Cheapest Cell Service For Seniors

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Although the cost of many types of technology, such as televisions and computers, has fallen over the years, cell phones are becoming increasingly expensive. If you’re looking to buy the latest phone from Apple or Samsung, you can expect to shell out at least $1,000, if not more.

Cheapest Cell Service For Seniors

Cheapest Cell Service For Seniors

That’s why we scoured the market and found six high-quality phones that cost less than $150 each. The cheapest costs less than $50. The number of smart features now available on budget phones may surprise you. You’ll find voice commands, app stores, and high-quality cameras on many of the flip phones on this list. Now, buying a budget phone doesn’t mean you have to skimp on features.

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In this roundup of the best cheap phones for seniors, we’ll take a look at six devices that impressed our team with their performance, useful features and, of course, affordable prices.

Pro tip: A cheap phone is only as good as the network you can connect it to. To find cell phone plans for as little as $10 a month, check out our roundup of the best phone plans for seniors.

To make this list, we evaluated over 20 different phones available from different carriers. We use the following criteria for their evaluation and classification:

If you’re looking for a flip phone with some surprisingly advanced features, including 24/7 instant response calls and a dedicated nurse hotline, the Jitterbug Flip2 is an ideal choice. Additionally, the price of the device is $100 and plans start at $19.99 per month, which is also extremely affordable.

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For starters, the Jitterbug Flip2 had very clear call quality. Every test call we made, from a crowded coffee shop to a nearby park, went through clearly on both ends. We were also impressed by the Flip2’s speaker volume, which allows for hands-free calling.

Another feature we appreciate about the Flip2 is its Alexa-enabled voice commands. Using these voice commands, we can ask the phone to make a call, send a message or search for information online. For example, when we asked the phone to call Amie, it started with Amie from our contacts.

Unlike many of the other phones on this list, the Jitterbug Flip2 only supports the Lively network, so if you’re hoping to pair your phone with a major carrier, you might want to consider the TCL Classic. Luckily, Lively’s plans are affordable.

Cheapest Cell Service For Seniors

Lively plans start at $19.99 per month for unlimited talk and text. However, if you want to add emergency call response features or a dedicated nurse hotline, you’ll have to pay more. To learn more about the features of Lively’s plans, read our complete guide to Lively phones and plans for seniors.

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The Jitterbug Flip2 is a true flip phone. This means that even though it had front and rear cameras, there was very little you could do with the phone other than make calls and send text messages. If that’s enough for you, you might appreciate the simplicity. However, if you’re looking for a phone that can browse the web or use apps, we recommend the CAT S22 or the Alcatel Go Flip.

At $69, the Iris Flip is one of the most affordable devices on this list, and with cell phone plans starting at $15 a month, the Iris Flip is a solid option for anyone looking to save. Also, despite being a foldable phone, it has some smart features like voice commands that make it easier to use.

In our testing, the Iris Flip’s call quality was superb. Although we noticed more wind noise on this phone when making calls outdoors, it generally performed well. We also appreciated that this phone has a dedicated speakerphone button, which made it easy to turn the feature on and off during a call.

Additionally, we appreciate the inclusion of voice commands on this phone. This is especially useful when sending text messages. Instead of manually typing text messages, we can send messages by dictating them. For example, when I wanted to text my mom, I would simply hold down the center button and say, “How are you?” The phone then transcribed the message in its entirety.

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Although the Iris Flip can connect to most major networks, we recommend purchasing the phone from Consumer Cellular. When bundled with a mobile phone plan, you can get 300 minutes for $15 a month or, for $20 a month, unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data. Of course, the user also offers unlimited mobile data packages; However, since this phone’s data features are somewhat limited (not to mention that it also supports Wi-Fi), you probably won’t need much data.

Unlike the Jitterbug Flip2, the Iris Flip only has a rear camera and no front selfie camera. On top of that, the Iris Flip’s 5MP camera left a lot to be desired, and most of our images were grainy and (in the case of outdoor shots) washed out. If you’re concerned about a high-quality camera, we recommend checking out the Jitterbug Smart4.

If you want a basic flip phone with no extras, the TCL Classic is a good option, selling for just $49.99 at Cricket Wireless or $74.99 at AT&T. No matter which carrier you choose, you’ll have access to a 4G LTE network with a high-quality foldable phone.

Cheapest Cell Service For Seniors

What I appreciated most about the TCL Classic was its large buttons. According to the American Foundation for the Blind, 12% of people between the ages of 65 and 74 have vision loss that worsens with age. If you fall into this category, I recommend this phone, not only because of the large buttons but also because of the large 2.8 inch internal screen. I had no problem reading text messages or calling my contacts, and I even had access to my web browser, email inbox, and calculator.

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I bought a TCL Classic from AT&T, which has plans ranging from $50 to $85 a month, all of which include unlimited data. However, with the Value Plus plan, the cheapest option, my speeds were slow when the network was busy. I also miss some mobile security features like VPNs, which encrypt web traffic on public Wi-Fi networks and perform identity monitoring. Still, this price is average across the industry, so I was happy with my choice.

If you bought the device from Cricket Wireless, unlimited data would cost the same amount: $50, if you turned on autopay. You could also save money with the 5GB or 10GB plans, which cost $30 and $35 per month with AutoPay. If you wanted a 15GB mobile hotspot, you could pay $55 a month (again, with autopay enabled).

Like the Alcatel GO FLIP 4, the TCL Classic has a 2MP camera, while others like the Cat S22 Flip and Iris Flip have 5MP, and the Jitterbug Flip2 has up to 8MP on the rear camera. If you’re interested in taking high-quality photos with your phone, I wouldn’t recommend the TCL Classic. Even the “best” photos I took had noticeable grain.

A big advantage of the Jitterbug Smart4 is that it combines medical and emergency functions with the capabilities of a smartphone. Not only do you get apps, but you also get three rear cameras, allowing you to shoot videos and photos at a crisp 8MP resolution. Although the device costs $149.99, the highest price on this list, it’s still a fraction of the price of similar Apple smartphones (the iPhone SE, for example, starts at $429).

Best Cell Phones For Seniors In 2024

A really cool feature of the Jitterbug Smart4 was the on-call nurse, who I could contact at any time if I wasn’t feeling well, needed a refill, or simply had a medical question. For example, when I had a constant headache, I called the nurse and she gave me medical advice to take Advil and sleep in that case. I don’t have to pay a co-payment because this feature is not linked to insurance. Instead, it’s a huge advantage that I’ve only found with jitterbug phones, making them a great option for anyone looking for medical advice.

One of the most useful things about owning a smartphone like the Jitterbug Smart4, if you’re like me, is using it to draw instructions. When I got lost on a trip to Philadelphia, I used the Smart4 to input my destination; He gave me clear directions and a live map, showing me several route options to get to City Hall. Even the most tech-savvy shoppers will benefit from this easy-to-use navigation.

The Jitterbug Smart4 has the same medical and safety plans as the Jitterbug Flip2, as I purchased both devices from Lively. But the biggest difference between the two phones is that with the Smart4 I also had to pay for data. In other words, the plan consists of two parts. Choose from Basic, Preferred or Premium packages starting at $19.99

Cheapest Cell Service For Seniors

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