Campervans For Sale Auckland New Zealand

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Looking to buy a motorhome to travel around New Zealand? If so, you may be wondering where is the best place to look for second-hand campervans for sale in New Zealand?

Campervans For Sale Auckland New Zealand

Campervans For Sale Auckland New Zealand

My partner Fiachra and I started looking for a van to buy as soon as we arrived in New Zealand. At first it was very difficult to know where to find a car. However, after getting some tips from other backpackers and doing some research, we found some great ways to find second-hand campervans for sale in New Zealand.

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2 weeks later we bought our first campervan! Two years later, we are still very happy that we decided to buy our own van to travel to New Zealand. Having a motorhome gives us a lot of freedom. We love our little house on wheels!

When looking for our camper van, we found the best places to buy a camper van in New Zealand. There are many places where you can find used campervans for sale in New Zealand. In this post I will share with you the best places to find the car of your dreams. Your journey to finding your perfect home on wheels starts here!

Here are my top seven tips to help you when looking for campervans for sale in New Zealand:

I love eBay and Gumtree, but unfortunately none of these sites are popular in New Zealand! The next best option is Trade Me, which is like a marketplace/bulletin board for buying and selling, job postings, community announcements and more!

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Trade Me has a car section which is a great place to find used cars and campers for sale in New Zealand.

The tours advertised here are usually posted by Kiwis and I wouldn’t say they are very popular with backpackers, they use the Facebook group and backpacker board below. Challenges of using Trade Me to find second hand campervans for sale in New Zealand:

With many backpackers buying and selling used cars and campervans in New Zealand, there are many Facebook groups dedicated to selling used cars!

Campervans For Sale Auckland New Zealand

Dedicated Facebook groups and pages are a great place to find campervans for sale in New Zealand. In these groups, sellers post ads and photos of their cars, as well as more information about the car’s condition and history.

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As mentioned above, new ads are posted on Facebook every day, so there are always new sellers looking for buyers for their car. I think Facebook is the best place to find a used RV for sale in New Zealand, because of the large number of listings.

We checked out many of the campers we found on Facebook Marketplace, including the camper we bought! So I definitely think this is a good place to buy a campervan for touring New Zealand.

Backpacker Board is a great resource for any traveler to New Zealand. It has lots of information about finding a job, getting around New Zealand, travel guides and a dedicated notice board for car and camper sales.

I liked this site when I was looking for campervans to buy in New Zealand. Sellers can upload multiple photos as well as enter vehicle key information such as WOF, mileage, REGO, transmission and fuel types.

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Backpacker Board has a good range of cars and campervans for sale, catering for all budgets and needs.

Unfortunately, search filters are limited. Scheduling with additional date and price is possible only. So, if you are looking for campervans and cars to buy on this site, it is better to check the new listings daily and use the ‘Sort by Date Added’ filter option.

The best way to contact sellers is to text or call the listed number. You can also fill out a form that will email them.

Campervans For Sale Auckland New Zealand

If you have just come to New Zealand to travel, you may be staying in a hostel for a few days. Staying at the hostel are likely to be other backpackers who are planning to leave New Zealand and want to sell their cars. This is especially true if you are in a city with many international airports, such as Auckland or Christchurch.

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Ask at the hostel and see if anyone is looking for someone to buy their campervan. We were able to see a few cars when we were at YHA in Auckland. Posters are posted on notice boards and in common areas. Talking to other hostel guests we also got news of a campervan for sale.

Another good place to look is on the supermarket bulletin board. All supermarkets (especially PAK’nSAVE, New World and Countdown) have notice boards in the area.

Writing ads is free, so many people use it as a form of advertising. You can also write an ad stating that you are looking for an RV to buy.

It may sound cliche, but every time we go to the store we look at the notice board. We’ve seen a few ads for motorhomes this way, so it’s worth a try!

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We’re not going to car shows because we’ve had good luck with some of the options above. However, many people we know end up buying their car at a car show.

Now there is another big car show in Auckland where you can try your luck. This is the Auckland City Car Fair, held every Sunday in Parnell.

We often see campervans for sale when traveling around New Zealand. People often put a sign in one of the windows with a price and a phone number. So it’s good to stay alert! You never know, you might see your dream van for sale on the side of the road!

Campervans For Sale Auckland New Zealand

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Double For 4

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this helps you when considering buying a camper in New Zealand. Happy shopping! 😊

Planning to buy a campervan in New Zealand and have questions? Let me know in the comments!

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Lauren is a coffee- and cat-loving writer from the UK who specializes in solo women’s travel, couples travel and budget backpacking. He lived in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, England and Scotland. Follow his adventures around the world on his blog. If you’re going for a few months, buying an RV in New Zealand is more expensive than renting. If you are looking to buy a camper, read this guide first as it has a lot of information to help you make the right decision (and avoid getting ripped off!).

Buying a motorhome in New Zealand is an exciting experience. This is the first step on an amazing journey through the beautiful country of New Zealand. However, choosing the right car is important to ensure that your vacation goes smoothly.

When it comes to buying a motorhome, there are a few things you need to know and do before you commit any money. Alternatively, if you are only planning a trip for a few weeks, you may want to follow our tips on how to find cheap campervan hire.

Campervans For Sale Auckland New Zealand

In this blog, I will explain the pros and cons of buying a camper in New Zealand and cover everything you need to know to increase your bankroll.

Hiring A Campervan In New Zealand

The best places to buy a campervan in New Zealand are local car shows, Facebook markets and Facebook groups and online markets.

Used campers (in good condition) cost an average of $3,000 to $8,000 NZD, while fancier groups of campers cost between $10,000 and $330,000.

Building your own DIY caravan can save you money if you fix a low-cost van base. Or invest a lot of money to customize it to your liking.

It may be worth the money if you plan to travel

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