Cheap Tokunbo Cars For Sale In Lagos Nigeria

Cheap Tokunbo Cars For Sale In Lagos Nigeria – Tokunbo Toyota Cars – Many people who are not familiar with the Nigerian car market would call them foreign used cars but here in Nigeria they are called “Tokunbo cars”. It is a common fact that Nigeria is a big market for Tokenbo cars and no wonder. Most new cars are always expensive for the average Nigerian and Tokenbo cars are not as expensive as brand new cars. So tokenbo is the way to go.

Nevertheless, it is easy for anyone to know how to buy or sell a car in Nigeria. This platform is considered the best in terms of quality and reliability of selling used cars to customers. Most of the cars here are very cheap and easy to buy and sell.

Cheap Tokunbo Cars For Sale In Lagos Nigeria

Cheap Tokunbo Cars For Sale In Lagos Nigeria

Here is another model that rivals the Corolla in terms of popularity in Nigeria. First on Nigerian roads in 1982, the Camry range is known for its durability and reliability. You will be amazed by the smooth exterior aesthetics of this model.

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The Hilux is one of the most popular work and heavy duty pick-ups in Nigeria. You will often see Hilux configurations owned by organizations rather than individuals. This is due to its versatility and reliability.

Toyota Corolla is the most popular model of Toyota car in Nigeria. Almost everything about the Corolla’s layout is pleasing to the eye.

SUVs are ideal for individuals, families and even organizations. This versatility makes the RAV4 configuration enviable. The first of its kind was produced in 1994 and since then it has quickly gained popularity.

RAV4 is produced in different editions like Limited, Hybrid and Adventure Edition. Moreover, this layout has features that make it the best and most used in Nigeria. In appearance, performance, design and features, the RAV4 is undoubtedly the Toyota model in Nigeria.

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The G-Class combines elegance with robustness, ideal for the Nigerian road. That’s what you need with two powerful V8 engines capable of producing 416 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque. This four-wheel drive mid-size SUV has excellent fuel economy and is therefore able to provide excellent comfort. Check out the cheapest Mercedes-Benz G-Class in Nigeria.

Honda Accord is another car that you should look out for when you are looking to buy a car that you expect great performance from. The car has a spacious interior as well as a dynamic engine capable of producing around 192-252 horsepower.

With a price range of ₦8 million to ₦10 million, Honda Accord is not too expensive to buy a good car. Check the best Honda Accord price in your area.

Cheap Tokunbo Cars For Sale In Lagos Nigeria

The Lexus RX350 offers a comfortable ride in almost any situation. This is what you need for your Nigerian trip. Its excellent acceleration, fuel economy and athletic feel are sure to give you a great feeling while driving this cool mid-size SUV. With an eight-speed automatic, the Lexus RX350 gets a 3.5-liter V6 with 295 horsepower and 268 pound-feet of torque.

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You can get this car for ₦27 million to ₦30 million. Find used foreign RX350 Tokunbo cars for sale in Nigeria

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How To Find Cheap Cars In Nigeria

This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of cookies. See our privacy and cookies policy. For over 3 decades, Tokenbo cars have been a lifeline in Nigerian society and many feel it is the only fair and convenient way to own a car in a politician-driven economy. And not to mention low-income people who are too financially greedy to allow many middle-class owners to afford cars.

This means that this is a country where the government, despite being rich in mineral resources, pays a minimum wage of eighteen thousand naira and refuses to raise it to thirty thousand naira.

It is also worth noting that most high-level workers on their legal salaries, which are meager by international standards, do not even earn enough to buy a new car. It is even more difficult if they have to meet all the needs of their family first. Buying a new car is impossible.

Cheap Tokunbo Cars For Sale In Lagos Nigeria

This is why Tokenbo cars have become the messiah for many who dream of owning a car in Nigeria. Be that as it may, it is also necessary to define what a tokenbo car is because Nigerians have systematically started using the word ‘tokenbo’ (car) for something new or something. In this context, Nigerians also refer to Nigerian used cars, which many call third-hand “tokenbo”.

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This term is commonly used for cars used by Americans and Europeans, but this is incorrect. Cars from Europe, North America and Far East Asia are preferred because they maintain a very high level of cleanliness, maintenance and cleanliness where good road conditions, good weather conditions and good maintenance are available. Professional engineers with a thorough maintenance culture, unlike used cars in Nigeria which are severely damaged by bad roads and poor maintenance culture.

Therefore, the term “tokenbo” in this article clearly refers to used cars from Europe, North America, and Far East Asia. This term can also be replaced by the term “foreign used car”. For every social class, there are different types of used cars that are sure to fit your big or small budget.

When it comes to buying a Tokenbo car, I guarantee you there are countless makes, models, specs and trims when it comes to used cars. The make and model of your dreams is just a click away when you visit Over time, curious people try to know how these Tokenbo cars are made and others want to know the basics of importing, of course, articles like Guide to Importing Used Cars in Nigeria will surely help to satisfy the curiosity.

Below is the Tokenbo used car price list in Nigeria. These cars are directly imported from Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, UK etc.

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Important Notice: Vehicle General Condition, Exchange Rate, Year of Manufacture, Customs Tariff etc. The prices usually change due to some reasons like this.

Consumer Reports ranks 28th in the top 10 with three luxury car brands on the 2022 list. Lexus took the top spot, followed by INFINITI in fourth and Acura in eighth.

Successful German car manufacturer Audi makes everything from basic compact luxury cars to full-fledged supercars. They have mastered the art of engine manufacturing and have been collecting accolades for nearly a decade, be it luxury SUVs or Audi’s fastest sports car.

Cheap Tokunbo Cars For Sale In Lagos Nigeria

The basics of this car maker from Germany need no introduction. Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) As the 12th largest manufacturer in the automotive industry, BMW produced more than 2 million units for the global market. The company was founded almost 100 years ago, but did not become a car manufacturing company until 1945. Since then, its products have gradually dominated markets around the world, including luxury brands. In fact, BMW vehicles are always the top model in any field.

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American car company Ford needs almost no introduction. Despite the discontinuation of many of the brand’s cars, including the Fiesta and C-Max, Ford still has plenty of vehicles in its range. These include the iconic Mustang, as well as smaller crossovers like the Escape and full-size vehicles like the Expedition. Ford also has some notable trucks, including the Ranger and the F-150, America’s best-selling pickup truck. Ford competes with Toyota, Chevrolet and Dodge.

It’s important to note that the prices are averages available in the market, so there are all kinds of options for what you can do.

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