Christchurch New Zealand Real Estate For Sale

Christchurch New Zealand Real Estate For Sale – New data from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand shows the average price in the city was $503,000 in September.

It rose from $495,000 in August and $475,000 from the same time last year – a jump of 5.9 percent.

Christchurch New Zealand Real Estate For Sale

Christchurch New Zealand Real Estate For Sale

But that doesn’t compare to Auckland house prices of $1.25 million in September, up 35.1 per cent year-on-year, a city record. Auckland’s prime location is $955,000.

Property For Sale In Christchurch

The number of homes for sale in Christchurch rose by 24.6 per cent to 760 last month, compared to 520 in the same period last year.

“Especially in the sub-$500,000 range, where many buyers are starting to look to get on the property ladder.

“Open houses are becoming more popular and attendance is increasing, resulting in faster sales and higher pricing pressure.”

It came as Ray White announced a 100 per cent clearance rate at the auction in Christchurch on Friday.

North Street, Palmerston North Central, Palmerston North Sold

Ray White New Zealand South Island regional manager Jane Meyer says there is no better example of why it remains a seller’s market.

“We continue to see amazing results for our sellers every week and this is further proof that now is the time to list and sell your property.

“Getting 100 per cent under the hammer for nine properties in one event is great in any market and there’s no doubt the Christchurch market is hot right now.”

Christchurch New Zealand Real Estate For Sale

Ray White Morris & Co boss Stuart Morris said he had celebrated a hat-trick of hammer sales, with two properties also sold before the event.

Buying Property In New Zealand: The Complete Guide

“We had competitive bidding on all three properties, but the standout was the $764,000 sale of 17 Epsom Drive in Rangiora which went ahead, but the bid went ahead.”

Completing the hat-trick for Morris was 39 West Belt in Rangiora which sold for $717,000 and 451 Johns Road in Fernside which went under the hammer for $632,000.

How the Greens’ PR machine is completely broken – and what all businesses can learn Jan 17 04:17 AM

EV owners: RUCs will cost us twice what petrol car owners pay in fuel tax 17 Jan 02:30 AMOOUE one of the country’s most famous historic houses in North Canterbury, situated on one of the most popular farms in the area, for sale.

Designer Cottage, Christchurch

Claremont, a Georgian-style house built in 1866 from locally cut limestone blocks is home to a sheep, cattle and deer farm with 362 cattle and a finishing farm 17 miles north-west of Amberley. and 63 kilometers north of central Christchurch. Peter Crean and John Davison of PGG Wrightson Real Estate, Christchurch offer the house to the market, with or without a farm.

Peter says individually that the Claremont farm and house have been chosen as real prizes, and together they present the ideal buyer with a unique vision.

“In the Waipara wine region near Christchurch, Claremont serves as a sanctuary, but offers many opportunities to the new owner. Unlike the stone-fronted, timber-framed buildings common in its era , Claremont follows the ancient construction methods of Mediterranean leather and mud, proven for two thousand years.

Christchurch New Zealand Real Estate For Sale

“Nothing is lacking in terms of luxury, the house is a 587 square meter building that has been recently extensively renovated to the highest standards of elegance and style, thus combining all the benefits of modernity. – now and time details. 100 square meters. buyers can also buy one or two of the adjacent land titles of the same size.

Christchurch Real Estate: Commercial Property Experts

“Marketed as Claremont Country Estate, for ten years prior to 2012, this house was used as a five-star lodge, grouped together with Huka Lodge, Blanket Bay and Kauri Cliffs. During this time, Claremont is nominated twice in the World Tourism Organization. Awards, also in the Harper Hideaway Report, the most famous hospitality and tourism magazine in the United States, as the New Zealand Grand Prize winner. When Claremont Country Estate stopped business in the past ten years, returning the house to its original function as a family sanctuary, the new owner can easily start a unique tourism business,” he said.

In addition to the house, the property is completed by a caretaker’s house of approximately 115 square meters with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Built in 2004, the cottage is fully insulated, double glazed and has four heat pumps.

