Campervans For Sale Christchurch New Zealand

Campervans For Sale Christchurch New Zealand – We know what you need. Our motorhomes are specially designed and handcrafted to travel New Zealand in comfort and style.

A self-guided tour of New Zealand and the highlights of van life. comfortable beds; Fully equipped kitchen and convertible living room; All packed in a reliable van. We’ve got you covered for your next RV adventure.

Campervans For Sale Christchurch New Zealand

Campervans For Sale Christchurch New Zealand

Sleeps 3 Why bring a friend with one large fixed bed and one small single bed?

Motorhome & Campervan Hire New Zealand

All of our years of RV building experience have come together to create. We think you should experience it for yourself.

We have added more features. a bigger bed; A bigger fridge and a free pass. All this comes in the new model van for added convenience.

These vans have everything we think you’ll need for a trip to New Zealand. convertible bed Easy to use kitchen; Good stereo; Included in our high quality furniture.

“Matt and Dan have thought of everything. With these special vans, you can travel in style and comfort. The van’s compact size with well-thought-out extensions means it’s easy to move around without feeling cramped. The new model we used was fully covered. So we had access to a great camp. The fridge was the perfect size to store our groceries and the nicely designed kitchen that juts out of the back of the van made good use of it. We were eating. to the birds chirping every day. We will definitely be looking at Matt and Dan when we return to NZ.

Best Campervan Rental In New Zealand: Ultimate Guide

“We had the best three weeks in New Zealand’s South Island with Matt and Dan at Garage #6. better service; Communication and pick-up/return cannot be claimed. The van was comfortable and performed well in every way. This beautiful van is the most charming motorhome in the South Island and the most exciting and amazing way to experience the place. I would recommend Matt and Dan’s motorhomes to anyone planning a similar trip.”

+My wife and I rented Matt and Danner’s Campervan #3 for our honeymoon and it was a wonderful experience.

“My wife and I rented Matt and Danner’s Campervan #3 for our honeymoon and it was a wonderful experience. The communication with their team was excellent and helped make difficult bends and loads smooth from start to finish. The van ran smoothly with no mechanical problems. day, storage, transition from cooking and sleeping at night; The van was much more comfortable than we expected when sleeping (our first van experience). They gave us great advice and reviewed our trip well in advance which solidified our trip. It was great meeting them. Thank you. If you’re looking to convert an RV, read this page to learn more about our process. When you’re ready, get in touch to start your dream RV conversion.

Campervans For Sale Christchurch New Zealand

Ben came to us with a 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and big ideas. It’s comfortable. You want something that’s durable and ready for off-the-grid cooking adventures. Ben came up with a lot of ideas but was ready for us to push the boundaries and build the perfect van.

Backpacker Cars, Vans & Campervans For Sale Auckland Nz

Ainsley came to us asking for the ultimate weekend getaway in his Toyota Hiace ZX Jumbo and his garage. Ainsley, as the Toyota Hiace ZX Jumbo, also known as the Grand Cabin or Minibus, has become one of the best campers on the market. He’s ready to build a fantastic adventure vehicle for his partner and their pup.

When Ian came to us with his LDV V80 garage conversion. We know we’re waiting. With the intention of living in the van full-time, we worked to make the space as cozy and comfortable as possible, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Nick’s Toyota Hiace motorcycle conversion (called ‘Bilbo’) gave us plenty of space and functionality to create a real home on wheels. With room for the whole family and then some, this RV conversion makes the most of every inch, making it spacious and tall.

Not only do we have experience with RV conversations, we love them. Our conversions range from large vanlife style interiors to simple interiors. We love the challenge of creating practical and beautiful fittings that meet your needs.

Ways To Find A Cheap Car Or Campervan For Sale In New Zealand

Building a custom RV is a lot like building a home. water, electricity You will probably need one of the heating and cooling systems. These items are for your intended use only. It has to be designed and built.

Before you jump in, it’s good to get some basic knowledge. Read this page and check out the FAQ to learn more.

Here we get to know you and your mobile adventure. It’s important to take some time to get to know each other and figure out what you want in your conversion. To do this, we’ll arrange an introductory phone call or, if you’re local, a workshop visit for you.

Campervans For Sale Christchurch New Zealand

We do our best to provide an accurate estimate. However, the price quoted at this stage is only an estimate and gives you a guide to the cost of the project.

A Date With Jucy In New Zealand!

Once the design and negotiation phase (including implementation if necessary) is complete, the final price will be determined after the final scope of work has been determined.

Now that we have met with you and understand what you are looking for in your project, we can move on to the design and negotiation phase, which requires a design and negotiation fee. This is where things really come down. You’ll see your transformation and we’ll talk you through our thinking before we cut any holes.

A non-refundable design fee is standard on all our custom builds. This allows us to start the design phase and receive presentations for your build. If you decide to continue your Matt + Dan build after this step, fine. If you want to break up, you’ll get a 3D render from us and you’ll have hard feelings, so do what you want.

Now comes the really exciting part. Almost in production, we need full approval and that’s it.

Campervan For Sale Quirky Campers New Zealand

Note that no major plan updates can be made hereafter without additional design costs. Estimates are only valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Now we are ready to go. This is where we start ordering all the parts and materials and keep you posted along the way.

This is where the ceremony takes place. We deliver your finished car and you ride off into the sunset.

Campervans For Sale Christchurch New Zealand

Price per conversion is features Varies depending on trim and components selected. It’s often difficult to give you an estimated price without having some context for our conversion. Contact us if you would like to evaluate your conversion.

Why You Should Explore New Zealand By Campervan

A full rebuild takes approximately 8-12 weeks from the time your vehicle arrives at our workshop. The evaluation and design phases take approximately 2-4 weeks.

Our lead time to start the conversion is usually 3-4 months. Exceptions to our schedule are made from time to time due to cancellations or delays. Get in touch Let’s see what we can do.

We stand behind our work and your transition. Our warranty is similar to what we have found to be the industry standard.

We offer a 1 year warranty on our workmanship and materials. It does not cover general wear and tear or damage caused by improper use.

Tips On How To Score A Cheap Campervan Rental In New Zealand

Fans, Parts such as refrigerators and electrical appliances are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty limits. However, when you have problems with any part; We are here to solve it for you.

We currently do not sell empty or converted vans. However, we are part of a well-connected network and have resources to help you find and buy. Send us an email.

We always love to chat about all things automotive. But contact us and make an appointment to visit our workshop, otherwise we won’t do anything. To order, write us an email. If you want to explore the beautiful countryside at your own pace, buying a used caravan in New Zealand is a great option.

Campervans For Sale Christchurch New Zealand

Stunning scenery of New Zealand; From peaceful beaches to lush forests and rugged mountains; It is a perfect place for travel. If you want to explore the beautiful countryside at your own pace; Buying a used caravan in New Zealand is a great option.

Cheap Campervan, Motorhome & Sleeper Hire In Nz

Whether you live in New Zealand or are visiting Do your research before buying a used motor home to ensure you get the best possible deal. What you need to know before buying.

Before you start looking for an RV, figure out what you need. It’s a good idea to start with some basic questions.

Whether you’re traveling with friends,

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