Get Cheapest Car Rental Rates

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Sixt offers the cheapest monthly rental. Thrifty, Hertz, Dollar, Avis and Budget also offer some of the best long-term car rental rates

Get Cheapest Car Rental Rates

Get Cheapest Car Rental Rates

A long-term rental may be the best option if your car is in the shop for long-term repairs or you are working in a new area for several months. All major landlords offer long-term rentals at lower prices. Some offer discounts after a month, while others require two months or more to get the discount. We at the Guides Auto team have compared the best car rental companies and will rate our top picks for long-term rentals below.

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Our team compares long-term rental prices in Orlando for various companies. We look at agent monthly rental fees at Orlando International Airport (MCO) as well as at non-airport locations in the Orlando area. Overall, the average long-term rental is about $1,603 per month. Rents in MCO tend to be slightly more expensive ($1,632 per month) and non-airport locations are slightly cheaper ($1,602 per month).

Sometimes you can save money by paying rent in advance. However, we found that most agencies do not offer this option for long-term rentals.

According to our rental price study, Sixt, Thrifty and Hertz have the cheapest long-term rental cars. Below you can see various popular agencies listed by long-term car rental costs. This average represents the cheapest vehicle for each offer and includes unlimited mileage. Prices are higher for minivans, SUVs or luxury cars. All fees here and elsewhere in this article include taxes and fees:

We’ve listed individual offers from each provider below. You can see that the cheapest vehicle varies depending on the company and location of the car rental company. We were surprised to find that a pickup truck is the cheapest long-term rental option at some agencies, although you’ll pay more for gas if you choose to do so.

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Some companies such as Thrifty and Hertz charge cheaper car rental prices at locations outside the airport. Smaller agencies may only have locations at international airports – this is true for dollars in our analysis. In addition, Avis and Budget are the only agencies that offer discounts on advance payments for long-term rentals:

Based on our cost data, Sixt, Thrifty and Hertz are the top three providers in our long-term rental comparison.

Sixt is the cheapest long-term rental company overall. While other companies offer different rates for neighborhood and airport rentals, we found that Sixt offers fairly similar rates in both types of locations. Rent for six is ‚Äč‚Äčabout $1,184 per month at MCO and $1,220 per month at neighborhood locations.

Get Cheapest Car Rental Rates

Thrifty offers affordable prices for long-term car rentals. This company is owned by Hertz but offers its own experience and rates. Our team found prices starting at $1,087 in Orlando neighborhood locations. At the airport, Thrifty charges $1,497, which is still cheaper than the industry average. The cheapest long-term rental vehicles on Thrifty are small cars and mid-range sedans.

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Hertz is another affordable option for long-term car rentals. Discount rates start for bookings of 63 days or more. However, there is one caveat: In our analysis, Hertz is only cheap for locations outside the airport. The company charges $1,104 for monthly rent at the neighborhood location. However, the price has increased significantly to $1,709 to rent in MCO.

So shop around if you want to rent a car from Hertz. The good news is that this company has so many locations (more than 10,000 worldwide) that you can find an alternative to the airport almost anywhere.

We had to mention Sixt a second time because it offers something unique in the industry: a car rental subscription. By subscribing to Sixt+, you pay a monthly rate for a vehicle at 39 locations in major cities.

Subscriptions require an upfront payment of $199 and monthly subscription fees start at $649 for the midsize sedan. You can buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee for $809 or a BMW X3 for $869 a month. This price includes 1,000 free miles. For about $60 a month, you can increase your mileage limit to 2,000 miles. Either way, Sixt+ is a great deal if you need a long-term rental at one of our locations.

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Another option for long-term car rentals is Turo. The car-sharing marketplace lists thousands of vehicle owners across the country – and many of them are open to long-term rentals. Here are some of the prices our team found for monthly rentals on Turo:

Keep in mind that the cheapest cars you find on Turo will be older. Car rental companies usually offer cars up to one or two years old, but on Turo, vehicles can be up to 12 years old.

Some things you can do to find a cheaper rental option include contacting the car rental company, adjusting your pick-up date, and checking prices on travel websites.

Get Cheapest Car Rental Rates

Many rental locations have limited hours on weekends. So, you have more options if you can be flexible with pick-up and delivery dates. Rental demand during peak seasons or holidays can also affect the price you find. Check prices for different dates if you can avoid renting for several days of your trip.

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The online form does not necessarily reflect all long-term leases offered by the company. Some companies have special agents dedicated to helping tenants with special needs. Try contacting several companies before booking a long-term rental online. You may be able to arrange recurring monthly payments instead of paying it all up front.

Landlords offer many extras that are not always needed. You can forget about full comprehensive insurance (LDW) if you have full comprehensive insurance. You may also consider turning down roadside assistance, as it may be cheaper to get coverage directly from AAA or your insurance company.

In most cases, you can save hundreds per month by using an off-airport rental location. It’s worth shopping around at locations outside the airport to see if you can get a good deal. However, some smaller companies only have airport locations, while others offer cheaper rates at the airport.

You can often find cheaper car rental prices from car rental companies on travel websites like Priceline and Travelocity. However, not all travel sites offer long-term rentals beyond 30 days. For example, Expedia will not allow us to select rentals longer than 30 days. Instead, Travelocity and Priceline do. Both companies gave us the same Pay Now rate of $999 for a month’s compact car rental.

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It doesn’t matter if you want to go on a road trip for a month or your car is in the shop for a long time because it needs a new engine: you can book a long-term rental with every major car rental company. Our team found that the cheapest options are Sixt, Thrifty and Hertz. However, you should compare rates from other companies as prices vary depending on your situation.

According to our car rental price analysis, Sixt is the company with the best long-term rental prices, with an average price of $1,202. Other agencies such as Hertz and Thrifty also offer some of the cheapest monthly rental cars on the market.

Our analysis shows that, on average, monthly car rentals start at around $1,603. This can vary depending on the company, vehicle and type of rental location. You can often save money by avoiding long-term airport rental opportunities.

Get Cheapest Car Rental Rates

Turo is a safe platform for short and long term rentals, but you still need to be careful. Beware of phishing scams that ask for your login information. Since this is a public market, you should be careful when meeting foreigners and take pictures of any damage to previous vehicles.

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Depending on your situation, some retailers will allow you to enter into a short-term rental agreement of 12 months. However, with a short-term lease, you pay a lot of depreciation on the vehicle in the first year of ownership. That is why dealers offer a three-year lease contract as a traditional term.

Most companies offer discounts if you rent a car for a long period, starting from a month. Therefore, it is usually cheaper to rent a car for a month than for four weeks. Note that one-way rentals are more expensive regardless of the length of the rental.

Because users rely on us to provide objective and accurate information, we created a comprehensive rating system to rank the best car rental companies. We collected data on several car rental providers to rate them based on five key ranking factors. The final result is an overall ranking for each supplier, with the company with the most points at the top of the list. This post may contain affiliate links. Traveling Well For Less has partnered with Your Best Credit Card to protect our credit card products. Some or all of the displayed map offerings come from advertisers and may influence how and where map products appear on the website. This website does not cover all card companies or all available cards

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