Airbnb Can You Negotiate Price

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If you landed on my guide, it’s probably because you said out loud, “Can you negotiate a price on Airbnb?”

Airbnb Can You Negotiate Price

Airbnb Can You Negotiate Price

I’ve stayed in many Airbnbs on my travels, and along the way I’ve figured out my own Airbnb price negotiation. I love helping my readers learn new skills and sharing my knowledge with them (you). One of my Twitter threads on the subject started to pick up momentum again, so I thought it was time to write a whole post. <3333

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In my work as a blogger and career coach, I often tell readers and clients, “You don’t get what you don’t ask for!” I am proud of you for thinking creatively and for understanding how to negotiate your Airbnb stay.

And, as with all interviews, there are specific phrases and areas of research that will definitely help you on your way! Below, I share my tips and experiences negotiating with Airbnb.

Hi, I’m Brian Huntsman, aka “The Huntswoman”! I’m glad you stopped by my blog today. I’m sharing my best tips (and some scripts!) to help you negotiate an airbnb! I also post about my travels on Instagram and Twitter, so if you love to travel, come with me, my dears!

Disclaimer: While I do my best to provide the best information, it is important to note that there is risk in negotiating anything, even an Airbnb! By doing your interviews, you agree that the results are yours! I can’t plan for every opportunity you can find! TLDR, it is at your own risk, and by continuing to read you agree that I am not responsible for any problems that may occur! :*

The 8 Reasons Why Airbnb Is A Winning Business Model

Well, my first tip for negotiating a price on Airbnb is this: stay on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Most Airbnb hosts know that people can stay for a long weekend, adding a day or two to their trip. Most people stay from Thursday to Sunday or from Friday to Monday. Demand is high these days, because that’s when people go on vacation! (When you travel, it makes sense to “sandwich” the weekend).

Since these days of the week are not popular, you can sometimes use a longer stay to get a lower price.

Airbnb Can You Negotiate Price

A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush! A host might agree that it is better to get long-term reservations, even with a discount, because they do not have vacant Airbnb rentals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

How To Negotiate Long Term Stay Discount Near {{destination}}

Next, let’s talk about the weather! If you’re looking to book an Airbnb for more than a month, you probably won’t get many bites from the Airbnb host.

Some people book their Airbnb more than 6 months in advance, and while I understand that some people want to be prepared, you probably won’t get a deal. The host will see an extension of time in the future, and probably bet that someone can make him pay the full rent.

Put yourself in the shoes of the business owner. If you own and operate an Airbnb, you probably decide to wait things out and see if you can get someone to pay full price.

Getting a lower nightly rate only worked for me when I booked 2-3 weeks in advance. I know this might stress some people out, lol! What can I say: I love walking along the coast, and I booked an Airbnb a week before with very solid results.

Who’s Renting At These Rates On Airbnb?!?!

Another thing to check when negotiating a price on Airbnb is how busy the host’s schedule is.

You can click on the little calendar icon on the Airbnb site to see available dates. If the host is booked, your request may be less likely to be accepted. Makes sense, right? Assuming there are many people willing to pay full price, they don’t want to offer a discount.

Relatively speaking, Airbnb prices will be hard to negotiate during the holidays, even during graduation. It’s not impossible, but something to consider!

Airbnb Can You Negotiate Price

This tip can be scary because the reviews are very helpful! If you are willing to take the risk, some new Airbnb hosts offer lower rates because they require reviews!

How To Negotiate Airbnb Prices, Even If You Hate Haggling ยท Location Liberation

You don’t want to ask for a discount in exchange for a review because I’m pretty sure that violates Airbnb’s terms and conditions.

But, the new business owner will recognize (usually) that they need to offer a discount to make them change!

Did you find this post helpful? Save this image to your Pinterest, then come back and refer to these tips! <3

While sharing how to negotiate a price on Airbnb on Twitter, I realized an important point that I missed!

How To Make Money On Airbnb Without Owning Property In 2024

You must message *at least 5 hosts* to cut someone. I forgot this tip, hoping it would be given to me. As someone who was raised by sales professionals, I know that “getting yes” is a numbers game, so I hope to speak to at least a few hosts.

I like to use the Airbnb feature where you can put a “heart” (save) in a special folder with something like “Yosemite March 2023” or “Lake Cuomo Summer 2024”. So it’s easy to follow the guests I’m talking about.

Below I have shared some examples of scripts to use to negotiate a price on Airbnb. But in general, remember that you will be a guest on someone’s property. Hospitality people are (unfortunately) used to being rude.

Airbnb Can You Negotiate Price

If you have the right attitude, it will show in your posts. You will come across as a high maintenance guest and someone who wants a discount.

Airbnb Vs Hotels: Which Is Better?

Depending on the city you’re visiting, some Airbnb hosts have very tight margins, meaning they can’t offer huge discounts. People love to complain about Airbnb’s cleaning fees, but cleaning services cost money! (I wrote a whole post about how much to pay someone to clean your house, here!)

In my experience, you will see a maximum discount of 30%. Any more than that, and the host breaks as well.

In my business, “no pressure!” Known for the stick. In every offer I send to a potential customer.

Also, making sure to communicate without pressure or expectation can mitigate against Airbnb host hacks. Remember, an entitled attitude will get you nowhere!

Tips That Will Help You Score The Perfect Airbnb Every Time

Finally, when negotiating a discount on an Airbnb, I want to point out my advantages. I usually travel with one other person, which means less cleaning and packing. Also, I don’t travel with children (99% of the time), which can also be an advantage.

Another type of advantage can be if you are regularly in the area. You can claim that you visit X times a year for work/personal life, and you can be a regular guest.

Another benefit is getting social media content for Airbnb hosts. It didn’t work for me (sigh), but if you’re a photographer you can take pictures of the guests to use in their social media ads.

Airbnb Can You Negotiate Price

In negotiations, you should always frame your offer as a benefit to the other party. Sharing the reasons you want the discount probably won’t impress the other person. They do business.

Negotiating An Airbnb

Below I have shared different scripts that you can try to negotiate Airbnb. I have no control over how potential hosts might respond (they might be snide and block), and you want to be aware of Airbnb’s terms and conditions so that doesn’t happen. From the platform!

Note: Never offer to leave a review in exchange for a discount. This can get the host in trouble, and frankly, it’s an ethical violation.

Some Airbnb hosts have independent websites for their Airbnb bookings. If the listing has a name like “The Swan Lake House” or “Boston Ivy Manor,” you can Google Instagram and then the property’s website to see if you can find it.

Remember that renting on Airbnb can be more risky because you don’t have Airbnb support to support you if something goes wrong.

How To Set Competitive Prices For Your Airbnb

(I personally don’t do this unless I’m in the same place a second time).

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Airbnb Can You Negotiate Price

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