“The farm’s facilities include a four-bay woolshed, covered yards, and separate sheep and cattle paddocks, as well as other high-quality buildings, good wing divisions and access courses. On this property for 14 years, the current tenant is available for marriage on this very beautiful farm, it should be a popular choice for the new owner.”

As well as being one of the most successful cattle properties in North Canterbury, Claremont has further development potential.

Christchurch Real Estate Market Update May 2023

Claremont’s high level of lime lends itself well to truffles and truffles. Among New Zealand’s first commercial truffle farmers, Claremont’s was established in the mid-1990s, and last year produced the largest truffle in the south weighing less than 1.5 kilograms. . Meanwhile, a Pinot Noir vineyard has just been planted. Although none of these are proposed in this sale, the expansion of viticulture, truffles, or both, provides different types of income with little impact on the current farm. Olives are another opportunity,” says Peter.

Surrounded by 7.25 kilometers of the Waipara River, including the outstanding natural beauty of the Waipara Gorge, Claremont’s geology provides additional beauty.

“An impressive limestone rock with a 90-metre drop crosses the property. It includes a natural rock figure with the image of a face wearing a hat, hence it is known as the Bishop’s Head rock. It is meters high. 45, the Bishop’s Head compares the presidents’ heads to Mount Rushmore, which is less than 20 meters high.

Christchurch New Zealand Real Estate For Sale

“Also in the river there are many stones similar to Moeraki Boulders. They are called by the name of the place Marbles of God, and in the last hundred years they have been taken to the museums of the world. There are half of twelve at the entrance. of the Auckland Domain. In 2004, it was discovered that one of these stones was naturally broken, and it contained a full head of remains of the masa,” Peter o said.

Christchurch Regional Office Office

“The limestone at this site contains one of the richest Cretaceous deposits in New Zealand, a 70-million-year-old fossil record that includes plesiosaurs, mosasaurs, 16 species of sharks prehistoric, the oldest penguins, large and very small. than the earth and the border of KT, evidence of meteor dust covering the earth causing the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Claremont includes many forests. In addition to a man-made pool with an island, many other development opportunities abound for the buyer looking to decorate in Claremont.

In addition, under the Hurunui District Plan, the new owner of Claremont will be allowed to create lifestyle subdivisions of four hectares or larger, which could facilitate the garden housing model. agriculture for the development of rural life, which includes several small groups of houses in care areas. units with agricultural land jointly under a manager or tenant farmer.

With different sizes, the property will make certain demands on the new owner, even if it reaches the first one.

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“Our dealer bought the Claremont in 1997, the only time it changed hands in four generations. In his opinion, finding a ‘trophy’ property like this doesn’t make you owner. . Someone who brings that philosophy will benefit greatly from being hired at Claremont,” said Peter.

The Claremont is for sale by private treaty, with offers sought from 2pm on Friday 25 November 2022. In a busy housing market with many options, some of the buildings have unique design features from the era of past that will never be repeated. The quality of the materials and the level of craftsmanship, added to the generous specifications regarding the height of the studs and the size of the rooms give these houses a special appeal.

Good kitchen and bathroom upgrades make homes attractive and affordable for modern living. Here is our selection of heritage homes for sale across the country.

Christchurch New Zealand Real Estate For Sale

This unique Auckland home has a real street presence highlighted by its unique location overlooking Devonport Beach back to the CBD.

Houses For Sale In Christchurch

This house, built in the 1890s, has been extensively renovated but has features such as slate windows, decorative lighting, wood and carved ceilings, large verandas and polished wooden floors that retain their original charm. the truth.

‘Awatea’ is a long-standing Auckland townhouse since it was built in 1922 and with additions over the years since then it offers a stunning 639m2 of spacious family living.

Designed by renowned architect Don Binney, the focal point of many rooms is the magnificent view from Remuera to Rangitoto Island.

A distinctive roof line, grand entrance, elegant staircase, beautiful windows and wood details throughout combine with innovative design features to create a versatile home with great character that will be enjoyed by one family in since 1961.

Marshland Homes And Real Estate For Sale

The face of this California bungalow has been faithfully preserved,

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