Campervan Hire In New Zealand North Island

Campervan Hire In New Zealand North Island – There are so many motorhome rentals in New Zealand that choosing one can be overwhelming. We list all the important things you need to look for to find the best campervan hire deal for your New Zealand trip. We even share which companies we recommend.

Without a doubt, renting a campervan in New Zealand is the best way to travel the country (or so the Kiwis say).

Campervan Hire In New Zealand North Island

Campervan Hire In New Zealand North Island

Having built our own motorhome in America, we couldn’t wait to get back behind the wheel of this car. So we checked out New Zealand and it did not disappoint.

Campervan Hire Motorhome Rentals New Zealand

With holiday parks and campsites everywhere (as well as countless freedom camping sites!), you’ll have no trouble finding a place to stay. And with scenes that look like they’re straight out of a movie — oh wait, they are! (

If you want to try #vanlife, New Zealand is the perfect place to try it. I even convinced my parents (in their 60s) to do it and they loved it.

We spent 5 weeks traveling around New Zealand in a campervan and were lucky enough to explore so much of what the country has to offer!

We took a 5 week trip and whittled it down to 30 days (as many people want a 1 month itinerary) to hit the best destinations in the North and South Islands.

Things You Need To Know Before Renting A Motorhome In New Zealand

We send you the entire 1-month itinerary full of tips and advice. Just click below to get your 30 day New Zealand itinerary!

“Kathy and Ben, I already know what I’m looking for and just want to see the best RV rental companies…”

Enter your travel dates and pick up/drop off location and select a van to choose from:

Campervan Hire In New Zealand North Island

But wait! Choosing the best camper can be difficult. And the truth is, the best camper company for us may not be the best

Matt And Dan’s Campervans

Every tourist has their own expectations, comfort level and budget. So let’s start by looking at the factors you should consider before you start looking for a company.

We’ll come right out and say it: renting a campervan in New Zealand isn’t cheap. Even if you choose the cheapest company, you are still paying a significant amount of money.

However, RVing is a great way to save money on your trip because you can cook your own meals (much cheaper than eating out!) and even find campsites for free (cheaper than staying in a hotel!).

Related: Money Saving Tips for Traveling to New Zealand on a Budget How Much Does a Camper Van Cost in New Zealand?

Cheap Campervan Rental Nz L Camper Van Rental Nz

First, the time of year can have a significant effect on prices. If you travel during the summer season (December to March), you will have to pay higher prices. , you can get good marks. Low season (before the season) offers prices that are not too expensive and not too cheap.

Additional Fees: One important thing to keep in mind is that you will most likely pay for a campsite. Yes, there are free sites out there, but they don’t have any *erm dosh!* features. So if you don’t plan to go

For the rest of your trip (more power to you!), your daily rate will increase slightly when you factor in camping fees (more on that later!).

Campervan Hire In New Zealand North Island

If you’re a luxury camper and you’re used to tents and all the inconveniences of sleeping on the ground, no matter which camper you choose, you’ll feel close to luxury. And if you’re used to sleeping in dorms, you’ll love the privacy of your own room. Even if you choose the smallest, cheapest and oldest camper, you will still have a great time.

Campervan Hire Auckland

However, if you’re used to spacious hotel rooms and are a little worried about ‘campers’, you can choose one of the more luxurious options to make this new experience a little more comfortable.

You know yourself and you are the only one who can truly determine what comfort level you are comfortable with.

Many budget campers are not designed for indoor use. So think about what it means and whether it’s a deal for you or not.

Neither the camper we built ourselves nor the one we rented in New Zealand were livable. We did well on both occasions, but both agreed that standing would be much more comfortable.

Essential Tips For Campervan Rentals In New Zealand

Important to know: RVs that don’t allow you to stand up all the time usually have a kitchen in the back so you can cook outside without a problem. But other tasks like making the bed and getting dressed can be a little difficult if you can’t stand up straight. The advantage of this type of car is that it is simpler, more economical and easier to drive if you are not used to big cars. Don’t want to change your bed every night and morning?

In most smaller campers, the bed converts to a couch during the day. Turning your living room into a bed every night can be annoying, especially at night in the dark when you are attacked by bugs. We speak from experience!

Some larger campers have a bed design that does not need to be changed twice a day. But maybe not.

Campervan Hire In New Zealand North Island

Shh! Want to know where you sleep? We bring you a roundup of the best campsites in New Zealand, based on our own experience as well as advice from travel bloggers. How many people will be traveling with you?

Hire Or Rent A Campervan To Explore New Zealand

The number of people you share your car with can have a big impact on the car you choose.

If you are traveling with children, make sure they have their own space and bed, so a 4-seater car might be the right choice.

If it’s a new friend or acquaintance, you might want more space because they live in a camper…

… very close. If it’s a close friend or partner, you can work with less space.

Things To Know Before Renting A Campervan In New Zealand

Shh! Be sure to ask your travel partner these questions before booking a minivan rental. 4. What size car is comfortable for you?

If you have a big budget and expect a high level of comfort, you might be interested in a bigger car. They look so fancy! But before you pull the trigger, think about what it would be like to drive such a big car.

Roads in New Zealand (especially in the South Island) can be very narrow and winding. Most of the time we are very comfortable driving our van, but there are times when we are really glad not to be driving one of those big campers.

Campervan Hire In New Zealand North Island

If you are used to driving on the left side of the road or have experience with large vehicles, you can work on one of the larger models.

New Zealand Itinerary Part 2 — 5 Day North Island Road Trip In A Campervan Under S$600

But if you’re a more careful driver and crossing the road makes you nervous, maybe a smaller car will make the transition easier.

So make sure you have good rental car travel insurance in case you’re swerving left and right and an accident happens. We’re never without travel insurance and have a full article on what insurance we use and recommend. Camper insurance is usually not covered by your standard travel insurance policy or credit card insurance, so we recommend you do some research to determine if you need additional coverage. A note on budget: remember that larger vehicles require a much larger fuel budget.5. How far in advance should I order?

If you plan to visit New Zealand during the tourist season (December – March), make your reservations as early as possible.

On a personal note: My parents planned to travel from mid-February to mid-March, and when they started looking in early January, many good companies were either fully booked or had crazy prices! They still managed to find something, but barely. So if this gives you any indication, you should start looking at least 2 months in advance (if not more).

Mad1 — Campervan Rentals Nz

If you’re traveling in the off-season or low season, you’re more likely to find something at the last minute. But when it comes to choice, you may not have much choice.

So if you’re specific about what you’re looking for and you’re on a tight budget, we still recommend booking your car as early as possible.

It depends on which company you hire. However, almost all passengers must arrive with:

Campervan Hire In New Zealand North Island

Depending on the campervan rental company, these facilities can be very basic or very luxurious. In addition, most companies have the option of adding additional fees that are usually charged separately. This may include:

Traveling The South Island Of New Zealand By Campervan

Our experience: We received and experienced several additions during the trip

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