How Much Is Adt Security Per Month

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This well-known home security brand has been protecting people and their buildings since before their grandparents were born. But don’t think that means they are untouchable. They have been aware of the dangers of the sun for decades and have come up with solutions to protect their customers in the modern age.

How Much Is Adt Security Per Month

How Much Is Adt Security Per Month

In more than 145 years of business, the company has attracted more than 8 million customers. That’s an impressive number and shows they must be doing something right. However, this does not make ADT right for you. Every home is different and every homeowner has their own security needs.

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Are you especially worried about porch swings, burglars or thieves? Or are you more concerned about emergencies like fires and floods? You need to think about the setup options. Do you hold the ammeter or do you break out in a cold sweat when you have to see a real screwdriver? Then there is the important question of price. When it comes to security, isn’t money an issue? Or are you working on a tight budget?

However, we answer each one and take a deep dive into the costs of ADT – both in terms of equipment and monitoring. In addition, we collect all other costs such as installation fees, etc., so that you have a clear idea of ​​the value of ADT in addition to the numbers. Finally, we present ADT’s newest system, a complete DIY package for the practical homeowner looking to save a few bucks.

FYI: ADT is sweetening the deal for DIY customers. Right now you can get 15 percent off any of their self-adjustment systems. More on that below, but suffice it to say, it’s a good deal. If you’re not sure if you need a long-term contract, read our ADT contract review. It’s not as mandatory as it sounds.

“There are some great home automation systems out there that offer more security features for your home. I like ADT’s Pulse Home Automation + Video, which combines the best home security products with a smart home.

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When it comes to an ADT system, there are three things to focus on in particular – the monthly maintenance fee, the additional equipment fees and the investment. We’ll get to that in a bit, but first a few words about the ADT buying process.

If you have purchased an ADT system before, you should pay close attention because a lot has changed recently. And we’re not just talking about price changes.

We remember the time we tested ADT Pulse – ADT’s flagship security system since early 2010. We really did our research as always and managed to list all the equipment we found with the system. We knew all about the sensors in the door systems and could determine the size of the hand down to the decibel. However, we cannot say how much the system costs. At the time, ADT refused to tell you anything about prices until you met the sales rep, and even then there were all kinds of complicated negotiations, so it was impossible to tell exactly what you, the customer, would pay. any kind.

How Much Is Adt Security Per Month

We’re happy to say that today ADT is a bit more transparent with their pricing. Once you click through to the website, you’ll see that new users will likely spend around $50 on their monthly check, but the total bill will largely depend on the equipment package you choose.

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Yes, we agree that the prices are above the industry average, but if you want a Cadillac, you have to pay for a Cadillac. You’ll pay less with ADT, but we doubt you’ll be happy with where your money is going. More on that later.

Another good change is that you can now buy ADT systems online. Previously, transactions were done over the phone, but the new purchasing process allows you to select an equipment package, add additional equipment to the ADT system and fill out your account information right in front of your computer. You must speak with an ADT sales representative over the phone to complete your order, but most of the purchase process can only be done online.

Pro tip: ADT has some interesting smart home integrations, but be careful. There are hidden dangers in home automation that you may not even be aware of.

Now let’s talk numbers, starting with the monthly check. Here’s how much ADT monitoring will cost based on your equipment usage. We’ll detail what each equipment package includes later, but for now let’s focus on the monthly fee for each monitor.

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If the system includes both security and environmental sensors, the Essential Monitoring feature is sufficient to cover this. They connect to the ADT Control Center and you can access the ADT Control smartphone app, one of the best home security smartphone apps we’ve tested.

If you’re adding smart home devices like smart locks or smart thermostats, you’ll also need Essential Monitoring and Smart Home. Smart home features provide access to automation controls available through the control panel and app, and allow you to add and control ADT-compatible home automation devices in your home.

Finally, if you want to go all-in and buy security cameras, get Video Security. This includes smart home features, but also includes important video surveillance features such as cloud video recording and smart motion detection for cameras. With ADT’s latest security camera offering listed below, you can turn on facial recognition. It’s beautiful, is not it?

How Much Is Adt Security Per Month

Now for the bad news: ADT is signing long-term contracts for all of its customers. The monitoring contract is for about 36 months. However, if you choose to finance your equipment – ​​a popular option as upfront costs can be high – you’ll need another two years, for a total of five years. This is one of the longest deals we’ve seen in the housing market.

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Did you know that? While ADT isn’t the best system for people who move a lot, they do offer a relocation plan with some attractive deals if you happen to be moving with ADT. Read all about it in the ADT Moving project breakdown.

Answer to the question: No, there are no hidden fees. There is a surcharge, but it is not hidden. In our latest round with ADT Security, which you can read about in our full ADT review, we achieved an improved purchasing process.

We purchased a full equipment package with security cameras and home automation, which meant we were only signed up for a premium surveillance service. Our last monthly payment was $61.99. That’s above the listed price of $45.99 to $59.99, but ADT showed us a drawing of what the price includes.

We compared the price we saw before and saw that the price of the Quality Service Plan (QSP) has increased from $7 to $9. The Quality Service Plan is an extended warranty service. Pays for repair or replacement of damaged equipment. We think it’s worth doing this as the cost of ADT equipment can be high as you can see below.

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However, it is important to note that the price of the QSP is variable, meaning it will increase as you add more equipment to the package. We’ve also seen this increase significantly when you add smart home appliances or security cameras to more expensive equipment like sensors. We understand why that is, but be sure to consider the cost of the QSP when planning your system.

ADT requires professional installation and this service is not free. Depending on the size of the system and the type of equipment installed, it ranges from $99 to $199. Security cameras and smart home devices can often add to the cost of installing a roof.

ADT’s installation fees may seem expensive, but the company is known for having highly skilled professionals who go above and beyond to get the job done right. And we would know – over the years they have worked professionally with us not once, but many times. Quality and compatibility are top notch, which is why ADT has been our best installed system for years.

How Much Is Adt Security Per Month

We’ve talked about the first two types of costs you should consider when purchasing an ADT system: the monthly maintenance fee, which includes the equipment quality service plan, and installation costs. Now let’s talk about the third, the cost of equipment, which is the most common

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