4wd Camper Hire New Zealand

4wd Camper Hire New Zealand – There are many Campervan hire companies in New Zealand and the choice can be overwhelming. We’ve broken down all the essentials you need to find the perfect camper rental for your New Zealand trip. We even share the exact companies we recommend.

There is no doubt that renting a camper in New Zealand is the best way to see the country (or “rent a camper” as the Kiwis say).

4wd Camper Hire New Zealand

4wd Camper Hire New Zealand

Ever since we set up our own camp in the US we’ve been itching to go back. So we set our sights on New Zealand, but that didn’t work.

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Parks and recreation centers abound (and there are plenty of places to camp for free!), and you won’t have a problem finding a place to stay. The scene here looks like it’s straight out of a movie – oh wait, it is! (

If you want to try #vanlife, New Zealand is the perfect place to try it. I even convinced my parents (who are in their 60s) to try it and they loved it.

We spent 5 weeks camping in New Zealand and were lucky enough to discover a lot of what this country has to offer!

We did a 5 week trip with a 30 day trip (as many people prefer the 1 month route) which visited great places in the North and South Islands.

Affordable Motor Home Rentals, Canterbury, Nz

We will send you the complete 1-month plan, complete with tips and advice. Just click to get your 30 day New Zealand travel itinerary now!

“Katie and Ben, I already know what I’m looking for, I just want to see the best campervan rental companies…”

Enter your travel dates and pickup location and find a wide variety of rental cars to choose from:

4wd Camper Hire New Zealand

But you persevered! Choosing the best location can be difficult. Let’s be honest, the best camping company for us may not be the best for us

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Every traveler has their own expectations, comfort levels, and budget. So let’s first consider what you should consider before you start looking for a company.

Let’s get this straight: hiring a camper in New Zealand is not cheap. Even if you choose the cheapest company, you will still pay more.

However, camping is a great way to save money while traveling because you can cook your own meals (cheaper than eating out!) and get free camping (cheaper than stay in a hotel!).

Page: Budget-saving tips for traveling in New Zealand So, how much does camping in New Zealand cost?

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First, the time of year can have a big impact on prices. If you travel during the peak summer season (ie. December to March), expect to pay more. , you might be able to make a good guess. Low season prices (before and after high season) are neither expensive nor cheap.

Additional Fees: What is important to remember is that you may also need to pay for accommodation. Yes, there are free sites, but they don’t have any *er shower equipment! *. So if you are not planning to travel

During your trip (more power to you!), your daily rate will increase slightly when you factor in seat fees (more on that later!).

4wd Camper Hire New Zealand

If you’re a serious camper and you’re used to a tent and all the discomfort that comes with sleeping on the ground, whatever camp you choose will feel almost comfortable. If you’re used to sleeping in your bedroom, you’ll appreciate the privacy that comes with having your own space. Even if you choose the smallest, cheapest, and oldest, you will still have a great time.

Adventure Camper Hire

However, if you’re used to spacious hotel rooms and are a little worried about the whole “campervan thing”, you can make this new experience even more fun by choosing one of the best options. best available.

You know yourself, and only you can determine the exact level of happiness you are satisfied with.

Many budget campers are not designed to stay indoors. So think about what this means and if it makes sense to you.

None of the campsites we have built or rented in New Zealand are accessible by plane. In both cases we did well, but both agreed it would have been better if we had stopped.

Hire A 3 Berth Campervan

Worth noting: businesses that don’t allow you to stand often have kitchens in the back so you can cook outside without being seen. But some tasks, like making your bed and getting dressed, can be a little difficult when you can’t stand up straight. The advantages of this type are that they are lighter, use more gas, and are easier to drive if you are new to big cars. Have you ever thought about changing your bed every night and every morning?

In the smallest campers, the couch can turn into a sofa during the day. Changing your couch into your bed every night can be exciting, especially in the dark with bugs trying to attack you. We talk about experience!

Some larger camps come with fixed beds so you don’t have to change them twice a day. But it is possible, no,

4wd Camper Hire New Zealand

Shh! Wondering where to stay? Based on our experience and advice from travel bloggers, we have compiled a list of the best places to stay in New Zealand. 3. How many people will you be traveling with?

The Best Motorhome & Campervan Rentals In New Zealand 🚐 [2024]

The number of people you share your car with has a big impact on the car you choose.

If you’re traveling with children you’ll want to make sure they have their own seat and bed, so a 4-bed can be the best option.

If it’s new friends or new friends, you might need more space since you’re sitting in the camper van…

… very close accommodation. If you are a close friend or partner, you can do well in a small space.

Motorhomes For Hire New Zealand

Shh! Always ask your travel partner these questions before booking a camping rental. 4. What kind of car do you prefer to drive?

If you have a large budget and want a good level of comfort, you may be attracted to a luxury motorcycle. They look vintage! But before you pull out the drain hose, consider how you’re going to use a car this big.

The roads in New Zealand (especially the South Island) can be narrow and windy. For most of us, we enjoy driving our cars, but sometimes we are more than happy to be behind the wheel of one of these great cars.

4wd Camper Hire New Zealand

If you are used to driving on the left side of the road or have experience with trucks, you may want to work with one of the major brands.

Jucy Condo 5 Seater Campervan

But if you are a careful driver and driving on the side of the road makes you nervous, then maybe a small car will be easier.

Just a note, make sure you have good travel insurance on your rental car, just in case you turn left or right and get into an accident. We have never traveled without insurance and have a thorough understanding of the insurance we use and recommend. Campervan insurance does not include standard travel insurance or credit card insurance, so we recommend that you do some research to determine if you need additional coverage. Budget note: Keep in mind that larger vehicles will require more than the gas budget. 5. How far in advance do I need to book?

If you plan to travel during New Zealand’s peak tourist season (December to March), book in advance.

Personal Information: My parents are planning to travel from mid-February to mid-March. When we started checking in early January, most of the good companies were already fully booked, or the prices were crazy! They still managed to find something, but just barely. So if this is any indication, you want to start looking at least 2 months in advance, if not more.

Hire Or Rent A Campervan To Explore New Zealand

Whether you travel at peak or off-peak times, you’ll have a better chance of getting more than you would at the last minute. But when it comes to your choice, you may not have much choice.

So if you prefer what you want and are on a tight budget, we recommend that you save your car for as long as possible.

It really depends on the company you are renting from. However, almost all campers should be equipped with the following:

4wd Camper Hire New Zealand

Depending on the campervan rental company, these amenities can be basic or luxurious. In addition, most companies have the option of adding additional costs, which are often charged separately. This may include:

New Land Rover Defender

Our experience: During the trip we found many extras that we felt

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