Graco Nautilus Gravity Car Seat

Graco Nautilus Gravity Car Seat – The Nautilus R44 easily transitions from a forward facing harness mode to a high back harness mode, making it adaptable to your growing baby.

Strong stability comes with reinforced steel running through the seat frame, providing great structure and durability.

Graco Nautilus Gravity Car Seat

Graco Nautilus Gravity Car Seat

Parents will love the one-armed headrest, while children will enjoy the comfort of all 3.

Graco Nautilus For Sale

Nautilus R44 Designed for children who are ready to ride in a forward-facing car seat, the Nautilus R44 is the perfect choice for families with many adventures ahead. With a 3-way seat, cup holder and pockets to store games and snacks, your child will enjoy those long journeys – saving you a lot of ‘yet-yet’.

As your child grows, the Nautilus R44 quickly adapts from a booster seat to a high back seat.

Yes, you can wash the cover of your washing machine in cold water only on the gentle cycle. Hang dry and do not bleach.

Forward-facing belt system: approx. Secure your child in the car seat using a 5-point harness from 1 to 4 years (9-18 kg). To install the car seat, use a 3-point harness.

Child’s Car Seat

Forward-facing high-back lift model: approx. 4 years to 12 years (15-36 kg). Secure your child in the car seat using the 3-point car seat belt.

To wash the cover: Machine wash in cold water at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle only and dry. Do not use bleach.

Periodically inspect and clean the seat belt to remove any debris or debris that may prevent proper installation.

Graco Nautilus Gravity Car Seat

To clean the belt: wash the surface with mild soap and a damp cloth only. Do not immerse the seat belt in water, as this may weaken the straps. When you make a purchase through a link on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, but this will never affect our product selection.

Graco Nautilus Lx Harnessed Booster Car Seat, Group 1/2/3 (approx. 1 To 12 Years, 9 36 Kg), Steeple Gray

The award winning Group 1/2/3 car seat is great and lasts from 9 months to 12 years – but not ISOFIX compatible.

Graco is an American baby products company founded over 75 years ago with a reputation for uniquely American style and great value.

Pushchairs, nursery products and car seats are among the brand’s range of products, with the Graco Nautilus Elite Group 1/2/3 car seats priced at £149.99.

The Graco Nautilus Elite is designed as a forward-facing car seat to carry your little one between 9 months and 12 years (9-36 kg).

Graco Nautilus Owner’s Manual Pdf Download

It improves upon the original Nautilus design with, among other things, additional padding and a wide adjustable headrest.

Nautilus Elite has a steel frame and side impact protection system, five-position seating and two standing positions. It also comes with storage pockets and a cup holder.

Comfort, practicality and value for money were judged by the judges at the 2017 awards, where the seat won the silver gong in the Best Range Car Seat category.

Graco Nautilus Gravity Car Seat

The difference between Elite and Milestone – Graco’s other flagship car seat – is that Milestone is designed to be used from birth.

Graco Nautilus® Combination Car Seat

The Elite is advertised as “the last car seat you’ll ever need”, while the Milestone is “the only car seat you’ll ever need”. The Elite is slightly heavier at 9.4kg and 50cm wide than the Milestone which weighs 8.7kg and is 45cm wide.

A similar group of 1/2/3 car seats include the Joey Transcend (£180), the Kiddie PhoenixFix3 (£224.99), although this only lasts until your child is 4, and the Cosatto Hubbub (£185) .

Puneet: The Graco Nautilus Elite can be used for children between the ages of 9 months to 12 years or up to 140 cm tall. I tested the seat for my daughters, Tara, 3, and Millie, 6. My son Arjun, 10, refused to get in! We went on long and short trips.

Liz: The seat is almost ready to use – we just have to attach the elastic band to the all-black cover and attach the 5-point seat belt in one of the two positions, depending on the seat. the size. the traveler

Graco Nautilus — Автодети

It was a five minute job and the instructions were clear with good diagrams. Graco manuals cover 21 different languages ​​and are conveniently divided into three maintenance manuals.

