Cheapest Way To Make Invitations

Cheapest Way To Make Invitations – I’ve saved a lot of money with my DIY wedding invitations and I’m going to show you how you can too.

Invitations are an important part of the wedding planning process. They are a great way to introduce your guests to the tone and atmosphere of your big day.

Cheapest Way To Make Invitations

Cheapest Way To Make Invitations

I save you scrolling, searching and browsing. You are here for a reason, and that is to find out how I saved money on my paintable wedding invitations.

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Even though you spend hours on Pinterest pouring over the most amazing designer suites, there’s no promise that you’ll spend hundreds of dollars on our invitations. As our wedding planning unfolded, I found myself adopting the mantra that I couldn’t justify investing in disposables.

Although we consider our invitations to be heritage, the majority of our guests do not feel the same way. Best case scenario, they get stuck and thrown away after a few years…most realistic scenario, answered and then “archived”…in the trash.

So I gave myself a DIY challenge to make my invitations as inexpensive as possible, while trying not to give up the elegance and vintage charm I envisioned for the wedding.

After a lot of research, I knew I wanted to find a typography-focused design template that I could print at home.

The 17 Best Affordable Wedding Invitations Of 2024

Choosing a black text design makes it easy to print at home because you really only need black ink. It can easily become expensive, complicated, and generally frustrating if you try to print a multi-color design on your home printer.

The magazine got lucky and I found a beautiful cardboard box on Tuesday morning. Their craft aisle is one of the best out there. When I found this package, I had an aha moment. Not all invitations have to look the same. The different views actually added to the charm of my guest suite.

We asked people to RSVP online through our wedding website at The Knot, which saved us money on invitation packaging and postage because we didn’t have to send cards or envelopes.

Cheapest Way To Make Invitations

Delicate Leaf ribbon holds the invitation card and guide together. The band also introduced our guests to one of our wedding elements – nature.

Wedding Planning: How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost In India?

Invitations can really set the tone for your wedding and influence your guests’ expectations. I think invitations are a good opportunity to introduce your theme and set the tone for the formality you are planning for your event.

Let us know in the comments what you did or how you saved on a series of wedding invitations.

We use cookies for internal analytics, affiliate programs and to provide the best user experience. If you continue to use the site, we assume that you are satisfied with it. But since wedding invitations are the first impression of your wedding on your guests, you definitely don’t want to sacrifice quality or elegance.

Considering how much wedding invitations cost, one option to save money is to make them yourself, which can be easier than you think! Find great free wedding invitation templates online, many created by talented professional designers, and get started. But what if DIY isn’t your thing? Do not worry!

Diy Wedding Invitations: 20 Simple Ideas & Tips

There are so many great places to buy cheap invitations these days, whether they’re DIY, semi-made, or ready-made. But which ones are the best? Below we’ve found 7 online stores that have great cheap wedding invitations to suit every wedding theme and budget. Expect answers soon!

Price: Free digital Save the Dates; Starting at $49 for 50 printable save the dates and $99.50 for 50 invitations

What would we do without Zula?! They have one of the best wedding registries, amazing free wedding websites with great design and a selection of matching wedding stationery for save the date (plus a free digital date), invitations, menus, thank you notes and more. . . Plus, having all your design tools in one place makes the process much easier.

Cheapest Way To Make Invitations

But the thing is, we keep inviting them even if they don’t have all the useful options. Their invitation designs (which you can link to your wedding website) range from rustic and casual to bold, modern and formal. They also offer a seamless online experience as they can print a QR code on all your invitations that link directly to your wedding website.

How To Make Invitations Online For Free

They also make it easy to customize your invitation. First, browse through hundreds of their designs to find the perfect one. If you want to change the text, font size or even upload a photo, you can do it with very intuitive images.

You can then create your guest list very quickly with their free guest list manager. Once you’re ready to send your invitations (delivered to you with free shipping within 10 days), Zola’s tool will seamlessly process all your invitations for free. All you have to do is sit back and relax as it helps you track your responses, meal requests and advantages. Anything that makes planning easier is a big win for us!

Although Joy started out as one of our most popular free wedding sites, they have expanded into so much more. Not only do they have one of the nicest guest list admins we’ve come across, but they’ve since added a wedding registry and digital + print wedding invitations to their arsenal. Now you can choose from hundreds of free digital and print the dates, invitations and e-cards to match your ballroom or be fully customized.

Once you’ve added your guest list, you can send unlimited digital invitations and messages for free, which is a great, eco-friendly (not to mention cost-effective) option for sending important updates to your guests. They also make it easy to add your wedding website URL, password and registry links directly to the invitations. Looking for something more traditional? Joy offers similar printed invitations through Paperlust and Paperculture.

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Off the shelf may be one of the more expensive options on this list, but when it comes to beautiful, handmade wedding invitations from independent designers, you’ll pay a fraction of the boutique price. Styles range from classic to modern, with a range of added embellishments, luxury papers (including an eco-friendly option) and prints. Best of all, you can send design requests to a partner who can also help you with wedding invitation wording, invitation etiquette, and any other questions you may have.

While their classic invitations start at $175 for 50, Minted recently introduced all-in-one invitations, which are super cool if you want to save even more. It’s basically an RSVP envelope, invitation, and postcard all rolled into one. With prices starting at $185 for $50, this is a unique, low-cost option that helps you save by not adding the cost of an RSVP card. They also offer free custom envelopes with a white full font that literally looks like it was designed by a professional calligrapher.

Etsy is a bride-to-be’s dream site for affordable wedding invitations, programs, thank you cards and everything in between. The site is a marketplace for local artists, designers and makers of all kinds, with a huge selection of handmade invitation options. You can choose from available digital downloads or order custom invitations printed and delivered to your door.

Cheapest Way To Make Invitations

UnmeasuredEvent, VineWedding are just a few stores that offer beautiful digital invitation templates for only $9-$12+. You customize the invitation by communicating with the store owner, and after you approve the proof, you receive a high-resolution PDF file that you can use to print the invitations at home or at a local print shop. Either way, you can print as many invitations as you want once you have the PDF file! If you’re looking for invitations already printed for you, stores like TwistStationery (pictured above) offer ready-made suites that retail for $120 + 50 invitations. When using Etsy, check out their custom address stamps that will come in handy when mailing something on your wedding timeline.

Rustic Wedding Invitations: 27 Beautiful Designs

Don’t throw out the big box until you’ve checked out their online inventory. offers a great selection of affordable wedding invitations starting at $39 with 60 envelopes. They have wonderful selections like classic calligraphy invitations and beautiful gold invitations for $45 for 60 (pictured above), which may also be available for same-day delivery. Rate one for procrastinators.

The Knot recently launched their wedding invitation line and we are so excited about it! In addition to great designs, they also offer some deals that will help you save. Valid with purchase through the end of the year and offer free reprints

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