Garage Sales Garage Sale Canberra Region

Garage Sales Garage Sale Canberra Region – The world’s largest garage sale is expected to bring 400,000 people to the streets on Saturday, October 24, in search of bargains.

During last year’s Garage Trail Sale, 2.9 million used items were sold at more than 8,000 garage sales.

Garage Sales Garage Sale Canberra Region

Garage Sales Garage Sale Canberra Region

Emma Keightley took her children Oliver, 9, and Amy Manning, 10, to the garage sale trail on Oct. 24. Photo: Jay Cronan

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“We’re packing up the house and renting it out, so we’re sorting through our stuff to figure out what we don’t want to keep,” she said.

“I was thinking about donating half the proceeds from our trip to a charity – maybe Cambodia – and the registry gave me an idea and I just wanted to see what my husband thought about the plan and decide on a charity.”

Community groups also organize weekend garage sales, such as the North Belconnan Giant Community Garage Sale at North Belconnan Baptist Church.

There are over 60 stalls, a bouncy castle, face painting, live music and sausage sizzle.

How To Advertise A Garage Sale

The Garage Sale Trail was started in 2010 by Andrew Valder and Darryl Nichols to reduce the amount of trash going into landfills.

Gentlemen. Ward said garage sales are a way to encourage people to recycle unwanted items and give value to global resources. Start an ACT Garage Sale. Photo: Elliott Williams

As part of the campaign, more than 400 ACT households will collect unused items and participate in 20,000 garage sales across the country on October 19 and 20.

Garage Sales Garage Sale Canberra Region

The ACT Government has expressed support for the initiative, with Recycling and Waste Reduction Minister Chris Steel saying the government was committed to preventing household products from ending up in landfill.

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Mr Steele said: “We encourage households to hold garage sales, register with the authorities and recycle items by selling them to people who may want to use things that would otherwise end up in landfill.”

Recycling and Waste Reduction Minister Chris Steel models the Trail Blazer, a jacket designed for him by artist Jeff McCann to recycle household items, while Instead of sending them to landfill. Photo: Elliott Williams

He also encouraged Canberrans to “upcycle” unused items – turning them into new items with new uses.

At the start of Friday’s event, Mr. Steele wore a “Trail Blazer” jacket, a jacket designed by artist Jeff McCann to highlight the theme of recycling. He was joined by Garage Sale Trail general manager Barbara Gill, who wore a bright wool jacket decorated with tchotchkes from garage sales and garage sales.

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He said the jacket highlighted Australia’s waste problem and while not all second-hand items were as good as his jacket, he said people could find “anything” this year.

The launch also featured a 1970s-themed lounge designed by ACT designer Candice Addicoat and furnished with items from The Green Shed. The lounge will open on Monday in Alinga Street and on Tuesday in Garema Place.

Mr Steele said Canberrans who wanted to be part of the garage sale trend should register so people knew where they were and could reach as many customers as possible. Registration is free and can be completed online to view an interactive map. Anyone who wants to donate old items can do so through Givit, an organization that works with donors.

Garage Sales Garage Sale Canberra Region

I’ve been a reporter for The Canberra Times since 2017 and, as a proud Canberran, I’m honored to tell the stories of my city. I now cover public affairs and explore the ins and outs of a very important part of our city. Email: elliot.williams@400,000 Australians will hit the garage sale trail this year to upcycle two million kilograms of goods and save them from landfill.

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Garage sales only take place one weekend a year, so consider what a difference year-round recycling can make. Below is a selection of some of the main routes you can use again on the Blazing Path.

If you’ve left a bulky item on the garage sale trail, sign up for free bulky trash pickup. The annual collection is great and saves you the trouble of tipping. A maximum of two cubic meters per household is collected per year.

You can drop off items up to two days before your pickup date and you don’t need to be home to collect them.

All bulky trash must be left behind your property boundary in an easily accessible location (except behind garages, trailers, and behind gates or fences) by 7 a.m. on the day of collection.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so clear out your closet of unused items and give them to someone who can use them. Many charities and community groups offer support throughout the year to those who are struggling and need items. See the Givit details you need now.

Sites like trusted neighborhood network Nextdoor allow you to promote items for sale in your local community and create listings for free. You can list anything from designer bags to motorcycles and find people near you to give new life to your favorite items. Visit to get started!

Charity and thrift shops are great options for buying clothes, accessories and books in good condition. If you’re not sure, think: ‘Should I give this to a friend? Of course, yes! Yes, I would.’ Find your nearest store at and check in during opening hours Go to avoid leaving items on the street and consider your donation higher than the cost.

Garage Sales Garage Sale Canberra Region

Check out YouTube for helpful tutorials to help you become proficient with a gun, scissors, or needlework. Or ask someone to help. Most local Man Caves offer home repair services. Find a shed near you at

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If you want to update your wardrobe affordably, join one of the many clothing swaps across Australia. Search for events near you or check out the great events organized by the good people at The Clothing Exchange

Instead of wearing fancy dress for special occasions (you know you’ll only wear it once, right?), rent or borrow something. There are now many online stores offering designer clothing for rent at great prices, which means you can buy on-trend clothing for less and do your bit for the planet.

Well, not everything can be recycled. For items that have reached the end of their useful life, check your local council’s website or visit the Encyclopedia website for details on how to recycle everything from mattresses to light bulbs and X-ray film. .

X Leaving unwanted items at the border or outside operational stores for someone else to dispose of them – not only is this illegal, but it also leaves charities and local communities with the cost of clean-up. Neighborhood: Garage sales are a great way to get to know your neighbors. Last year, each Garage Trail participant formed an average of 22 new social connections.

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A lot of “good stuff” can be made by simply shopping and selling at garage sales.

Garage sales are more than just a business that provides someone with a little extra cash and a bargain for someone else, it also brings communities together, helps protect the environment and improves people’s wellbeing.

Andrew Valder co-founded the Garage Sale Trail six years ago with Darryl Nichols to encourage people to use their junk and take responsibility for their waste , and have some fun along the way.

Garage Sales Garage Sale Canberra Region

“At a time when we are more isolated than ever, events such as garage sale trails that bring communities together can have important social consequences,” Mr Wald said.

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“Hosting a garage sale and getting to know your neighbors means you are contributing to a healthy, happy and thriving community.”

This year’s garage sale will be held on Saturday, October 22nd. You can register for your garage sale for free at Bargain hunters can find places to find treasure.

Fortune: You never know what might happen to your neighbor. Last year, nearly 3 million used items were sold through the Garage Sale Trail.

Mr Wald said attending a garage sale was an opportunity to stop and think about our impact on the planet and what we could do to make a difference.

Canberra Street, Oxley Park

Last year, nearly 3 million second-hand items were sold at more than 13,000 registered garage auction sites along Australia’s Garage Sale Trail. It can fill enough shopping carts to stretch for 100 kilometers.

Mr Walder said garage sales were a great way to bring the community together and get to know their neighbours.

All Garage Sale Roads from Last Year

Garage Sales Garage Sale Canberra Region

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