Cost To Lease Solar Panels

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Check out our detailed guide to solar leasing, including the pros and cons of solar leasing and other financing options.

Cost To Lease Solar Panels

Cost To Lease Solar Panels

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Homeowners considering solar panels have several purchase options, including cash, a solar loan, or a solar lease. While a cash purchase may be possible if you have the funds, there are also ways to buy solar with no upfront costs – such as solar leasing.

With solar leasing, you pay a monthly fee to the solar company to use the solar panels without directly owning the equipment. In this article, we at Home Guides will show you what you need to know about solar leasing, including the concept of solar leasing and the pros and cons of this financing option.

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The Real Cost Of Leasing Vs. Buying Solar Panels

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Cost To Lease Solar Panels

Solar leasing means paying a monthly fee for the use of solar panels installed on your home, but owned by the lessee. You can use all the electricity produced by the solar system, thereby reducing your monthly electricity bill. Leasing generally follows the following principles:

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Leasing solar makes financial sense if you can’t afford high upfront costs and your monthly payment will be less than the savings on your electric bill. In this case, your energy savings will reduce your out-of-pocket costs and result in net savings. Leasing solar panels may not be the best option if your monthly payment is greater than or equal to the savings on your electric bill. If the price of electricity falls even slightly, renting solar energy could be more expensive than using the grid.

As with any agreement, solar leases have terms and conditions that you should read carefully. Leasing providers may allow you to keep your solar panels after the contract ends, but there may be times when you need to purchase the system to keep it.

Since the solar leasing provider assumes all financing and maintenance costs, your contract will likely have early termination penalties. However, leasing providers may give you the option to end your lease early if you buy solar panels at a fixed price.

As with any buying decision, solar leasing has its pros and cons. The main advantage is the transfer of all investment, installation and maintenance costs to the service provider. Therefore, if the system requires service during the card’s validity, the service provider is responsible. The downside is that you have to use the energy savings to cover your monthly payments. He also does not receive financial benefits, such as federal and state tax breaks, that only the owner of the legal system can claim.

Solar Panel Cost (2024)

Another downside to leasing solar is that if you decide to sell your home before the lease is up, you’re likely to run into problems.

You may want to end your solar lease early if you move to a new home, are unhappy with the lease, or decide to have your own front door.

Unfortunately, solar contracts typically last 15 to 25 years and are rarely easy to get out of without legal action. Many service providers do not allow landlords to cancel the lease for less. Instead, there are generally three options for early termination of a solar lease:

Cost To Lease Solar Panels

A solar card is a long-term commitment. If you’re planning to move before your contract expires or aren’t ready to sign a ten-year contract, you may want to renegotiate your solar contract. If you decide to rent a bed, be sure to read the cancellation details in advance because cancellations can be expensive.

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In most cases, a solar lease offers lower monthly payments but also less savings than a cash purchase or solar loan. Leasing avoids the upfront cost of solar panels, which average $15,000 to $20,000. You can also avoid the upfront costs with a solar loan, but the financial requirements are stricter than solar leasing. For example, a solar loan typically requires a minimum credit score and possible down payment, which a solar lease does not.

Solar panels also outsource system maintenance to a service provider, although solar panels generally don’t require much maintenance other than routine cleaning.

However, we do not recommend choosing to lease if you have the option of buying with cash or a solar loan. You can achieve significant savings by owning solar panels without having to lease a system. As the owner of a solar system, you also get tax breaks and rebates, some of which you can’t claim under a lease.

Sunrun is our top pick for solar leasing because of the unique financing programs it offers. The company also offers prepaid and monthly solar rentals, allowing customers to pay in advance or monthly. You can also finance your system through the Sunrun BrightAdvantage Solar Loan Program.

Reasons Why You Should Not Lease Your Solar Panels

In addition to its many financing options, Sunrun installs high-quality solar panels from Tier 1 manufacturers, but its website does not list which brands it sells. Sunrun also installs LG Chem and Tesla Powerwall battery systems.

Pros Offer additional solar insurance to protect against theft and damage Solar deals include free system monitoring and maintenance Two lease options including monthly and 25-year lease Cons Limited information on solar on website and the price of a short building warranty compared to some competitors.

While Sunrun has a number of purchase options – including cash, loans, leases and long-term contracts – it focuses on solar leasing. You can choose between a monthly lease or a 25-year prepayment with low rates. In both cases, you will receive free sunglasses service for the duration of the card. Sunrun can transfer the contract to a new owner if you move.

Cost To Lease Solar Panels

World Solar Energy installs high quality solar panels from Silfab, LONGi, Qcells and REC. Also installs Tesla Powerwall, Enphase IQ and SolarEdge home batteries. In addition, the company also offers an energy production guarantee for the first year – if your solar system does not deliver at least 90% of the estimated savings, you can receive financial compensation of 200% of the lost savings.

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Pros Has a longer warranty than most competitors Installs high-quality solar panels, inverters and batteries Many good customer reviews from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​Cons Only guarantees energy production for one year, which the system owner must pay extra to maintain a monitoring service

According to the company’s website, rental fees at World Energy Energy are 20-30% less than what you pay on your monthly electricity bill. World Solar has a lock-in plan that ensures that the rental cost does not increase during the lease term.

If you sell your home while you have an active solar lease with Solar Energy World, you can transfer it to the new owner. You can cancel the lease by covering the remaining months at the same time.

Momentum Solar has a wide range of products and many configuration options. He installs solar panels from many top brands such as Canadian Solar, JinkoSolar, LONGi, Qcells, REC, Silfab, Maxeon and Trina Solar. In some areas, Enphase IQ also sells battery storage systems.

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Momentum Solar provides solar incentives and net metering programs to customers nationwide. These programs can increase the return on investment of your solar panel purchase, and Momentum can ensure that your solar project is compliant.

Benefits Extensive experience with solar incentives and net metering programs. It sells solar panels to several leading manufacturers. Consumers can use a smartphone app to monitor solar panel output Disadvantages No performance guarantee

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