How To Charge Cell Without Charger

How To Charge Cell Without Charger – What you need for this is a USB (broken or not, just make sure it’s long enough), you also need the phone you want to charge. I use a Samsung SGH-T809 (old phone, didn’t have its own charger). ). The last thing you need is something you can plug a USB into, I recommended a laptop but a wall outlet works just fine.

Now cut the USB in half so you have one USB and the other half can be thrown away. I used scissors because I didn’t have a thread puller. You want to remove the red and black wire, the green and white wire will not be used.

How To Charge Cell Without Charger

How To Charge Cell Without Charger

Depending on the phone you are using, the battery pins may be different. For me it was the basics. Now you want to take the wire (red and black), connect the pins to the wires (red to positive and black to negative). Once you know where it belongs, bend the wire (the metal part) over the wire (I did this because mine has pins). Now take the thread and try to push it under the needle (there should be some space under the needle).

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Now insert the battery, it should be a bit difficult to insert as the pins have something underneath. Once it’s in the wires, it won’t budge at all (or at least that’s what happened to me).

Plug it into your USB port that has power and your phone should turn on or do something to indicate it’s on, mine doesn’t so I have to press the power button. It should be turned on and voila, you have a makeshift charger! A smartphone is an irreplaceable device that simplifies people’s lives and our daily tasks. So when your phone stops charging, it’s a big problem that requires the fastest solution. Therefore, users often turn to ask “My charging port is broken: how to charge the battery?” Buying a new phone actually sounds frustrating if you’re tight on cash. Besides, why spend money if the problem can be fixed?

Want to start solving your problem right away? Experienced troubleshooters can solve your problem as soon as possible. They are already waiting for you in the chat!

In this guide, we explain the problem in detail and provide easy ways to charge a phone battery with a broken charging port. Most likely, you have already faced similar problems before, but it does not mean in any way that the solution will be the same this time. For example, charging cable and portfolio have different fixes, so they should be fixed accordingly. it helps you identify your problem and solve it immediately.

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There are many issues that can affect the charging process of your device. And by knowing what your problem is, you will be able to find the best way to charge your phone when the charging port is broken.

Disclaimer: Note that although it is still possible to charge your phone when the charging port is broken, you should take this task seriously and responsibly. After all, hasty and thoughtless actions can cause irreparable damage and cause device failures that cannot be repaired. Therefore, it is best to be as careful as possible and do not hesitate to contact us if you need urgent professional help to fix your phone’s charging port.

Broken or damaged USB cables are the most common cause of charging problems. Yes, cables are fragile and prone to breakage and other failures. So users often ask “How do I know if my charging port is faulty or maybe I just need to replace the cables?”

How To Charge Cell Without Charger

The easiest way to identify the real cause of your problem is to check how the battery is charging with a different cable. If your device still refuses to charge, check the adapter to rule out a problem with a faulty charging port. So connect another adapter to the USB cable or try a charging accessory with another phone.

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If your smartphone has served you long enough, its battery may be defective. After all, the performance of all device components degrades over time. In this case, it is better to seek professional help to know for sure where the problem lies. Since the technicians are well versed in charging port repair, this is your win-win option to fix things without any hassle. Rest assured, our experts will determine the cause of your charging problem as soon as possible.

There is also a simple solution that you can try directly to check if the charging port of the battery or mobile phone is broken – monitor the performance of the battery. Are there interruptions in charging? Does it drain quickly? Or maybe your device is taking too long to charge? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, chances are your battery is to blame for charging issues.

A broken phone charger port is probably the worst thing that can happen to you before an important meeting or just when you need to stay connected. Fortunately, the problem has a solution. All that is required is to choose the right method and follow the instructions. Plus, it’s a great way to save money on fixing a broken charging port at a service center. But still remember that the presented solutions are temporary. And when you have such an opportunity, contact technical experts to reliably repair your device. All the more, if the gate is badly damaged, you cannot do without a replacement. Now let’s explore how to charge your phone when the charger is broken.

Do a DIY repair on your charging port. This is the fastest, easiest and most common solution to fix a broken charging port. It happens that USB connectors and charging points do not make good contact due to a manufacturing defect or a continuous cable connection. It doesn’t matter if you have a broken charging port on your Android or Apple phone, the step-by-step instructions work for all devices.

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Use AAA or AA batteries to fix the charging port. This solution might work well for you if your battery is removable or if you at least know how to open and remove the phone case. It will take some time to fix a broken charger using the instructions below, but it’s definitely worth a try.

Charge the device directly from the mains (only for those who are familiar with working with electrical cables). If the charging port on your phone is broken, you have the option of powering it directly from the mains. Thus, the device will continue to charge, bypassing the faulty port, and the contacts will connect directly to the battery terminals. To implement this solution, consider the following steps:

If you have no experience working with electrical cables, using this solution can be dangerous for both you and your device. So the next option will suit you better.

How To Charge Cell Without Charger

Repair a broken charger with special equipment. This is a well-known “frog” – a universal device that perfectly communicates with all phone batteries. The biggest lies in its usability. It’s actually very easy to power up your device with it if you have a broken phone charger. All that is required is to insert the battery into the “frog” and the device will start charging it immediately. At the same time, the duration of the process depends on the capacity and type of battery. Another advantage of this simple device is its compactness – the “frog” goes in the pocket, so the phone can be charged if the charging port is not working anytime, anywhere.

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If the presented solutions did not help, repair the broken charging port or explore alternative charging options with experts.

My charging port is broken – a common customer request that experts handle. While some customers are looking for quick ways to charge their phones, others continue to look for simple DIY solutions to solve the problem. And highly qualified technicians know the best way out of every situation. They can offer instant methods to repair your iPhone or Android charging port regardless of the make of your device. Are you in an emergency and your battery is dead? Do not worry! Our experts will offer you the fastest option to charge your phone with a broken port. So whenever you need help, you get it right away!

It all depends on the cause of the broken charging port. But you can still get emergency help by contacting a specialist. They will answer your questions and find the best solution for your online problem.

The most effective way to breathe life into your battery is to use a wireless charger. But before that, check if your phone supports such charging. Get a quality wireless adapter and you won’t even need to fix the charging port.

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The phone’s battery life depends on its capacity. On average, the device can work without charging for 2-3 days (with minimal use). At the same time, the Android battery lasts longer than the iPhone battery.

To avoid delicate problems with the charging port, you should consider some useful tips on how to protect your

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