Dirt Bikes For Sale Florida

Dirt Bikes For Sale Florida – These days, dual sport bikes are spectacular. They are comparable to dedicated dirt bikes in performance, weight and technology. But man, are they expensive? It’s hard to walk out the door with a new Beta, KTM or Husky for less than $10,000. This sends most of us to the used bike market in search of deals.

This offer applies to bikes that are at least 10 years old. They are rated for their value and off-road capability. The selected bikes represent the middle of the bell curve in terms of size. We haven’t included large adventure bikes or small RV bumper bikes.

Dirt Bikes For Sale Florida

Dirt Bikes For Sale Florida

We’re forced to put these bikes at the top of the list because they stink so much. But they are not cheap. It’s hard to find an old EXC for sale because people keep them until they die. So expect to pay a premium of around $6,000. The reason the KTM is so high on the bargain list is because you can expect a return on your investment when you sell the bike. If you sell the bike. Click here for an article about the 2010 KTM 530.

Kawasaki Kx250 Full Restoration

KTM first legalized the EXC line for road use in 2007 after Husqvarna proved it was possible. Back in 2007, KTM still made the older RFS engine, but don’t let that put you off. This motorcycle is excellent in every way, in both 450cc and 525cc (510cc) configurations. The only problem is that most of the 2007s have already been driven into the ground and they still fetch around $4,500.

The Suzuki was and still is a great bike, just pretty old fashioned compared to the KTMs higher up the list. It’s just not as light, powerful or well-suspended as more modern dual-sport bikes. But the price is right. A Suzuki DR-Z in good condition can be had for around $3,000. Age and condition play a major role, as the Suzuki has remained virtually unchanged over the long production phase.

This bike is on the list because we love it. But you’ll probably never find one. In 2008, KTM had a new engine for its own two-sport motorcycle, but continued to produce the older RFS engine for Beta. The RS range was 100 percent road legal and the engine was spectacular. Unfortunately, fewer than 100 examples were probably imported in 2008. The numbers improved only slightly over time. Beta would produce its own engine in later years. This photo shows the dirt-only RR model ’08.

This bike has practically been the definition of dual sport for decades. It has not changed since its introduction in 1992. That’s quite an achievement. Today it feels very dated, but if you get around the tab you’ll find that it still works very well. In fact, the suspension is excellent. If it is not changed, the air-cooled engine is unbreakable. The price can be anything, but keep in mind that the MSRP new is $6,899.

New 2022 Stark Varg 60hp Base For Sale In Kissimmee, Fl

In some states, these are high-risk purchases. In California and Nevada, it is possible for the DMV to change its mind and remove a license plate even if it has been on the bike for years. In states that don’t care, like Arizona, Vermont and Florida, you can usually get a toaster license plate. The bottom line is that if you live in a strict state and your XR400R, XR600R or But it could be gone tomorrow.

In 2006, Husqvarna became the first company to street legal its regular dirt bikes with minimal DOT equipment. It was a great motorcycle, but extremely rare. BMW only bought Husqvarna in 2007 and the quantity and quality only improved years later. But any 2006 Husky you can find now has the bugs fixed and is worth about $3,000. Parts availability for Italian Huskies is fine for now. It should be noted that this bike was re-released by a company called SWM. Click here for more about SWM.

Good luck finding a street legal 2006 Husky TE250. Only a handful of them were imported. It was a good bike and more were made over time. In 2010 it was replaced by an all-new, fuel-efficient motorcycle, but it was slower in its first year. The later TE310 and 250 were fantastic, but newer and more expensive than the bikes we have here. For a TE in good condition, expect to pay $2,800. There were very few 310s based on the hardened engine, but they cost around $3500.

Dirt Bikes For Sale Florida

It’s hard to believe that the classic XR250L has been in production for almost 20 years. Honda made a whole bunch of them between 1991 and 1996 and they are all still there and working perfectly. The 250 wasn’t very fast, but was quite light for the time and had good suspension. There was no electric starter, so take care of that. A good XR can be had for around $1,700.

Ktm 50 Sx

The DR seems a bit forgotten these days, but it was a popular bike in its day. At that time, the DR was the subject of massive attempts to jump, but it withstood them all. It was best in its original form. It was an air-cooled bike with an electric start, decent power and suspension. Its disadvantage was the weight, which was typical for dual-sport bikes at the time. They are in a completely different state out there. A good example is worth $2000. Bad isn’t worth anything.

If you have a little more in the bank and don’t want to recreate a 10-year dual sport career, you’re in luck – there are plenty of options. Despite increasing regulations and stricter emissions standards, dual-sport motorcycles have continued to improve. However, one trend is discouraging. Bicycles are becoming more and more durable. You can customize anything, but the newer the bike, the more difficult the task. Be wary of used fuel-injected dual-sport motorcycles with competition exhausts. If it has not been rebuilt, the performance will be lower than the original. Here are our top ten picks for used dual-sport bikes from the last decade, rated for dirt, performance, reliability and value.

In 2012, we got the first fuel-injected KTM dual-sport motorcycle, but back then EPA emissions and noise regulations weren’t as stringent as they are today. The EXCs still had kick levers and performance in the stock configuration was decent. If you find a supply, congratulations. Most have changed, and not for the better. Hop-ups are a bit tricky – most owners swap out the black box for one from a Euro model or use a piggyback fuel modifier. If you can find a 450EXC Six-Day Edition, this is the best of its kind. The 350 is just as good, just a little harder to find.

In 2011, KTM’s dual-sport motorcycles were still equipped with Keihin FCR carburetors. Both the 530 and 450 were available, but the 530 was more popular. The performance wasn’t that different and both worked well in standard form. If you want a little more power, you can leave the carburetor (a JD jetting kit costs about $80) and modify the stock exhaust. This bike lands at the top of this list based on value alone. You can find one in the $3,000 range, but the condition of this old bike varies greatly.

Used Honda Crf 110 Dirt Bike For Sale South Florida

By 2017, the 350 engine was fully developed. Both the KTM and Husqvarna 350cc twins are great, but be aware that both bikes have become much more bottle heavy in 2017. KTM was no longer considered a small factory that could fly under the EPA’s radar. Hop-ups require someone who knows their stuff. On the used market, you can consider the KTM and Husky 350 to be fairly interchangeable. The Husky has link suspension while the KTM has PDS. There are also differences in the airbox, brakes and other components. Both are expensive to buy new and hold their value very well, but they are the best dual-sport bikes on the market if price is not an issue.

We consider the late model Beta RR-S to be the secret gems of the dual-sport class. There are four different sizes: 350, 390, 430 and 500. All are based on the same platform and differ only in caliber and stroke. In 2015, Beta received two sports injections, which she liked. The company is small enough to be exempt from many EPA emissions and noise regulations, so you get a bit more power out of stock and modifications are fairly easy. The Beta Four fuel injection cycles become a little rougher and harsher with age. The very first Beta four-stroke engines were very difficult to start, despite being electrically cranked and cranked.

No surprise here. The latest generation of Husqvarna dual sport bike is a great machine. The only reason it doesn’t end up being higher is the price. Even when used, these bikes are often in the $9,000 range. As far as engine power is concerned, the bike is very quiet

Dirt Bikes For Sale Florida

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