Cheapest Place To Buy New Tires Near Me

Cheapest Place To Buy New Tires Near Me – It is not easy to compare advertised prices for reliable quality tires. Most trades do not include installation; This can easily add anywhere from $50 to more than $100 to the cost of a new tire. Don’t waste time finding the right installer.Prices and service packages at seven of the nation’s largest tire distribution and installation affiliates include Walmart, Pep Boys Discount Tire (America’s Tire), NTB (Kingdom Tire), BJ’s Wholesale Club, Costco and Sam’s Club. Our review includes additional services, Choice We also consider the value of each store for convenience planning and opportunities for additional savings.

If you want an inexpensive tire installation, Walmart is the place to go for the lowest service costs when buying tires directly from the retailer.

Cheapest Place To Buy New Tires Near Me

Cheapest Place To Buy New Tires Near Me

We’ve found warehouse clubs offer the most bang for your buck. Our winner for Best Tire Fitting Service; Sam’s Club bests sibling Walmart and longtime rival Costco for more services at lower prices, but also offers a generous 24/7 roadside assistance program seven days a week — welcome peace of mind for drivers who aren’t AAA members or other car clubs.

How Much Do New Tires Cost?

We got our quote from an installation service in western Ohio, but an internet search showed that in other places like California and New Jersey, the original cost is generally comparable and charges a dollar or two. However, There is no guarantee that your local store will be the same. in particular, Fees for recycling may vary and you may pay environmental taxes by state.

As suggested, More important than the original price for a discount tire installation is what’s included in the package and you’ll be charged extra. We found a wide variation among installers, and the selection of food at some chains has definitely increased. Some installers charge to dispose of old tires, others charge extra. Key parts required for tire installation, such as rubber valve stems and tire pressure monitoring system service kits, may also incur additional charges per tire.

These additional costs may seem small when considering all four wheels combined, but they can make an otherwise cheap tire setup even more expensive. NTB’s low base rate increases to $17 when the disposal fee and TPMS kit are factored in, bringing the total installation cost of four tires to $112 (including taxes and government environmental fees). Far from the original amount. The price is $68. At PepBoys, The installation cost of about $30 may seem high at first glance, but since there are no hidden fees, customers end up with $7 more than NTB in total. They also get a year’s worth of 24/7 roadside assistance, which NTB doesn’t offer.

Lifetime spin and balance; Packages that include free services like collision coverage and roadside assistance will save you on future maintenance bills and are worth every penny. for example, Take Walmart, where you can buy lifetime balancing and rotation service for $14 per tire or about the cost of a complete installation package.

Discount Tire & Service Centers

The free roadside assistance that comes with installation at Pep Boys doesn’t offer all the benefits of a AAA-like service, but it’s still an interesting addition, with AAA members starting at $56 a year. At Sam’s Club, customers get a four-year roadside safety warranty and three years of free roadside assistance. Initial installation costs are higher than the competition.

If you want all your tire services done in one place; It’s a good idea to find out in advance if the installer also installs a wheel alignment system that can extend the life of your tires while maintaining straight steering. Many networks on our list do not offer this service. Others, such as NTB and Walmart, not only offer wheel alignments, but are full-service stores—can assist with a variety of vehicle maintenance and repair tasks, from oil and fluid changes to battery installation and brake and engine inspections.

Various tires available; Inventory size and ease of scheduling an appointment factored into our ratings. for example, It is known for offering a variety of cheap tires. It can be a little more expensive at retailers like Discount Tire, which has its own Road Hugger brand. Costco customers get lower installation costs, but not discount tires – the club only deals in big names and represents only three major brands.

Cheapest Place To Buy New Tires Near Me

When searching online for a set of Michelin Defender T+H 205/55R16 tires for a fancy 2013 Honda Civic X sedan; Specialty tire stores—discount tires; NTB and Pep Boys—showed this category. Available in stock and ready to install immediately. Big Box King Walmart and Warehouse Club indicated that we would have to order our tires and wait one to three days for them to arrive. Tires are available for special order up to 10 days after shipment and pickup.

New And Used Tire, Car Accessories, Tyres & Rims On Carousell

Most of these stores are happy to replace tires in-store, but very few customers make an appointment for same-day service. Regular business hours are also important if you need to plan your work day or other duties related to servicing your vehicle. Our local Walmart drive thru is only open from 12:00 pm. and 18:00 on the other hand. Pep Boys Although NTB and Discount Tires are closed on Mondays, NTB and Discount Tires open their doors at 8 a.m. and stay open until 6 p.m. Bijou’s Wholesale Club and Costco have found the most friendly to the after-work crowd, with tire centers open until 8 p.m. and 20:30 on weekdays respectively BJ’s location is a bit far: the nearest BJ’s to us is 160 miles away; It’s “comfortable” regardless of whether the hours are worked.

Many car owners these days are also interested in limiting contact when servicing their vehicles, with some shops now offering basic services and doing more off-site. for example, At NTB and partner stores, Tire King offers mobile tire fitting services in limited markets. West Paul Beach; Car owners in Florida and Dallas can pay an additional $25 to have technicians come to their homes and perform the work. They will even make an appointment for the Sabbath. Pep Boyz caters to particularly discerning customers by offering “contactless delivery”, including cleaning vehicle surfaces and cleaning car keys.

It may come as a surprise, but one thing you don’t need to consider when choosing an installer is the price of the tires. prohibiting special sales or coupons offered at individual retail stores; If you have a specific brand and type of tire for your vehicle. The difference can be found in the “Available Today” list from the installer. What is the cost of buying tires? We found that we paid roughly the same amount for the Michelin Defender T+H tires used as a basis for comparison. Even online retailers like Wholesale Club and Tire Rack and Amazon have a regular asking price of $129.99. The two exceptions are Discount Tire, which raises the price a penny, and NTB, which only charges $2 per tire.

Users who purchase tires from sites such as Tire Rack or Amazon for the convenience of choosing tires quickly or for a wider selection should note that tires purchased elsewhere will not be fitted. Warehouse Club will not stock tires that are not purchased directly from their inventory; and If you purchase tires from a third-party supplier or vendor at Walmart, you will pay an additional $10 per tire to use Walmart’s installation service. . market

The Best 10 Tires In Albany, Ga

Pep Boys will install tires purchased from both Amazon and Tire Rack, but anticipates potential differences in services compared to the standards for installing tires purchased locally, with those third-party installation packages. for example, When we searched for our tires on Amazon, we were quoted only $20 for a Pep Boyz installation – much less than Pep Boyz’s “official price” – but looking at the fine print, it appears that the tire installation and balance are only there. included Included in the price and additional charges may apply for convenience and insurance, which are free when purchased directly from the store. Other independent stores and major chains like Sears Auto Center also partner with Amazon for tire fitment. But the number of once-popular Sears tire centers is rapidly dwindling. We excluded brands from this comparison after reading many unsatisfied customer reviews.

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