How Reliable Are Mazda Rx8

How Reliable Are Mazda Rx8 – Mazda RX-8 (2003-2010): Review, Specifications and Buying Guide. Thanks to the 9000 rpm engine.

Few cars can divide opinion like the Mazda RX-8. The FD RX-7’s venerable rotary engine is never easy to follow, and when Mazda introduced its smaller, seemingly less-refined replacement, it was met with heavy fire from the stiff rotary fans. But the company was opening up to a new customer base, a group that never wanted a more expensive RX-7. For these people, the RX-8 was unique, enjoyable to use, and in some ways could have been better.

How Reliable Are Mazda Rx8

How Reliable Are Mazda Rx8

It was on par with the Honda S2000 and Nissan 350Z at launch, and we compared it to other mechanical rivals like the Subaru Impreza WRX and Volkswagen Golf R32. Engine reliability concerns mean that buying a used RX-8 is a higher risk than many of today’s competitors, but if you find a good one, the rewards are high.

Alright, Not The Most Knowledgable About Cars, So I Wanted Tge Opinion Of Some (relaltively) Responsible Adults. 1.3 Litre Mazda Rx 8 For A First Car? Realistic Or Absolutely Foolish?

Reflecting the Mazda RX designation, at the heart of the RX-8 is its rotary engine. Called the “Renesis”, it was a more powerful version of the twin-rotor 13B used in the RX-7, with exhaust ports on the side of each rotor housing instead of around it, and new rotor sets. – long-term vulnerability circuit design.

Unlike the RX-7 (which ceased production in Japan in 2002 but has long since disappeared from European sales), the Renesis is naturally aspirated rather than turbocharged, but is still capable of producing 228 horsepower. in six-port form and revs up to 9,000 rpm (a 189-hp four-port engine is also available). The engine’s best performance is maximized with a peak torque of 156 lb-ft at 5,500 rpm. The four-port engine is mated to a manual gearbox and produces 228 horsepower. got a six-speed manual gearbox with different gear ratios.

The RX-8 is closely related to the third-generation Mazda MX-5, with engineers even using MX-5 models to develop the drivetrain. Suspension is double wishbones at the front and multi-link at the rear, but despite the small, compact engine, the RX-8 isn’t exactly light at 1429kg. This is 153 kg more than the Toyota GR86.

The standard car cost £21,995 when it launched, which seems like a bargain these days, especially given the stunning design of the two-and-a-half-door four-door coupe. The cabin can’t match some German alternatives in terms of quality, but the low driver’s seat and specially designed dashboard make the RX-8’s cabin unique, and the driving position is pretty much spot on.

Ignition Model 1/18 Mazda Rx 8 (se3p) Re Amemiya Light Blue [ig3178]

The RX-8 isn’t particularly fast by any means, and if you’re expecting a loud, easy hat, it’s easy to miss the point entirely. Very hot hatches will really give you a hard time. But if you care about character and performance over quantity, there’s nothing like a silky, hungry version of a rotary engine. 228 hp version. Above 6,000 rpm, the six-speed manual needs to work its way into its sweet spot, where the RX-8 finally starts to feel like a sports car with that extra boost.

With a low-revving vertical engine against a large hood, all RX-8s look friendly and progressive in the corner. The lack of an engine means that merging the road requires thought and planning – you have to catch every drop, because if you lose speed and slow down, the RX-8 feels shot and slow. . Get it right, sometimes slide back to protect the engine and the rewards are many.

Achieving this standard in a stock car can be a little difficult, as it sometimes feels soft and distant on bumpy roads. The Prodrive RX-8 PZ took a big step forward in 2006 with Bilstein shocks. , Eibach springs, new bumpers and lowered ground clearance of 15 mm, which brought more clarity to the steering and chassis. The changes were so successful that Mazda requested a similar update to the R3 two years later; The R3 is the best choice, and not just because of the excellent Recaro seats. With a rigid frame and foam-filled front bumper, it looks more one-piece than previous cars, and the injection of extra engine oil means it’s less prone to rotor tip wear. Yes, it is.

How Reliable Are Mazda Rx8

The Renesis RX-8 engine is smooth in nature and there’s no escaping it. The tips of the rotors tend to wear on the inner casing of the engine, which over time leads to a loss of pressure and the need to rebuild the engine. Regular lubrication is essential to minimize this, so the RX-8 engine consumes oil thanks to its internal ports that feed oil to the combustion chamber. For less than £3,000 to rebuild, you can revive a sub-£1,000 RX-8 with a reasonably priced new engine, but you’ll likely have to contend with rusted doors and tired suspension to get there. Restore full functionality. Health. We’ll save ourselves the trouble and roll out a neat R3 for £6,000; Just don’t miss the compression test…

Mazda Rx8 Review

“The instrument is idle until you turn the key and bring it to life; there’s a red-painted tachometer in the center, which starts at 9,000 rpm on the far side. No other production car has such a high rev; too bad the engine is too lazy to idle. You need a tachometer, too.” if you want to shift faster, your brain will tell you that 7500rpm is approaching the limit.

“The next thing you notice is how eager the RX-8 is to change direction. Thanks to the weightlessness at the front, the steering is exciting… the chassis balance is as perfect as ever. With the 50: 50 weight distribution with a very low center of gravity. Under the hood instead of a lightweight Wankel with a very heavy V6 this balance will be impossible.

“The result of the Prodrive change is a more direct and directed car. It feels more cornered, the ride is firmer but not harsh or uncomfortable and everything feels very good. A stiffer front end has been made. The front turning radius was more direct. and added some weight and steering that encouraged more confidence on both the road and the track.

“The new PZ model adds a bit of Wankel noise above 7,000rpm but doesn’t add much punch, which is what you’re really looking for at the end of the PZ’s first day.”

Is The Rx8 Reliable?

The Japanese company could continue to use the exclusive Wankel engine until today, but the time has finally come. Want a big attractive sports car that looks fantastic, handles well and is available for just £1,500? You’re tempted by the prospect of 228 horsepower of smooth, turbine-like power. 8300 rpm? Of course you are. Of course it’s a Mazda RX-8 and of course a Wankel engine. But wait, before you go… hear me out.

You see, if you try the RX-8, you’ll find some peaches. From the new 2003 model year, it was possible to choose between Mazda’s 1.3-liter twin-rotor engine with 198 or 228 horsepower. The former was a good thing, but the latter was the only one that could propel the RX-8 from 0-102 mph in just 6.4 seconds to a top speed of 146 mph.

Power is sent to the rear wheels via an excellent five-speed manual transmission in the low-powered version and a six-speed transmission in the more attractive version. With such a small engine, it made sense to place it behind the center. Engine design that helps achieve the RX-8’s perfect 50:50 weight distribution.

How Reliable Are Mazda Rx8

The whole car was also very light; Sensitive drivers are rewarded with firm steering, efficient chassis and smooth handling.

Mazda Rx 8 R3 4dr Coupe Specs And Prices

They also got four doors, the last two were “suicide” or rear, which was another topic of conversation (if the engine didn’t fit one), and there was room in the back for the kids. Everything was simple, well made and attractive.

The 2008 facelift of the RX-8 brought updated styling, stiffer suspension and shorter rev ratios for better performance, while the 190bhp model bit the dust. The last cars hit British shores in 2010, before production ended in 2012.

These are good points. The downside is that the axiomatic compression seals on this sweet little machine are prone to wear. A really bad dress. It’s also not the cleanest engine ever, nor is it the most economical (you’d be lucky to see 20mpg in everyday use). Oh, and he loves it

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