Golf Cart Seats For Sale

Golf Cart Seats For Sale – Adding a golf cart back seat kit or a custom golf cart seat cushion kit to your cart are two of the most popular products among our customers! But with so many options on the market and varying levels of quality and cost, it’s important to know a little about golf cart seats before you buy a new seat for your cart. Today we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know about golf cart back seats, golf cart front seats, golf cart seat cushions and seat covers, and golf cart seat belts so you can make the best decision when buying any of them. . Add items to your cart.

The most frequently used golf carts come from the factory with 2-person front seats, in “bench” design. These seats are usually available in standard factory colors such as brown, white, stone or black. Because golf carts are used for golfing, they have a bag storage area behind the front seats to hold the clubs while golfing. This area usually has room for two full-size golf bags and a small storage basket behind the front seats (for storing personal items).

Golf Cart Seats For Sale

Golf Cart Seats For Sale

Modern golf carts are only used for one round of golf. And when a golf cart ends at the local golf course, it usually begins an even more exciting second life in the real world! Today, golf carts are used in lake houses, race courses, neighborhoods, concert venues, and any other purpose you can dream up. And efficient use of a golf cart requires more seating for such activities (besides golf). This means that golf cart owners usually want to replace their rear bag with more seats to carry more passengers (or cargo). And many golf cart owners are happy to use the opportunity to buy new seats to give their cart a more stylish look!

Can You Put A Car Seat In A Golf Cart?

Because of this, it’s no surprise that golf cart back seat kits and custom golf cart seats are among the most popular golf cart accessories on the market. We sell more golf cart back seats and front seats than anyone else on the internet, so let us teach you everything you need to know about golf cart seats, seat cushions and back seats!

When choosing a golf cart rear seat kit, custom golf cart front or rear seat, factory replacement seat, or any type of golf cart seat cover (front or back) for your golf cart, there are a few things to consider. Consider in advance:

If you still don’t know the answers to these questions, or if you’re still trying to decide which direction to go with golf cart seat adjustments, that’s okay! You are in a good place and have many opportunities; From easy to wild. Before you upgrade your golf cart seats or add a golf cart rear seat kit to your cart, here are some general considerations.

After golf cart wheels and tires, the second most popular golf cart accessory on the market is the golf cart back seat kit. The golf cart back seat replaces the bag in the back of the cart with a back seat. This rear golf cart seat is almost identical to the front golf cart seat, but usually has a slightly shorter back. Best of all, this new extra seat allows the basket to carry four passengers (5 or six if you have small children)!

Front & Rear Staple On Seat Covers

Golf cart rear seats allow cargo to be carried, as almost all modern golf cart rear seat kits have a “fold-down” feature that allows it to fold into a useful cargo bed when not carrying an extra passenger:

(Pictured above: The cargo bed function that folds down the back seat of the golf cart. Makes it easy to transport coolers, firewood and other heavy items!)

If the cargo bed is fixed (folded back), there is a rear seat for passengers!

Golf Cart Seats For Sale

In addition to the fold/flip cargo feature, your golf cart backseat kit likely includes other very useful backseat accessories:

Custom Golf Cart Seats

One of the great things about buying rear seat kits is that most kits are color matched to the factory front seats. This ensures that the basket will have a consistent and professionally finished appearance (like it came from the factory). If you look at all the pictures above, you can see that the black vinyl seat covers on the Yamaha Drive (G29) kart aftermarket rear seat kit match the black seat covers on the front of the kart perfectly. Good!

However, some of our customers want something a little more unique than a factory color-matched set of rear seats. So let’s take a look at all the customization options, front and back, when it comes to custom golf cart seats.

After rear seat kits, custom golf cart seat cushions and golf cart seat covers are the next most popular products our customers offer for their cart seats. People confuse the two, but the primary differences between golf cart seat covers and golf cart seat cushions are:

We carry custom front and rear seat cushions as well as standard front and rear seat covers that can instantly give your go-kart a new look (on any budget). We also supply factory replacement seat covers and seat cushions.

Ezgo Rxv Premium Onward Style Golf Cart Seat

Custom Stitchable Golf Cart Seat Covers Reuse your existing seat cushions (as long as the foam is in good condition) for an affordable and easy way to give your cart a semi-custom look. Seat covers come in a variety of unique colors and patterns and are stapled directly to the seat’s factory seat cushions. Custom seat covers do not change the shape (or comfort) of your factory seats, their shiny/fresh material breathes new life into your old golf cart seats! Many shoppers choose this route to get the most bang for their buck when it comes to getting a custom look.

If you want to give your golf cart (old or new) a completely unique look and really want to increase the comfort of your golf cart seats with wide bolsters, high backs, and high quality upholstery, you should go. unique seat cushion with cover. I want

Custom golf cart seat cushions are typically designed to give your cart a sporty or classy, ​​unique look while offering more comfort than factory seats. These seat covers are available in a variety of cushion sizes and thicknesses, as well as material types from vinyl to high-quality Italian leather.

Golf Cart Seats For Sale

Custom seat cushions are more affordable than you might think, but the price adds up quickly depending on what seat cover you want to add to your cart. When choosing custom golf cart seat cushions, it’s important to choose one of the best brands in the industry, some of which include:

Evolution Ev Golf Cart Custom Diamond Stich Seat Covers Black Diamond

If your seat covers are faded or peeling due to age, ordering new factory covers can be the fastest and cheapest way to breathe new life into your golf cart. As long as your seat cushion foam is in good condition, you can replace your seat cover with a new factory color set and get a whole new look in your basket!

If the factory foam on your car seat is ripped, torn, or otherwise in terrible shape, it’s time to replace it. Seat covers must be foam to ensure fit/look and maximum rider comfort. Fortunately, seat foam cushions are cheap and easy to replace.

If you want to improve the seating position in your basket, there are a few options. But if you already have an idea of ​​what you want in your basket, it’s time to start browsing! Click on one of the categories below to get started:

Because golf carts are used at low speeds and off-road (on golf courses), their seats usually do not have seat belts. They also have armrests. So keep this in mind when you decide to set up your golf cart seat! See terms and conditions and apply now – opens in new window or tab for PayPal credit

Evolution Ev Golf Cart American Sportster High Back Premium Seats W/ar

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