Cars For Sale In Nigeria Lagos

Cars For Sale In Nigeria Lagos – There are many reasons why you might want to use a used car. They’re cheaper than new cars, offer the same quality and satisfaction at half the price, and are your best choice for road trips if you’re on a tight budget. If you’ve been thinking about buying a used vehicle but aren’t sure where to go, visit one of the 7 used car dealerships in Lagos.

There are two options open to you when buying a car in Lagos. They buy a new car or choose a “used” one. Which option to choose depends on why you want to travel and how much money you have.

Cars For Sale In Nigeria Lagos

Cars For Sale In Nigeria Lagos

While both options are good, there are tradeoffs between the two that you may want to consider before going to the dealer. Let us first briefly discuss where to find used cars for sale in Lagos.

Foreign Used Cars For Sale

New cars are imported into the country and sold through licensed and authorized dealers of major car companies. They charge high prices and come with special bonuses and packages such as long warranties and after sales services.

Used cars, on the other hand, have been driven by people from other parts of the world and imported into Nigeria. They account for a large percentage of the cars sold in Lagos because of their high demand; this is because they are profitable and cheaper than brand new cars.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, use our list to find the best places to look for used cars in Lagos, their locations and makes of cars for sale.

Where you can find used cars for sale in this city depends on your preferences and budget. You can go to a local dealer to pick out antiques, or you can shop and pick out a car online from an approved dealer.

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Below is an overview of some popular car dealers that sell or trade in quality used cars.

Car45 is the best place to check used cars for sale in Lagos, they give you a detailed inspection report with over 200 parameters to ensure that the condition of the car meets your expectations.

In addition to 34 inspection centers across the country, Car45 also inspects and verifies the documents of the car you buy to ensure there are no problems after the transaction.

Cars For Sale In Nigeria Lagos

Spicyauto Limited is a car dealership that will be your favorite and trusted car dealer. This is a good place to look for used Nigerian cars for sale in Lagos as the city has many luxury vehicles.

Toyota Cars For Sale

Note that Spicyautos does not directly sell cars, but is a popular advertising medium for people to buy and sell cars, vans, bikes, trucks, etc.

Naijauto is the only online car dealer with a wide collection of new and used cars sourced from trusted dealers across Nigeria. This is a safe place to browse cheap Nigerian cars for sale in Lagos, hundreds of ads and pictures of cars for sale.

This dealer owns used vehicles in Nigeria and imports tokunbo cars from international car auctions. You can find reliable dealers in Naijauto.

Used cars for sale in Lagos by the owners of Carmart Nigeria. The platform works with car owners to sell their cars at a good price from the comfort of their homes.

Toyota Corolla For Sale In Lagos, Nigeria, Kosofe

They ensure that dealers get good prices and sell vehicles quickly by doing their job. All the cars you see here are in great condition and have been installed by the original owner.

Carbuyersbroker will guide you to the markets where you can find used foreign cars for sale in Lagos. They also help you import vehicles to Germany or buy used cars locally.

Beginners or experienced exporters can try a free consultation with Carbuyersbroker to import vehicles to any African country.

Cars For Sale In Nigeria Lagos

Autochek makes the car ownership process easy for you. They provide the support you need to get your dream car without the hassle. Autochek also offers installment plans and loans.

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When you buy a vehicle from Autocheck, you get quality used cars for sale in Lagos State, access to competitive financing and excellent aftermarket service to keep your car in top condition.

Jiji is a huge online marketplace where you can buy anything you want, including cheap used cars in Lagos. They have over a million car listings and you can choose from a search panel and filters on their website.

To buy cars for sale in Jiji ng, Lagos, you can chat or call the seller, discuss the details and agree on the price.

When buying cheap foreign cars for sale in Lagos or Nigerian cars for sale in Lagos state, keep your eyes open to avoid scams and scams.

Foreign Used Vs Nigeria Used; Choosing The Best Option

Make sure that used cars for sale in Lagos Nigeria are thoroughly inspected before you pay, with owner receipts and parts.

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Cars For Sale In Nigeria Lagos

Finding the right car dealer in Lagos can be tedious. There are many car dealerships in the city that offer different models of cars. But only a few provide quality vehicles to keep up with the pace of life in Lagos. The city is known for its difficulty … For more than 3 years, Tokunbo cars have become one of the lifestyles of Nigerian society and many continue to see it as the only sensible and easy way to own a car in a politically driven economy. . they are too austere and financially greedy to allow most middle-class homeowners to own cars, let alone low-income earners.

Cars For Sale In Nigeria: Car Prices, Images & Specs, Apply For Car Loans

I am referring to a country where the government despite its abundant mineral wealth still pays 18 thousand naira minimum wage and has refused to raise it, honoring all requests for a 30 thousand naira wage increase.

It is also worth noting that many high-level workers cannot earn enough money to pay for a new car on an official salary, which is below international standards. It becomes more difficult when all the needs of the family must be taken care of first; the rest is that it is impossible to buy a new car.

This is why Tokunbo cars have become the messiah for many who dream of owning a car in Nigeria. However, there is a need to clearly define what a Tokunbo car is because Nigerians use the word “Tokunbo” (car) for anything that is not new or previously owned. used before In this case, Nigerians, many used cars in Nigeria are also called third hand “Tokunboks”.

This term is often used in contrast to cars used by Americans and Europeans, but this is incorrect. Cars from Europe, North America and Far East Asia are better bought as they maintain a very high level of cleanliness, maintenance and durability when driven in countries with better road conditions, better weather conditions and better maintenance. Professional engineers with a deep maintenance culture unlike used cars in Nigeria which are badly affected by bad roads and poor maintenance culture.

Tokunbo Nissan Micra 2002 For Sale In Badagry

Therefore, the word “Tokunbo” used in this article clearly refers to cars from Europe, North America and Asia Far East; this term may be substituted by the term “used foreign cars”. There are different types of used cars in every class of society to suit your big or small budget.

When buying a Tokunbo car, I can confirm that there are many makes, models, specifications and modifications available for used cars; The make and model of your dreams is just a click away when you visit Over time, many have wanted to know how these tokunbo cars are made, and others have wanted to learn the basics of importing them. Of course, articles like this guide to importing used cars in Nigeria will surely help satisfy that curiosity.

Below is a list of used car prices in Tokunbo Nigeria. These cars are shipped directly from Europe, America, Canada, Japan, South Korea.

Cars For Sale In Nigeria Lagos

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