Nautilus Elite also weighs 9kg, compared to other group 1-2-3 car seats for example Britax or Cosatto, lighter than my two children. It was easy for me to get into the car, especially with the head quickly adjusted to the lowest position. It was easy to secure when we used it for our two children, Hannah, 15 months, and Catherine, three and a half.

Liz: Like all 1/2/3 car seats, the Nautilus Elite is forward facing and can be used for children from 9 to 18 kg. It comes with a built-in 5-point seat belt, children older than 36kg (about 12 years) can use it as a high-back car seat with a 3-point seat belt.

Graco Nautilus Gravity Car Seat

I love the arm cuffs that protect either side of Catherine or Hannah’s legs. Graco’s Shell Protection System also includes a headrest that adjusts backwards and forwards, meaning baby’s head is more protected in a side impact.

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Puneet: The chair actually feels very secure. When I took it out of the box I was worried that it would look big, but since it is hard and covered, you have peace of mind knowing that your little one will be comfortable and safe.

For me, the intuitive locking mechanism to secure the seat belt is great. Many parents are not sure if they are wearing the seat belt correctly, the car seat makes it easier.

The Nautilus Elite doesn’t have an ISOFIX attachment like most 1/2/3 car seats, what do you think?

Liz: Since it doesn’t have ISOFIX, I’m confident it will fit many rental cars, which is useful since not all cars have ISOFIX (although the Renault Captur does).

Graco 汽車安全座椅, 嬰兒及兒童, 外出用品, 安全座椅在旋轉拍賣

However, ISOFIX provides the strongest connection between the seat and the car and the risk of the seat fitting is very small, so parents who have a car with this device want to do something with ISOFIX.

Graco describes the seat as having “intuitive seat belt guidance” – which is basically a clever way of saying it’s fool proof.

There are red plastic buttons and guides for all the important parts, such as seat belt positions for securing the seat for small children, buttons for adjusting the headrest and guide points for older children to use the 3-point seat belt in the car.

Graco Nautilus Gravity Car Seat

Liz: Catherine was the first person to try the Nautilus Elite and found it enjoyable. She immediately liked the roomy pockets for storing small toys, crayons and a coloring book.

Bambino Car Seat

When we put Hannah in the Nautilus Elite, she was very comfortable. It weighs 10.9kg and is 76cm long and sits comfortably with an extra cushion built into the seat belt.

My six-year-old nephew tried to measure it and was promptly defeated. He liked the comfortable padded armrests and the storage pockets and cups, which is enough for him (even if he drinks juice, not a cappuccino).

However, the padding around the testicle belt was also poorly designed – the Velcro was not deep, so it wrapped around the baby and provided little comfort.

Puneet: I love that the car seat is so covered. I’ve had car seats before that were so hard you could feel the plastic under the covers, but this one doesn’t have that problem.

Graco Car Seat 9

Milly has often said that she thinks her sister Tara should sit in this chair because it is more comfortable than the other chairs we have.

Puneet: A 5-point harness actually grows with your child. This is a welcome relief – you don’t have to carry a separate car seat to put it back in as the baby grows – I’ve done that before and it’s great! The 5-point seat belt can be used until the child reaches 18 kg, after which you must use the car seat belt to fasten the child.

Liz: The center of the 5 point harness is frustrating, it’s hard for me to connect the two parts and keep them in place. I need two hands every time I close it, and with an uncooperative or irritable child, I think it can be a two-person job to close your card.

Graco Nautilus Gravity Car Seat

Puneet: The adjustable headrest has five different height positions and is very easy to operate with just one hand. Bending over is cool too – little Tara who is now 3 always sleeps in the car, it’s a relief to see her laying on her head instead of falling forward on your lap!

Graco Nautilus Elite

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