Ask yourself these questions:

Mm Dark Walnut Uniclic Laminate Flooring

Each of these situations affects the adequacy of the thickness of the laminate boards. Are there any advantages to buying thick laminate flooring?

The durability of the laminate floor is determined by its AC grade (wear standard). The grading system goes from the lowest level AC1 to the highest level AC5. Each of these levels increases stamina by 60% compared to the previous level.

The AC rating indicates how resistant the floor is to abrasion, spills, stains, and cigarette burns. This determines the likelihood of swelling at the edges of the floor and how resistant it is to static stresses such as furniture legs and wheels.

How To Choose Laminate Flooring Thickness

If the laminate floor is not rated AC, it does not meet the minimum requirements and should be avoided. This rating system was introduced by European laminate parquet manufacturers and is used worldwide to provide quality in the rating system.

Vinyl Flooring Wear Layer

No matter where you install laminate parquet, it has the right rating. An AC rating that is too low may not be strong enough for your space, but a rating that is too high has its own unique problems. A department store floor is too rough for bare feet in your bedroom.

AC1 rated laminate for retail, suitable for domestic use only. This floor is ideal for walk-in closets, spare rooms or formal dining rooms.

You would not want to use this floor in a home with moving furniture, high traffic areas, or pets. AC2

AC2 grade laminate is suitable for residential areas with moderate traffic. Not suitable for hallway or corridor. However, it can be used in the bedroom, family room or living room.

Choosing The Thickness Of Luxury Vinyl Planks

You still have to be careful moving furniture around, but it holds up better than the AC1.

AC3 laminate is specially designed for extensive use in residential areas. This laminate is resistant to installation in hallways, main living areas, stairs and kitchens.

AC4 laminate is suitable for commercial areas with normal traffic. It can be an office, cafe or lounge that customers visit regularly.

How To Choose Laminate Flooring Thickness

This is the first level that is not suitable for a residential situation – AC3 is sufficient for these needs.AC5

How Much Does It Cost To Install Laminate Flooring? (2024)

AC5 laminate is the perfect choice for heavy traffic and commercial applications. This surface is popular for busy restaurants, department stores or public buildings. You definitely don’t want to choose this level for a residential area.

Non-compulsory. At 12mm thick, AC5 laminate flooring is at the top of the price range. However, the flooring may be more durable than you need. If you’re paving a residential area with moderate traffic, you’ll have plenty of moderately priced options.

Thicker laminates are easier to install than thinner versions. Thinner laminate fasteners are weaker, and thinner laminate tabs break more easily than thicker boards.

It totally depends on your specific application. Thinner laminate flooring works best for low-traffic flooring projects.

Solid Wood Flooring Or Laminate

Thicker laminate flooring creates deeper grooves. Inlay is a process that gives laminate flooring a natural look as grooves create shade and texture.

You should be able to find thick laminate flooring anywhere that sells laminate flooring. It may be easier to find thinner boards in stock, but you will need to order the thickness you need.

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How To Choose Laminate Flooring Thickness

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Vinyl Vs. Laminate Flooring: What’s The Difference

Amazon Services LLC is a participant in the Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to and advertising on ShareAsale also participates in affiliate programs with Etsy and other sites. These companies are compensated for sending traffic and business. Laminate was originally designed as a cheaper alternative to wood, but as technology advances, its benefits outweigh its cost.

In addition to looking very realistic, laminate is very durable, easy to maintain and easy to install.

But as laminate has grown in popularity, so has the number of available options. Laminate can imitate any type of wood as well as concrete, tile and marble. This makes it difficult to choose laminate flooring along with practical factors such as thickness, durability and installation method.

To help make the decision process easier, we’ve put together this handy guide to laminate flooring, covering type, style, thickness, color, and ultimately, underlayment.

Laminate Flooring Supplied & Installed In Ireland

It’s easy to think about what you want the end result to look like. But like anything else, it’s best to first decide which practical aspects to prioritize.

The thickness of the boards can be from 6 mm to 12 mm and is determined by the thickness of the inner core layer. Although the thickness of the boards may have little effect on durability, it is important for aesthetics.

Thick boards look and feel like real hardwood because detailed designs can be carved. It has good noise dampening properties and hides defects under the floor.

How To Choose Laminate Flooring Thickness

Laminate is widely considered a durable flooring option. But not all products are suitable for every house or room.

Mm Dark Oak Uniclic Laminate Flooring

As the quality and production of laminate can vary greatly, the European Laminate Flooring Manufacturers Association (EPLF) has developed durability and water resistance tests.

This became known as the AC rating, and as a result the quality of the manufacturers increased significantly.

AC ratings range from AC1 to AC5. Your lifestyle and floor plan will determine the AC rating you need:

Water damages laminate parquet fairly easily, so you’ve probably heard that it’s not a good choice for the kitchen.

Laminate Flooring Colours & Tones

But really most tiles are water resistant and as long as the water doesn’t get to the core it should be fine.

If you want to take extra precautions, it’s best to get boards with square edges instead of beveled edges to prevent water leaks. We’ll talk more about beveled and straight edges in the next post – click here to go there.

It’s true that you don’t need a professional to install new flooring. With a little DIY experience, you can install the floor in less than a day without any problems.

How To Choose Laminate Flooring Thickness

Laminate boards are known as “floating floors”. This means that the boards are not glued, nailed or screwed to the floor, but rather the boards are screwed together and placed on the subfloor.

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Glueless tiles are more popular because they fit together like jigsaw pieces. If you have a sloped pipe or wall, all you have to do is make small cuts.

One of the reasons for the popularity of this type of flooring is the large number of options available. From light oak to mahogany and everything in between, you can achieve the look of your dreams.

Most people have a rough idea of ​​the color they want for their new floor. but

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